Just happened to be scanning Facebook for some good news today, something rarely seen but not impossible to find, and this pops up.

Lebohang Lang Motaung is a Work in progress. And a phenomenal artist.

I still don’t know what what the finished product will look like. It might just fill up the entire wall. I just love working with hair??? …”

Art by Lebohang Lang Motaung, Sebokeng Gauteng

The work is phenomenal and unique. History in the making. Too many Black artists are marginalized or don’t get their due, but when something stands out, it stands out.

We would do well to keep an eye on this Sistah, support her work, and wait on her to open that art gallery.

We could use more Black art galleries nationwide and if I could afford it, I’d pay for the exclusive rights to this piece.

That’s actually something good to do with weave (smile) – use it for decoration.


Artist Motaung