Why “HW” Bush, “W” Bush and “D” Trump Combined Register A Near-Total Zero in Black America

HW and W (The Bushes) made no significant historical impact on America as racially-conflicted centrists while in the president's office, but they both did make a splatter as the one of the only two "father-son" acts to have followed one another -even indirectly- into the president's seat, preceded by John and John Quincy Adams, {"J" and "JQ"}. Bush the Latter and Trump have one thing in common, though...the fact that neither of them were actually elected president by the American people as were J and JQ. Take that bit of related news for what you will...


National Day of Mourning for Trump

On the eve of George Herbert Walker (HW) Bush’s translation out of this present world, supremely white American nationalist leader Donald John Trump has set December 5 to be a “National Day of Mourning” in honor of HW’s death. (Doubt Trump even knew what that was until someone suggested it on one of his rainbow-colored sticky pads or tweets. Doubt he’d do the same for Carter, Clinton, or Obama, the only past American presidents still living now, if they were to go forth any time soon.)

However, for most of Black America, this “National Day” is about the same as Columbus Day and all of the other days celebrating the many racists and/or nationalists who get a five-star rating for being what they were — good, bad or downright ugly.

If Black people were to act in this ‘nationalist’ manner, there would be “National Days of Mourning” for a LOT of Black people who worked on our behalves that white people can’t stand-and can’t stand just because they would not allow the racism to go unchallenged on their watch.

A National Day of Mourning for Huey P. Newton is in order, as well as a National Day of Mourning for Elijah Muhammad, Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard, Betty Van Patter, Eldridge Cleaver, and at some future appointed date currently unknown, a National Day of Mourning for Bobby Seale and Louis Farrakhan. Of course, none of them have any history of killing massive amounts of white people while trying to gain alleged ‘freedoms’ for their own people, so there is some doubt that they would qualify for it unless they did.

Yet … we can only imagine the “white noise” that would come out of this country if we celebrated pro-Black nationalists like they celebrate their own terrorists and even their own constitutional ‘nothingburgers’.

HW Did Nothing…we mean…None of These Things

But what about HW?

He did not kill massive amounts of Black and colored people as did these other national holidaists. He also was not an outspoken proud braggadocio and villainous racist as were others of his ilk – not exactly, anyway.

Two things stand out in this hour of Bush’s decease at the age of 94.

George HW Bush was considered both a ‘nigger lover’ and sellout by his OWN racist “willie horton” constituency (via the lies told by Nixon and Reagan’s own racial specialist Lee ‘Boogie Man’ Atwater), and then he was also an utter long-term failure to the Black American leaders of his time, none of whom that he was directly connected to except for Colin Powell.

They wanted him, Bush the Former, whose son George W. Bush The Latter later became the American-unelected but Supremacist Court-placed president, to fix what Nixon and Reagan had broken. Yet, he never did, nor could he. It wasn’t allowed.

Barbara Bush’s legacy as a First Lady was not much better than her husband’s, or her son’s…
It didn’t help Bush the Former’s legacy when his wife, Barbara, who also died this year, made some nefariously bastardo comment during the Hurricane Katrina debacle.

Her commentary had to do with the ‘accommodations’ at the Houston Astrodome when her true unaware uneducated self was revealed in public. She perceived that stadium setting was more welcoming and luxurious than the ones that the majorly Black and colored population had enjoyed while living (at least) in their own homes in the Fourth Ward of New Orleans. She was definitely no “Eleanor Roosevelt” or “Michelle Obama”, she wasn’t even a Rosalyn Carter or Laura Bush, for that matter.


But she was what nationalism had turned her into … someone who had no clue that a dirty home of your own is ALWAYS better than being stuck in a hellhole auditorium with a bunch of folks you don’t know. Folks who are stealing and committing crimes against any little victim that they can back into a corner where no one is watching and when no one cares.

Unaware and Uneducated White History re: Black History

The saddest thing about American whites who are so unaware and out of touch with what really gives with Black America is that they can make no other comments about us other than what they see on racialized television shows and networks like “FOX,” or what they hear come out of some “rapper’s” mouth.

It’s like they have no full awareness that most of us Black folks know less about rap than THEY do. That’s a “you people” race thing, not a Black people thing. Granted, we started it all, but only a small faction of us Black folks know all that much about what happened to rap music after it became nothing more than a white supremacist injection of toxic poison to the women and men in our Black communities. Once it got turned into that, that was the end of it for the majority of us.

Only a certain faction of us have a clue what all of that noise is about.

They never get it, never truly understand what in the name of the Civil Rights Movement that they did or said that was REALLY wrong.

On any given day, Black folks will throw a shitfit about one racist thing or another, but some of those shitfits are justified.

When Herbert Walker was thrown into the middle of a shit-fight about exactly what was “a liberal” and what was just plain old America doing the right thing by its own Black citizens, this is the place and hour where the word ‘liberal’ found its place in white supremacist vernacular as a polite way of saying “niggers and nigger lovers.”

And aye, as their pirating forefathers used to say … there’s the rub.

In trying so hard NOT to be perceived as the racist that Ronald Reagan definitely was, HW Bush lost his dignity. But he gained his hardline but respectable stance as a midline political centrist who later told his son, W, (aka ‘The Decider’) not to “let them push him around.”

It was hard as hell, however, to push around someone who spent a lot of time hilariously pushing himself around one broken political pottery wheel or another.

America Underneath the Feet of Both Bushes

The Bushes, father and son both, tried really hard to be relevant in their own contexts as presidents; but alas, none of it was meant to be.

They left no particular legacies that stood out for the nation, let alone for the Black diasporas. They both just registered a complete and total meaningless blip during their total of 12 years in office, sans the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to HW by President Barack Obama and the ugliness that turned against W during the dark hour of the Zionist 9/11 attacks in New York City — on W’s watch.

Same as Trump, it’s just that Trump comes with a whole helluva lot more “reality show” nitwit drama for American people -and the world- to see, hear, and talk about.

Nationalist America Not The Same as Patriotic America

Trump’s decision to name December 5, 2018 a National Day of Mourning for George Herbert Walker Bush is just about as important in today’s America as was his decision to leave ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.

HW will be sorely missed, but not by us.

For Black America, it’s just another meaningless “Columbus Day” on the nationalist calendar, though some Black folks will beg to differ in the natural processing of their individualist appeasements. Nothing to see here folks, truly. As Kanye West once said of Bush the Latter … oh … forget it. He was just in a ‘slave mentality’ at the time (that he never got out of).

Besides, if Trump is praising Bush for his “vewy vewy gweat accomplishments,” you already know it’s mostly meaningless. Except, of course, for the Usual and Obligatory Accomplishment Lister.

Look who’s talking, two.



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  1. So why dont we have National Black Days of Mourning for our own? Black people have nationally been celebrating Kwanzaa since the late 60s, and staying home from work and school as well as boycotting shopping on Black solidarity Day, from the late 60s as well nationally yet we stopped doing both, to the extent we were back then when the Culture changed in the 90s to materialism and self centeredness and making a fast buck! Rather then generational, Collective Wealth! All the harm they have caused Black communities globally how can they register a zero?? Look at the gentrification that occurred under both Bush administrations and the creation of AFRICOM in 2004 , by Bush Jr to recolonize the Motherland one nation at a time! What Nixon, Reagan, Bush sr and Bush Jr show us in regards to the future books of Black history, is that we under the Obama administration will go down as the “Do nothing” generation! the Brother gave us 8 years, 8 years to get our act together and create a Just in Case plan to protect and save the National Black community, just in case another nut job racist millionaire got into office, after his term was over, as had occurred four times before! But we did nothing and now we collectively eat salt!

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