This Black Man Fights Florida Governor’s Racist Policies with Powerful Black History But Needs Your Help To Raise $100,000

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[Chicago, Illinois] — Florida’s recent laws have sparked nationwide debate over the teaching of Black history. Urban Intellectuals’ founder Freddie E.

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Taylor is clapping back at the “Racist” initiatives with the crowdfund and launch of the “Black History Flashcards: Florida Edition” to combat the erasure of Black contributions from educational narratives. This release directly challenges the policies and statements emerging from Governor DeSantis’ camp, which critics argue whitewash the historical injustices faced by Black Americans.

The “Black History Flashcards: Florida Edition” will be released in the wake of Florida’s 2022 law, the “Stop WOKE Act,” which mandates that students cannot be made to feel discomfort over past racial transgressions and saw the cancellation of an AP African American Studies course. Critics argue this law oversimplifies and sanitizes history, with statements from the governor’s office suggesting that enslaved individuals “developed skills” for their personal benefit, a perspective that educators like LaGarrett King have condemned as a gross misrepresentation of the dehumanizing institution of slavery.

Freddie E. Taylor, and his company Urban Intellectuals, is commoitted to confronting educational adjustments head-on. “Our flashcards stand as a testament to truth and an educational lighthouse in the murky waters of current policies. We are committed to telling the full, unadulterated stories of Black individuals who forged our state and nation, stories that must not be distorted or forgotten in the quest for a ‘balanced’ narrative,” Taylor states.

This defiance is underscored by the crowdfunding campaign aimed at rallying supporters against the recent educational decrees, such as the Florida Department of Education’s rejection of textbooks for alleged CRT references and the mandated detailing of so-called “benefits” of slavery. The campaign positions the flashcards not just as an educational tool, but as a symbol of resistance and a call to action.

“Our goal at Urban Intellectuals is to first secure $8,000 in funding from our audience to produce the first round of education, but hope to raise $100,000 to flood Florida schools with 10,000 decks of Black Flashcards,” says Taylor.

“Signing the ‘Stop WOKE Act,’ Governor DeSantis vowed not to use tax dollars to teach hate. But what about using them to teach the full spectrum of history?” Taylor asks. “Our campaign is for those who refuse to see a sanitized version of history taught to our children. It’s for those who understand the danger of a one-sided story that seeks to erase the complexity of Black experiences.

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Urban Intellectuals is determined to ensure that the true history of Africans in America and around the world, including the painful legacy of enslavement and the achievements made despite it, is accessible to Florida’s students and beyond. This is particularly poignant as Governor DeSantis, who has presidential ambitions, pushes for a national platform.

Supporters of an accurate and comprehensive education are encouraged to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign and join in solidarity to preserve the integrity of Black history education.

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About Urban Intellectuals:  

Urban Intellectuals is dedicated to empowering the community with knowledge of Black history and culture. With their impactful Black History Flashcards, they continue to inspire, educate, and challenge the status quo.

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Note to Editors:

Freddie E. Taylor is available for interviews and further comments. For arrangements, please contact Tameko@UrbanIntellectuals.

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Media review samples of the Black History Flashcards are available upon request.

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