Untwist the Narrative: Cultural Competency & Christianity

by | Mar 25, 2017 | Opinion

The United States of America has been a bane to the existence of peoples around the world, yet it has declared itself, arrogantly enough, the greatest country in the world, all the while spiraling to the bottom.

In its own arrogance, it has also spoken blasphemy against the spirit of the Living God, declaring that the ill-gotten evil it has done has been done in His Name.

This is an outright lie. It reeks of longstanding and self-sustained cultural incompetence.

The violence, the killing, the stealing and the destruction of land, homes, nations, of those who dare to speak out the truth has shown up in the color red, as in blood in the hands of the wicked and mighty and the terrible. They have ravaged God’s lands and His people in the name of their own white skin and racial superiority, proliferated a made up ‘white jesus’ fable that turned themselves into demi-gods in the world, and they have declared their manifest destinies and ungodly Romanesque doctrines upon others.

They have done this, not because these people have wronged them, but based on race, ethnicity, skin color, mandated earthly poverty in the name of overtly capitalist venues, and for every reason BUT the right reasons as mandated by the Word of God and the Sword of the Lord.

Cultural Competence at Its Finest Hour

Most who believe we must become culturally competent see capitalism as the enemy of the people. In a way it is, but in other ways, not so much.

It isn’t capitalism that is the heart of the problem. People can become rich and there is nothing wrong with that. But people also need to be rich and socialist, for obvious reasons. The people the rich oppress the most are the ones doing all of the work and spending nearly all of the money in the marketplace, and that’s a BIG “duh factor” all by itself. People get tired of being human ATM machines for dumb ass elitists, and after awhile, it has to backfire on them. The world is not round for no reason. The cycle must complete itself or all hell breaks loose until it does.

The problem with riches comes from a type of capitalism, arrogantly enough, that wants to be “richer than God,” (who owns the cattle on A THOUSAND HILLS, by the way). Those who use others and then defraud and defame them just to be laden down in earthly bling, and then blame the victim when it happens are not of the spirit of God even if they say they are. They are of an earthly sensual netherworld lust, period and point of fact.

[“Laziness is not why people are poor and iPhones aren’t why they lack healthcare…” – WaPo article.]

This is dishonor and discrediting to the spirit of God in the land, and it is unauthentic to mankind, especially for those who accumulate more than they can live off of in a cat’o’nine lives and who leave others in utter man-made despair of their very lives because of it.

Capitalism and socialism are not socially juxtaposed to one another, they are supposed to run together — especially when the rich do right in the sight of God. Call the combination of the two social mediums of capitalism and socialism “democratism” if you dare, but the two should JUSTLY run together so that “He who gathered much does not have too much and he who gathers little has NO LACK.” [Exodus 16:18 and II Corinthians 8:15.]

That is the Word of God. That is the rightful intention of seed-faith harvesting and The Principle of the Tithe Offering. If you tithe, tithe justly or do not tithe at all. The tithe OF the tithe of the people was for the Priests, the rest was for the storehouse for the People of God.

There is no spiritual requirement to tithe into those who do not understand that the other 90-percent goes back into the FOLD. That is the STOREHOUSE of those who labor, and only the tenth of the 10-percent given is for those who serve as Priests within the Temple. Malachi 3:10.

Malachi 3:10, understand it, was not a demand to tithe. The people were already tithing. It was an admonishment to the PRIESTS WHO WERE STEALING THE PEOPLE’S FOOD FROM THE MANDATED STOREHOUSE. God told them, The Priests, to PUT IT ALL BACK … and that He Himself would be their Benefactor and would open up the windows of heaven and pour them out a blessing that they would not have room to receive. We have flipped this around and kept 90-percent while only giving 10-percent into the STOREHOUSE, or back to the People who put in. Our taxes are a form of “tithe” except that the poorest among us are paying anywhere from 25-35% of our lower incomes in taxes while the rich pay 15-percent or less of their higher incomes. Taxes should be for the purpose of equality of redistribution through what they call “government entitlements,” but some folks in Washington DC think it’s all for them and for warmongering only, and that should never ever be the case.

This TITHE is for the purpose of ‘equality of distribution,’ after THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK (Gen 14:18 and Heb. 7:17). It is not purposed for expenses on the material lusts of “I wanna be the JZ & Beyonce of the church world” pastors who languish in greed, nor for their equally idolatrous and vainglorious wives, husbands, and constituents.

Leave the door open to invention and discovery and ingenuity in earnings–that is socially just and moral; but not so much on one side and not enough on the other. Balance is imperative even when total equivalence is improbable. Things should not be so randomly unbalanced and unequal that it overbloats one and harms others.

All that happens in life does not have to conclude in war, nor in a head spinner game called “survival of the fittest.”

Do we think and act and talk differently about poverty when it appears on white skin?

Do Not Pray For the Dominance of Your Enemies

God’s people should make an attempt to understand that all prayer is not intended to be conducive to an enemy. All prayer was not meant to cause us to bow down to the will of evil persons in the land, nor to give in to unjust intents and causes. Some prayer FOR an enemy was meant to DESTROY an enemy.

Not by might. Not by power. But by the Spirit of the Lord.

Donald J. Trump and so many others like him, before and now and continuing into the future to hear them tell it, have sinned grossly and egregiously in the sight and hearing and testing of God. And even worse, those who claim to be of God stand idly by and twist their hands and shrug their shoulders in despair or in careless and lackadaisical attitudes about it. But we also understand that when horrific sinners and whoremongers are put in lead roles in our nation, that we too, have committed sinful acts of aggression in the sight of God that must be rectified, not endorsed and supported, and this means you, too, #FranklinGraham.

Those enemies have, over the years, been taken down in order for God to heal the land; however, we must acknowledge that the enemy can also come to us as an “agent of light,” pretending to be something it is not.

We have learned to ‘try the spirits by the Spirit,” but we have also learned that we have no sudden power to rule over the wicked in the land when the Lord has sent them to teach us a lesson about turning our backs on Him.

As we pray a hedge of protection around our lives, our homes and our families, and our land, as this domestic demonic enemy, the white-skinned “American patriot terrorists” of this nation who seek out our destruction, we must pray for their own destruction. They must be buried in the graves they have planned for us. We have no other choice than to ask the Lord to protect us as well as to simultaneously destroy them.

Spiritual Leverage

We have need to learn to “walk and chew gum” at the same time in the goodly spirit of a righteous God. We build our own spirits hedging on the leverage of a most Holy and Righteous Almighty God and standing the Holy Spirit of God against the enemies of our hearts and our loves and lives and desires that ALL MANKIND MAY BE HEALED, no matter what the Lord need do to make that effective.

True enough, they can pray against the children of God…yeah, they have PREYED UPON the Children of God violently and vehemently over the course of many centuries…but they cannot prevail against God’s children. We’ve seen Trump’s kind before, his spirit has prevailed in the land and most times it is with the permission of the oppressed. Many Black people have fought for and turned themselves over to these demi-gods, believing they can absorb riches by osmosis, or just by being around the rich while they are also being stiffed into many oppressive “network marketing” pyramid schemes, all for a dream that only exists in some white guy who wishes to continually sell the poorest among us Hope in a Genie Bottle.

They have replaced and repealed and offended the True Spirit of God of Israel. They have overladen themselves with a avolent terroristic European people of their own making called “Zionists.” They have flown in the face of God and set themselves up as high kings over those they have destroyed and the children they have raped, pillaged and murdered for material gain and the manifestation of the righteousness of white skin.

However, the Bible teaches us that these kings shall and MUST fail, and we shall see them fall, plundered by the righteousness of God. Rev. 17:11-14

There is no more time to fear what the enemy might do, but it is time to fear what God might do if we continue to let them wage war against the helpless, the homeless, the orphan and the widow, the elderly who have earned their way in this world, and the defenseless.

We must be the miracle. We must be the champion and defenders of those closest to God’s heart, and if that means the mighty must fall to the dust … so let it be WRITTEN, so let it be DONE. The bigger they came, the harder they fell.

Here is a prayer against our enemies, foreign and domestic, in our personal lives and in our land; and in short order. Even Samson prayed against his enemies as he crushed them to the dust for their deception and lies and for the destruction of his own sight for no other reason than outright hatred and jealousy. This jealousy has been with us since the Enemy of God was defeated and cast out of the Heavenly of Heavens and came down to deceive Eve and Adam and destroy mankind. The love of money is the root of all evil, but jealousy has ruined the world. Often we find even the very rich jealous of the very poor, and this is what roots in the hearts and behaviors of a Donald Trump and his crony capitalists.

These white American terrorists and their Black American friends and cohorts mean this country no good. They use their childish fantasies from sensory overload on drugs and televised porn and whoredom, and their phantasmagorical beliefs and delusions about their own grandiosity against others who do not believe what they believe. But we Believers are required by no scripture whatsoever to sit down and wring our hands and cry and plead off the ‘mercy of demons’ as they commit to destructive behaviors.

Spiritual Empowerment

There is only One and One Alone who can defeat them.

It is to Him that we pray this prayer of our King David; but we also cannot rest on laurels while we “wait on God”. Miracles are made manifest by our actions and we can no longer afford to twist the narrative and make what is evil good and what is good evil. We cannot continue to pretend to not know the difference when LOVE is at the center of all actions.

What must become of the enemies of our souls is what we demand. Those clothed in white skin arrogance, with white skinned Aryan terrorism on their minds, with their hearts focused and set to do -allegedly in God’s name- whatever Hitler and those like him did to destroy people they hated must be resisted and plundered either by a stand up fight or by a refusal to do acquiesce to .

Those of us who know, KNOW. Those who do not understand it were not meant to understand. Those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, hearts to understand, and minds to interpret and rightly divide the Word of Truth … What are YOU waiting for? To agree with them or to do nothing as they wreak havoc is to shake hands with domestic violence and the devil in America. People will not remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou.

Abandoning a just cause is NOT an option. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., paraphrased, “To be silent while evil prevails in the land is to be in the same bed, and in one accord, with the evildoers.”

Get in longstanding agreement with King David, whom God called “a man after Mine own Heart“, and David’s son, King Solomon, of whom our Lord & Savior YAHUSHUAH WHOSE NAME FOREVER MEANS ‘GOD IS SALVATION’ is a descendant, and yet and still their Greatest King. God is not on your side or my side, He is on the side of righteousness.


American Institution: This is your Statue of Liberty, and this is your Wall Street and its Financial Kingdoms

What do you hate? The same things God hates, of course.

Proverbs 6:16-19 New International Version (NIV)
16 There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
17 haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
19 a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community…


A Scriptural Prayer for Your Enemies, from the Book of Psalms…just make sure you are IN THE RIGHT before you pray it or you may be on the receiving end of it.
The Bible teaches us to pray for our enemies, it doesn’t tell us WHAT to pray for them, so in the spirit of King David and King Solomon and Samson, also wronged by Delilah, GET TO PRAYING:
A Prayer Against an Enemy
For the director of music. A psalm of David.

109 God, I praise you.
Do not be silent.
2 Wicked people and liars have spoken against me;
they have told lies about me.
3 They have said hateful things about me
and attack me for no reason.
4 They attacked me, even though I loved them
and prayed for them.
5 I was good to them, but they repay me with evil.
I loved them, but they hate me in return.
6 They say about me, “Have an evil person work against him,
and let an accuser stand against him.
7 When he is judged, let him be found guilty,
and let even his prayers show his guilt.
8 Let his life be cut short,
and let another man replace him as leader.
9 Let his children become orphans
and his wife a widow.
10 Make his children wander around, begging for food.
Let them be forced out of the ruins in which they live.
11 Let the people to whom he owes money take everything he owns,
and let strangers steal everything he has worked for.
12 Let no one show him love
or have mercy on his orphaned children.
13 Let all his descendants die
and be forgotten by those who live after him.
14 Lord, remember how wicked his ancestors were,
and don’t let the sins of his mother be wiped out.
15 Lord, always remember their sins.
Then make people forget about them completely.
16 “He did not remember to be loving.
He hurt the poor, the needy, and those who were sad
until they were nearly dead.
17 He loved to put curses on others,
so let those same curses fall on him.
He did not like to bless others,
so do not let good things happen to him.
18 He cursed others as often as he wore clothes.
Cursing others filled his body and his life,
like drinking water and using olive oil.
19 So let curses cover him like clothes
and wrap around him like a belt.”
20 May the Lord do these things to those who accuse me,
to those who speak evil against me.
21 But you, Lord God,
be kind to me so others will know you are good.
Because your love is good, save me.
22 I am poor and helpless
and very sad.
23 I am dying like an evening shadow;
I am shaken off like a locust.
24 My knees are weak from fasting,
and I have grown thin.
25 My enemies insult me;
they look at me and shake their heads.
26 Lord my God, help me;
because you are loving, save me.
27 Then they will know that your power has done this;
they will know that you have done it, Lord.
28 They may curse me, but you bless me.
They may attack me, but they will be disgraced.
Then I, your servant, will be glad.
29 Let those who accuse me be disgraced
and covered with shame like a coat.
30 I will thank the Lord very much;
I will praise him in front of many people.
31 He defends the helpless
and saves them from those who accuse them.

New Century Version (NCV)
The Holy Bible, New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Note: In the final analysis, Black America, you have prayed for the prevalence of your enemies for far too long. You have prayed for and given in to white supremacy and all of its regulatory filth, and it is time NOW to do what you would tell an abused woman to do to a man who beats her incessantly just for being who she is, even when she has not the will, the power, nor the strength to leave him or kill him dead. If this means war, let it mean war. In real time, not just in your holy head.

Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.


[ ED. NOTE: On March 12, 2019, it is duly-noted that SEED OF ISRAEL, a YouTube channel has gleaned this site looking for stories for videos and used this lede image as well as a copyrighted image belonging to me that I paid for commercial rights to use on another of their Vlogs. I won’t quibble, because I am happy someone got the message and is helping to spread it.

However, I heard in a recent video that SEED OF ISRAEL put out charging that The Great Whore of Babylon is not the United States of America, but is the Church of Rome. Yet … The Vatican does not “sit upon many waters,”it is virtually land-locked. And it has no description or inscription that matches with the Bible’s description of the writing on the Whore. That is something that white “End Times” prophets made up back in the 1980s that hasn’t panned out over the years.

If the Church of Rome were depicted as anything in prophecy, it is the Beast with the 10 horns and even that depiction matches the Bull-BEAST that sits on Wall Street in NYC. The USA, founded on the principles of the Roman Empire, “rides” that Beast (Roman theology) like nobody’s business — a people who still think themselves the gods of the world. This is also a nation that installed a mob boss as its President in the latter years. The entire organization of the Papacy is mafia-owned and operated, based on founding principles of the Roman Empire and the kind of racism that inspired Hitler.

The “Whore” riding the Beast “sits upon many waters” and brags arrogantly about how rich and luxurious she is and how merchants trade with her and how she can never be brought down. Yet, the Bible defines her as the her “Mother Of Harlots.” The only thing that fits that description is the Liberty statue in New York Harbor (many waters that overlook the entire European continent just south of its vision), where worlds of people fly in and float in to do merchant-marine business and bring their wares and trades and STOLEN resources from countries the world over. Her arrogance defines her ‘whoredom,’ for she thinks herself even better and “richer than God.” But she has nothing that belongs to her.

On the Statue of Liberty is inscribed the Emma Lazarus poem COLOSSUS, written almost verbatim the way it is in the Bible when it describes “her,” this GREAT Whore. The USA was, in fact, founded upon or “rides on” the Roman principles and codified laws of Rome or the Church of Rome in principle and practice; except for Louisiana, which was a French-founded colony once brimming with Haitian slaves. Even attending church on Sunday and calling it the Sabbath Day was a lie from the Church of Rome.

I stand that The Church of Rome is NOT the Great Whore, but it could be the BEAST with the 10 horns upon which the Great Whore rides, for that very reason. The 10 horns are the 10 nations controlled by Mafioso, including NOW the USA, Russia, and the other 8 that have been or are about to revealed soon. ]

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