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Sometimes developing Black children can be a challenge because of our history in this country, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. With dedicated teachers, educators, and administrators like you, we can come up with plausible solutions that can get the job done. Working together we can make this happen for the betterment of our students and our collective futures.


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Institutional Sales Urban Intellectuals_Black History Flashcards


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Institutional Sales Urban Intellectuals_Black Math Genius


Proud father sits on living room couch holding handsome young son on lap, tablet in hand, they are having a video conversation via webcam

The Dream of Inspired and Motivated Children….

Our story began with a dream of children being challenged and inspired by the achievements and ingenuity of their ancestors. The founder of Urban Intellectuals, Freddie Taylor, had children in the early 2000s and wanted them to understand their powerful history and culture. Frustrated with the educational system that seemed to ignore the achievements of people that looked like his children, he began to search for products and services that assisted him with this endeavor. Unable to find many, he asked other parents and teachers what were they using? 

It turns out they were struggling with the same issues.

He found himself saying someone should, someone should, someone should, and one day, he became someone and the Black History Flashcards were born in 2017, despite his children being older and grown. This was a movement for our collective future.

The Black History Flashcards feature 52 cards in each series with picture information on the front and bullet-pointed information on the back became an instant sensation in the community. Over 400,000 decks have been sold because people love the simple and straightforward information that made it easy to digest. They appreciate focus on expanding the conversation around the contributions to humanity Black people have made throughout time.

Black History Flashcards

Many schools and school districts have purchased our Black History Flashcards for their teachers, classrooms, and students to use for a variety of different reasons:

  • Bell work in classrooms
  • Research papers
  • Writing assignments
  • Trivia games
  • Allowing the children to take them home
  • Creating borders at school
  • And much, much more

    Flashcards were just the beginning…..

    Becoming Your Authentic Self By Learning from our Ancestors

    As our reach and mission grew, we discovered there were many more gaps and needs inside the community that could further be assisted by using history and culture. So we partnered with a very special educator to create the True Colors program that encourages children to become their authentic selves by learning from their ancestors.


    Family Conflict. Angry black father scolding sad daughter

    Poor mental and emotional health, Depression and anxiety, Poor physical and hygienic health, Low academic achievement resulting in high dropout rates, Low to no economic gains resulting in high poverty, drug sales and use; behavioral problems and increase in violence and incarceration due to all of the above.

    This program has successfully raised student’s self-esteem through heritage and social-emotional learning and has resulted in:


    Increased knowledge of African and African American heritage


    Increased knowledge of how decisions were made by African Kings and Queens who followed the first known laws


    Raised self awareness and authenticity of self and cultural and ancestral pride


    Increased Academic progress and competency


    Increased interest in Mathematics, Science and Technology


    Increased positive outlooks for the future towards, college and beyond


    Increased health and well being


    Increased positive interactions and cooperation with others


    Helped to eliminate violence

    And it can work inside of your school and school district as well. You have to be very intentional about pushing back on these negative narratives because of the impact they can have on your student’s minds and lives.

    Becoming Your Authentic Self By Learning from our Ancestors

    This can be the solution you have been searching for.

    Proud father sits on living room couch holding handsome young son on lap, tablet in hand, they are having a video conversation via webcam

    Too many of our students struggle with Mathematics, so we decided to do something about it.

    Black Math Genius is an exceptional Math program that leverages the power of family and enrichment programming to improve student outcomes academically and socially.  The video-based program empowers teachers and parents to increase student interest and performance in the classroom and on high-stakes assessments. The honda-on, internet based, live group tutoring sessions are designed to take engagement and understanding to the next level for your students. 

    Studying Black Kids Enjoying

    Our methodology has proven to be effective with children from the 3rd to 8th grades, plus Algebra 1. Soon we will expand to encompass more but for now we are focused on serving these areas of focus. 

    If your school or district is struggling with raising the Math proficiency of its delayed-performance students,

    Black Math Genius can help with programming and professional development. The program is aligned to the College and Career Readiness, SEL, and CSTA standards.


    Join the #1 Black history club for children, the Sankofa Club!!

    What we have done is create a community of families that want to work with us to change the world.

    Organized as the Sankofa Club, we provide a network of teachers, leaders, historians, and neighbors that want to pour into the next generation. They want to ensure everyone understands the global contributions to humanity Black people have made.

    Through our lessons and materials, we help children and adults in the family learn from the past to create the future. We get an opportunity to study the contributions of Black people over time, appreciate all they have done, and be inspired to do the same great things in our future.

    Instead of complaining that our history is being left out of the international discussion, we decided to present our history.



    Here are just some of the things included:

    • Live Black History classes
    • Live Sankofa Saturdays
    • Live Sankofa Nation Town Halls
    • 36 months of activities w/ 100+ worksheets per month
    • Online Activities & Games
    • Community of like-minded parents
    • Over 75 years of teaching experience from our World Changers


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    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.