White Tears While Blogging

Lines are often drawn on telling the truth...even with white "Liberals," as they label themselves.


FYI: Post an article about Donald Trump on a so-called mainstream “liberal” website, get hit with a comment about Bill Cosby in return, respond appropriately to the off-topic on-color ruse about Cosby on a TRUMP article, get flagged and “warned” for timeout.

So here it is again:

“Actually, Cosby is a private citizen whose criminal trial is done and over. He was never an elected official or a government employee, as is Trump. Cosby’s fate has already been decided, though it was a ‘skin-color junket’ from the start.


The nation’s security and future was not dependent on anything that happened to Cosby, one way or the other, so it wouldn’t have mattered to American lives or livelihoods whether or not he got convicted, though he did. My only suggestion is that we keep our eyes on the current ball. It is Trump’s turn.”

Just an FYI that all “liberals” aren’t as liberal as they seem. They often want to BE accepted and have their personal experiences validated, but don’t accept you for who you are, personal experiences and all.

I bear no guilt over their “butt-hurts” and white tears, not when I didn’t cause it; but as the saying goes “nothing hollas like a hit dog”. Sometimes, you may have to hide their mind medications in the dog food so it goes down easier.

Besides, their weeping willows would never weep for me no matter what happened.



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