To: YOUTUBE Channel – The Seed of Israel: in re: “Mother of Harlots

I am the person who wrote the stories in Urban Intellectuals about four years ago, and paid for copyright usage to the main graphic of the “Great Whore” and other visuals that were used in this Seed of Israel video.

I am glad to see that there is someone who can lay these truths out in a better and more pictorial way than I ever could. However, the Harlot (Great Whore) described in the Bible is not with respect to a religion of any kind, not even Rome or the Catholic church. We give Catholics far more credit than they are due in this dispensation of glory.

It (the Whore and the Beast upon which it rides) pertains to a nation, a city, and a certain state of affairs in the entire world, not to any particular focus on religions.

The need to “defeat Christianity” by portraying the Church of Rome as the superficial mafioso and homosexual ‘godfather’ of all worldwide religious worship in this video is outstanding, to say the least. BUT, they started none of what they believe they did. They were not its inventors, but its greatest usurpers.

Since pre-Romantic man-made religions are what built the basis of the hodgepodge worship that we now call catholicism, we also see that Christianity is credited with the FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. The word out is that Rome was doing just fabulous BEFORE and without Christianity, so they certainly did not start it.

Just as happened in Germany, where true Judeans were stamped out of existence before Hitler ever raised a hand against the “jewISH” people, Christians were persecuted by Rome for many years before the Caesars thought up a Pope and installed him as a white-skinned wonder of religious pomposity by using Cesare Borgia’s face to replace the face of the true one and only Son of God.

Granted, catholicism and European Christianity left a great stain of impact in the western world (and it’s now bleeding back into Africa), but the Bible states that God is no respecter of persons. Not anywhere in the Bible is any kind of religion established, not even Judaism, Islam or Christianity, nor does the Bible establish Hebrew Israelitism, or anything else religious for that matter.

They are all man-made modes of religious worship and concoctions of whatever frame of mind someone chooses to believe is “godly” or spiritual at any moment in time. That’s why there are so many factions of pseudo-Christian religions in the world now. It is why evangelicals can send out a worldwide letter telling everyone listening that they have no obligation to commit to social justice, though the Bible they claim to preach from says just the opposite, and in NO uncertain terms.

Someone can just think up a latter-day phrase of belief systems and turn it into a religion or a church, or they can take what is already established and call it by any name they please.

Of Pagans and Heathens

Even Paganism and heathenism is a nationalist type of religion, not a religion established by Rome. Pagans and heathens existed long before Rome was even thought up, and by the way, so did homosexuality and prostitution. These things do not represent any one race or tribe of people, but an overall attitude and slovenly behavior that is anti-Christ, even when it claims to be Christian.

By way of purity of example, many Christians will break nine of 10 of The Commandments on a daily or weekly basis, then proclaim that something is very wrong with gays, Blacks, pro-choicers, and Mexicans. Yet, there is not one single Commandment of the Ten that speaks directly to gays, Blacks, pr-choicers, hookers, or Mexicans. ALL of the commandments, however, cover their own attitudes and behaviors.

The American Constitution was made for slave-holding racist whites and it is their responsibility to obey it, not ours. By the same token, the Ten Commandments were made for the Hebrew people and is our responsibility to live and obey — not anyone else’s.

We can’t make our point about it by using anyone’s religion or lack thereof as a chosen ‘whipping post’, as all belief systems are ultimately some smidgen of truth mixed in with a whole bag full of nonsense and lies.

Rome may have been a carrier virus for catholic nationalist wrongdoings, but it certainly did not think it all up.

NONE of what we call religious sectors now started with Rome, with the exception of the Protestant churches of the WEST, which also spawned so many different sectors and variants that some are now called non-denominational, evangelistic, inter-denominational, or even ‘ecumenical’ in order to phase in many types of religious systems under one roof.

The confusion about the Great Whore and ‘mystery Babylon’ comes within the wrongly-held belief that Rome is the origin of Christianity. It is NOT. This particular religion was started by converted Hebrews coming out of Jerusalem (not the fake ‘state of’ Israel, but the true BETA Israel), and who started CALLING themselves Christians.

The Spread of The Gospel Began in a Black Nation

As the crow flies, Christianity was passed on to Europe from Greece and then throughout Persian and Mesopotamia and into Rome itself by the Apostle Paul and his leadership. Paul, also a Black man raised in Rome in the traditions of the Judean peoples, put down his sword with which he beheaded many a Christian from Damascus, Syria to Ethiopia, and then he began to preach the gospel of Christ to the heathen world in the western world. To hear Louis Farrakhan tell it, it was a Black man of letters and science who cooked up these “heathens” in the first place.

Ultimately, Christianity spread into the western world where it was TAINTED by an infusion of pagan traditions and even a trumpean type of narcissism through overbloated Caesars and the man-made symbol of a Pope and Papacy.

The early Eastern “orthodox” Christians had mostly never set foot in Rome. When they began to call themselves “Christians” in Antioch (Turkey/Greece) at the crossroads between CIVILIZATIONS not religions, only a specialized few crossed the Aegean or the Greek Isles, known today as the “Jerusalem of the West.”

Chosen But Why?

God chose us as a “peculiar people” closest to Him, through the Abrahamic Covenant.

However, this choosing did not absolutely close the doors on the possibility of ‘heathens’ being engrafted in The Vine by making better choices when it comes to the Lord God. The choice to believe in and rely on God cannot rely on any types of religious worship, because joining a church is not the same as making a decision to live for the Lord God Most High. Most of these religious orders and sects are well aware of that and do not even represent that kind of a lie.

In the final cut, no one religion has it all right or all wrong.

The Great Mystery: The Scriptural Whore of Babylon

The Great Harlot could not have been the Roman Catholic church.

When t comes to the establishment of religions, all of them are man-made and ALL of them were started by Black people in the far and middle east/northern Africa.

NONE of them were taught to be religious by Eloyhim, but ALL of them are constitutionally in error.

In other words, when it comes to religions of all kinds, all of them are alike. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and in some cases, Hinduism and Buddhism (except for their beliefs in more than one God) are all the same when it comes to rights and wrongs, good and bad, sins and righteousness, nice people and outright heathens WITHIN the churched, or organized religious systems.

When the Bible speaks of these matters, these mysteries, it is always speaking of nations and tribes, cities, states, and principalities of mankind, never of any religions of any kind. God established no religions by scripture, and not even Babylon was not a religion; but it was a citizenship of different people, and a metrocenter of people of many different religions, just as America is now.

Why End Times Prophecy is about Nation-States and not Religions

The USA is described vividly in the Bible as the Great Whore of Babylon.

In the corporatized United States, which was founded on European Christianity and catholicism coming OUT of Rome (rather NOT Godly Christianity that came through the Hebrew people), but with it came Roman and Catholic principles for living. When it comes to religions, there is no way to separate one set of worship principles from another, as they all are alike.

But you can separate nations and political orders and regimes that seem to want to take the place of God Himself by disguising itself as “holy” — and the USA has arrogantly claimed to be a Christian nation when it never really was.

Seven Hills

The seven “hills” are the seven continents of the entire world, not seven hills similarly situated in Rome. The world comes from God, the build-outs of man come from man.

Rome derived their own “hills,” but the Bible wasn’t speaking of just catholicism or Rome, it was speaking of the arrogance of people around the entire planet. Not ALL religions of the world were inspired or influenced by Rome, or even have catholic foundations; but it was a huge factor in the Americas and the westernized Europeans nations.

The USA, as it currently stands, IS a European-run nation. It cannot be separated from Europe in the classical and economic sense.

The Word of God speaks of the Harlot herself and she is as hotly described in the manner of the Statue of Liberty, with a “Golden Cup” (torch) in her hand. She is bold, loud, braggadocio and arrogant, and she sits “never a widow” in the world. The inscription on the Harlot’s “head dress” nearly matches verbatim the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, or “Liberty Enlightening the World.”

By prophetic utterance, the city of New York not only faces the “many” waters of the world in its harbor, but looks mostly south and east as it overlooks Europe and small parts of Western Africa.

CLIPS: She is actually facing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which is the entrance to the harbor for ships coming from Europe and other parts of the globe. Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, Liberty’s French sculptor, wanted the statue to be seen by all arriving vessels … The Statue’s position was also perfect for ships, entering the harbor, to see her as a welcoming symbol … A symbol of hope, freedom and democracy, the Statue of Liberty sits on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. … Some say the seven spikes represent the seven seas and seven continents of the world, others say they represent the rays of the sun and show that Lady Liberty is divine.. Either way, she (the Harlot) “sits upon many waters,” ruling the world from her oceanic perch.

DIVINE, a goddess, a statuesque European God that helps American arrogance to live as ‘untouchable’ (never a widow) in the sight of God and man. But America has not been able to promise hope, freedom or democracy, only vast riches to certain persons of social repute and candor. It was never “great” like that.

The Beast (Bull) upon which the Harlot rides sits in New York City on Wall Street (the raging snorting bull of money worship), which rises above ALL religions the world over. The “smoke of her burning” was seen on 911, and it [that Great City] was “beheld” by an entire world as, within ONE hour, AS PROPHESIED, something happened that caused it to change it’s very superficial face and it’s meaning. NONE of it was God-centered, but terrorist-driven in one of the biggest artificial conspiracies the world has ever known.

This is where the merchants and sea captains of the world come to do business and trade on the stock exchange. This is where the world is controlled by the World Bank, and where it crests with G-summits of Greek, Russian, British/Anglo-Saxon, French, Spanish, Chinese pride, etc. and much much more. Hardly no Africans are present at these conquests, but Africa’s resources are an open puss-filled sore and a grab bag.

Rome lost that power a long time ago, and even British bandleader John Lennon said “America is the Roman Empire and New York City is Rome itself.” On 9-11, it began to crumble and has not recovered since.

Romantic Notions

The Catholic religious sway does not have the power it once did.

It is losing believers by the head, and many Protestant religions now claim that they did not derive from Rome and many evangelical factions of those Protestant religions now claim that they did not derive from the church of Rome when nothing could be further from the truth. In the west, nearly all of them did.

They can seek to disengage from Rome and the Catholic church by claiming this lie as gospel truth, but the root of their western religions cannot be denied.

America, known as a “nation of immigrants” is the only nation in the world made up of ALL ‘people, nations and tongues’ of the world. People who actually LIVE here, not tourists around the world who come to see the great Vatican City.

The Vatican is a tourist city, a tourist nation, and the only thing it runs now is some parts of the theocratic and oligarchic monetary systems…and barely that any more.

By way of note: The European Union is slowly dissipating under the weight of BREXIT even as we speak. If it is divided and conquered as planned, nothing of prophetic order is going to happen to the world because of it’s division. China, a long term stanchion of the worldwide monetary systems, is about to remove the Europe west from its ruling reign soon. This is why most Americans pay no attention to BREXIT, because it doesn’t impact us like that mes in China.

However, if Wall Street fails, the entire world and its merchants that traded with it and relied on it will go, too.

So the prophecies of the Book of Revelation are not a matter of religion, but about individual and personal choices and beliefs.

The discourse is about the love and worship of money as God (~render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s~) and who controls the monies, so far? The heathens that the Seed of Israel video speaks of as shown below.

Unfortunately for those of us who would like to believe it happened that way, all of the controls are not closely held by simpleton white skin, nor are all heathens white. Black people, mostly Black people in Africa, are not totally devoid of blame in the affairs of the narcissistic white world

The Conversation Cannot Remove Itself to World Religions and Still Be Valid

Though I understand what the video below is trying to say, the “great city mystery Babylon” is not Vatican City, nor any kind of religious place of worship, but the arrogant worship of money. Scrapping religion is not going to change the world, but cold-cocking monetary systems will.

We know this by how easily and quickly all religious and jurisdictional sectors are cast aside if they don’t have money and how much influence and respect they can buy with it.

As one “heathen/evangelical Christian” said “I believe in [G]od and all that, BUT … don’t mess with my money.” In other words, you can fuck her god up, but not her money.

The “heathens” spoken of in this SOI video are not lovers of God, but braggarts and worshipers of themselves and their own images.

Even Donald J. Trump does not respect God, that much can be seen by his actions, deeds, and attitude about domain and control even of “outer space,” but he runs in fear of what he knows is coming and or no reason — because his dead body will ultimately be treated like everyone else’s and there will still be more Mexicans and Blacks in America long after he is gone, for we were here first. We are both African and American, the Bible and history books and even genetic encoded DNA research shows this.

If he does not know it yet, he soon will.

They call him a “Christian” and allow him to sign Bibles, as if anything he says comes from or is about the Word of God; but all they know about the Bible is white male arrogance, and nothing about God or Christianity.

Without a doubt, God is no respecter of persons, so no religions matter, regardless of what they claim to believe. When it comes down to religions, all of them are exactly alike in tone, substance, and preferential treatment.

There is no difference between Christianity and the rest of the world and national religions. So…

Harping on Christians and any other type of pompous religiosity isn’t going to resolve Black people’s problems here or abroad. The Black Christian is correct and the Black Collective Conscious is correct; the Black Christian can be wrong, and so can the Black Collective Conscious.

The Religious Grab of Atheism

With hundreds of thousands of people becoming more atheist by the moment, the Bible can’t be talking about religions when it comes to end time prophecies.

There are matters in it that also pertain to non-believers, as well as religious zealots, bigots, haters, liars, money hoarders, and all else, and most definitely to believers who behave as atheists do. These matters are so not religion-specific, they are person-specific.

God is after hearts, true hearts … not religious orders or factions, not even Christianity.

Religion is just a head game that we play with one another to try to prove that our particular beliefs are better than all or anyone else’s.


The need of The Seed of Israel YOUTUBE Channel, even enveloped in all that truth-telling and seer-nobbing, is to “dog out” Black Christians, and in some cases, even “Hebrew Israelites” and “Muslims.” To no avail.

However, for a viewpoint that claims to be so “in love” with “capin’ for Black people”, the need to attempt to separate Black people from the faith of our own Hebrew fathers is egregious, to say the least.

Everybody wants to claim that their religion is the greatest AND MOST PURE OF ALL, but none of them are untainted.

As is mentioned below, in Revelation 3:16-17, the Word of God is talking about the entire world and every nation in it. it is not just a certain nationalist religion derived from the Church of Rome, but ALL religions are invalid when it comes to the purity of the scriptures.

The world won’t be destroyed because of religions, it will be destroyed because of people’s actions – man’s sins against mankind, and against God…and Judah is not an exception nor an exemption.

The Word of God/Elohiym says that even those of The Nation of the tribes of Israel can AND WILL be rooted out and replaced with any “heathen” who chooses, religion notwithstanding, to believe in the saving grace of the Most Gracious and Merciful Son of God.

Love the truth being spoken here, o [Seed of Israel], but the actual truth is immutable and pertains to ALL people in the world, not just those of a certain race or religious sect.

ECCLESIASTES 13 “When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is this: Fear God and keep His commandments, because this is the whole duty of man. 14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, along with every hidden thing, whether good or evil.”

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