White Man’s Burden: “The Obama Impact” Trumps White Male Superiority

Dicmenstrual Syndrome is a "thing." For real.


They have a mess on their hands right now, that much is established.

For centuries, white men like Donald Trump have spread themselves very thin over the entire transom of modern history as the biggest baddest banditos and yet “saviors” of all humanity that the world has (n)ever known.

They have carried their self-induced largesse hotly and thickly from end to end, worldwide and without end.

Everything from human trafficking to theft of services and murder, as well as kidnapping and rape, child molestation and piracy are definitely labels that can be attached to them and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Somehow, however, Black people never seem to attach ALL white people to the crimes the majority of them commit. They did, however, tend to attach all Black people to the crimes and sins of other Black people with some of the cheapest labels in their entire vocabulary.

On the one hand, grouping all Black people together and demeaning them in the media is something they had to do to keep up the lies they were telling themselves about us. On the other hand, Black people either have trained brains to see them as individuals and to stay away from lambasting an entire race for the sins of most, or we just have the God-given sense enough to know better than that.

I’ll stick to the latter.

The Media Spoof

Day in and day out there have been nothing but barrages of information in their self-made media haunts – news, movies, television, etc. – telling the world how wonderful, how honest, how in love, how sexy, how beautiful, how worldly, how godly or god-like, how truthful, how rich, how even their psychological traumas are something to be studied and lamented over like so much spilled soup.

They hedged their bets that white supremacy would prevail in the world.

They eventually positioned themselves to ‘own it’ and accomplish something no man has ever done before: Manifest Destiny – i.e., the mission to become God and then to become bigger than God Himself. They will tell you it isn’t so, but I am a bona fide member of the Joshua Generation. I grew up listening to it and being taught by other whites who had a real problem with it and wanted us to know what we were dealing with in this pre-fab white man’s world.

It’s Been Tried Before

That very same arrogant egotistical mission to be “bigger than God” was said to have been tried in the Heavenly of Heavenlies in the Book of Revelation.

The caveat on that is that God’s love for all humanity, including Mexicans climbing over border walls in this day and age, was that our love for Him had to be put to a test. An extreme test when an imp was allowed in the Garden. But but but …

But nothing. The Tree of Life was in the middle of the Garden, too.

She could have chosen that and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would likely have shriveled up, went away and we wouldn’t be HERE.

Hint: The Devil lost in the end. And is still losing now.

But His Birth Certificate

Then along comes meager but very punctual Barack Obama.

He didn’t come to us hat in hand, like a beggar waiting under the table for scraps, he came to us as a Black man so far advanced that he did not shuttle or punt his way past all of the racial stereotypes. They dragged that mess to the table and he danced past it like a champ, easy-breezy-peazy.

Just being himself, authentically Barack, was enough. We wanted to be mad about it, but he didn’t care what they said. [“Fly swat off the shoulder.”]

Black, yes, but also a trooper of a man who simply did not let the bullshit stop him.

The confidence and magnitude of it was romanticized in the media as MOST whites took a long look at the Black men that most of us already knew, and they looked at him as if he was an enigma of some kind. He was the “new normal” Black man that was seldom seen in mainstream media with racist whites gawking and fishing around for anything that would make them appear to be better, but also the same Black man that we had always known in spite of all the bad ones.

They were shocked that he wiped his mouth with a napkin and didn’t eat with his feet. We were wondering what the effing hell was wrong with them staring at him like they were expecting Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls to come back to life and make their racist crapola stick. (Not to say there was anything wrong with Pac and Big, they got rich and famous playing head games with whites who didn’t have a clue who they really were, who ANY OF US BLACK PEOPLE are for that matter. They may both be dead now, but while they were here, they rode them white race boys like the Lone Ranger rode Tonto. Hi Ho Silver… We got to give props and big ups to any Black man who can get that rich making white folks think they are that stupid.)


So many women who ever wished for a man like Barack were outdone and envious enough of his wife to trail her every move with wide-eyed fantasy. How do you get that gorgeous, be a full-time wife and career mom, and pull it off like it’s yesterday’s news? We’re still fighting with finding all the right colors in the makeup mirror.

The President didn’t even come to us with a drippy-haired tangled mess of a carbon-copy plagiarized wife, but a svelte sophisticated educated high-achieving highly-loved Black woman. A woman who was, and is, the “Proverbs 31” bride that men the world over envy and long for. With two beautiful, bright and highly motivated daughters at that, Barack Obama is a Black man married only once and not even a ‘baby daddy’. Not a baby daddy-type like a lot of white men who impregnated Black women -by hook or by crook- and then abandoned their Black children on plantations and/or left them to die; and surely not to inherit what was rightfully theirs, let alone what they EARNED.

[Worried about his birth certificate, but don’t even know where your Black kids at?]

College-degreed, simple and complex, and politically astute, eff the “articulateness” – Joe Biden didn’t know much more about Black people than JFK did.

We know he’s not perfect, we know there are inside stories the two of them will keep in their hearts to the day they die, but we live with flaws and imperfections enough. We see enough “white folk mess” on television and movies, we don’t need to see theirs, too.

We live with them all every day.

Let us keep the fantasy in our hearts, for it is all we have left of the two of them.

White Male Negritude

The stereotypes prevailed among them for so long that here, two years after Obama is no longer President of the United States, his name still spills off their lips like so much drool.

They are still having issues with the fact that Barack Obama not only told the world what we had been trying to tell them all along about us, but the package deal came with a caveat of our own: #BlackLives in America would take a ‘hit’ that would cost literal lives on the streets because of their self-made penis envy.

They are drowning in their own mental cesspools, developed over a 500-year period, simply because the world now knows that every lie they’ve ever leveraged to become “supreme” in the world is not only a lame duck, it’s a dead one.

White male superiority still can’t believe that President Obama spent an entire 10 years crapping on all of their racist asses by showing itself a “better white man” than they had lied to the world and said they were; and did it all damned near ALL at Black people’s expense. Again.

Obama can take comfort in knowing that Dr. King had a lot of INSIDER enemies, too, until he was dead. But Obama gotta give us some credit, too — we put up with a lot of shit behind his election and brushed it off just like he did, while wondering if we’d ever see another Black president in our lifetimes.

No sir, Mr. President, they won’t appreciate the fullness of you until you’re gone, but you did the doggone thang and we need to learn to get grateful with a quickness and stop being ‘reality-show selfish’ and arrogant.

And Here We Are Now

Two years later, Barack Hussein Obama Jr.’s name still falls from their lips like so much dried spittle, and he can’t do anything but laugh at them. Like one of those Joe Biden hysterical laughs. NO one can help but believe that penis envy isn’t just a ruse psychological theory, but an erstwhile mandate of theirs.

They MUST keep repeating his name over and over “Obama Obama Obaaaaammmmaaaaa” … because. it’s. all. just. so. radically. unredeeming. They. must. stop. another. Black. man. from. getting. in. his. position. because. this. just. is. not. what. America. is. all. about. WE. ARE. THE. CHAMPIONS. OF. WHITENESS. We… must… retain… white… supremacy… white… jesus… white… santa… white… Easter… bunny … and finally the ROBOT shuts itself down and self-implodes because it was a lie from the outset.

A lie it was trained to believe that simply does NOT compute in the real.

“Only in the Twilight Zone.” ~Thanks~ you Rod Serling. Side-eye to Bill Shatner who took his fully radicalized ass agenda far to the left and kissed a Black woman on Star Trek (in the 1960s GASP!) just to prove that the robot wasn’t sufficient to cover all the needs and wonder of just being human.


They truly wanted Mr. Obama to die, but they were too fascinated watching their own bullshit and balls blow up in their faces. Besides, they couldn’t get close enough to kill him.

He had ‘that old asshole’ Joe Biden, Irish Catholic mobster that he is, in his corner.

How’s that for a “dumb Black man”? Joe Biden can afford to laugh, because he’s an honest one. They can’t gauge him because he thinks everything is funny and nothing is all that much of a B.F.D. I wanted so badly to walk up to then-President-elect Obama and go “Really? Joe Biden? Damn. Really?” But instead, I just fell over laughing because I knew that Barack Obama wasn’t an idiot with that one move alone. Biden laughs because he knows he’s untouchable and he wasn’t going to let anyone fuck with Barack Obama either.

An asshole, but an honest one for sure, Biden was the bodyguard that wasn’t, LOL!

Trump Is That LYING Blowhard Asshole

Unlike Biden, Trump can’t even be the asshole who tells the truth. More than 1,800 lies in two years and the clock is still ticking ever-upward.

The superior whiteness of it all spent centuries untold leveraging everything that they could muster within the sin and inhumanity of skin-color racism and male-specific sexism. It now appeareth that they are losing that bet against us Blacks and women AND Mexicans, drowning in their own spittle with their faces buried between their legs.

It turns out that all of the lies they told about us are their own burden to bear. Forever.

But Her Emails …

Let’s not leave out Hillary Clinton. Po’ hotsauce-carrying-in-her-purse child who tried to Blackface her way into a vote that Black voters had already told her she wasn’t going to get.

They (we) had given her husband their/our all, even pronounced him “Black enough,” and he just turned out to be a great big old disappointment. With one macaroni feather in his cap: He beat the shit out of the jobs economy on his watch.

During the 1990s, if you couldn’t fall out of the window and get cut up by a job, you weren’t looking. If you couldn’t step out your door and stumble over and stub your toe on a job, you were too lazy and indecisive, because we had them all.

High tech was on the rise, thanks be to God and Al Gore, and there seemed to be no end to it. And then Bush.


But Her Emails!

Bill Clinton was the chief honcho in charge when crime bills were passed that they were told would adversely affect the Black community because of institutionalized racism.

Hillary Clinton was the female honcho in charge of seeing to it that the healthcare reform act was passed just before she sold out to Big Pharma, and unfortunately for her — the majority of us are still young enough to remember it.

But Her Emails!!!

White male superiority is still a particular problem with women of all races and ethnicities.

Margaret Sanger, loved and hated by Black people for her work with (n/k/a) Planned Parenthood, even said that the end of white male superiority would signal a new beginning for all women of all races, and she meant it. They are still trying to bust her “balls” today with ‘black genocide’ lies, but Sanger was ALL about protecting women PERIOD: From rapists and white men who thought they had the right to tell all women what to do with their vaginas and their wombs. #NOT

The last of the “old poop line”, the Trumpanzees and McConnellites, trying to redcap and run (“hat-red”) all over America by dragging that old tired ugly dead horse of wagon train westernism with them are like so many Zombies. They’re already dead and buried and covered in an Arizona dust storm, but they don’t know it yet. They won’t lay down and go to the grave, or at least the ancient relic museum, where they belong.

It’s like watching Jason Voorhees keep bringing himself back to life, except he hardly ever attacks and murders anything but the sympathetic character: Young white girls. If he killed a bunch of Black women or girls, even Black men wouldn’t give a shit.

Sure, we’re only on Round Six of Decades of the evolution of Women’s Rights, and we will fight on, pink pussy hats and all; but Black women’s rights are still lower on the Totem Pole with old white male-pattern baldness with tiny dicks. They are persistent little cusses with their ‘end-all and be-all’ philosophy of what’s right and wrong with the world when nothing could be further from the truth.

And Now for a Short Commercial Interruption

It’s all one Great Big Old Reality Show now starring Donald Trump and his ‘posse’ as they are rounded up, arrested and indicted, one shithole at a time.

This does not end well for them. But we will all be damned if it’s not going to end in a BIG win for Robert “Bob” Mueller and His Legal Team. They will spend eternity in the open book annals of American history lauded by not only Free Blacks, but Free Women the world over.

As a Black woman, I have to say that most white men I’ve met in my lifetime are not that VILE. Some of the most racist among them are vicious and unrelentingly uncouth bastards, but Trump is plain VILE.

See, we know Mueller doesn’t have penis envy issues or issues with women, because he is a man who is simply doing his job the right way and not the white way.

He is doing his job even as Trump tries to throw a big ol’ hissy fit about a southern border wall to “stop criminals” when the criminals are in the swamp we used to call The White House. As we said, he can’t drain the swamp, he’d be homeless. Unfortunately for them, white male pattern bald balls supremacy is not getting a kick in the ass because it’s white or because it’s a male, but because it broke the damned laws of this land one time too many.

If you shed one single tear of sympathy for any of them -white, Black, Puerto Rican, male or female- I will “Harriet-Tubman” your ass into the middle of the century before last century before any of us were here.

Conclusion of the Matter: “Witch Hunt! No Collusion! Border Coyotes!”

Rawstory just reported that that was the last Trump Tweet of the day and it’s not even HIGH noon yet my time.

This recent Roger Stone arrest (they said they woke his ass up in bed this morning like so many criminal Blacks and Mexicans), ROTFLMAO!!!, must have set him off again. Note: Ivana Trump, one of Trump’s ex-wives, told us to ‘go ahead and let him tweet away,’ basically stating that he would hang himself eventually. Hell if that WOMAN was not right. LOL. #sad

White men, especially those in the United States of America, have spent so much time with their heads in their asses on race and gender that they have not paid much attention to the fact that the last of their kind actually have one foot in a grave and another on a banana peel.

As Generations X/Y/Z enter the older parent brigade, some even now very young grandparents at this point, and, as the first of the New Millennials are just turning ages 19-21 this year, and as The Joshua Generation who were the firstline beneficiaries of the Civil Rights Movement of 1968 enters the time-worn gray-headed and nearly “out of fight exhausted from beating the hell of out his kind” in the 1960s and’70s … let’s just call this a pre-wrap for The Joshua Generation and their children and children’s children.

There’s still some clean-up to do once Trump is finally arrested… but… one thing is certain above all else…America finally got it: Obama is in. Trump is out. And he can take that Pale Horse Pence out with him.

This time it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with skin color, but the content of his character. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Now they need to finish off the rest and be done with them once and for all.


As of this writing, LaGuardia Airport, New York, is announced as closed due to the more than a month-long Trump border wall fight that can’t be won. If Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta, is closed, that’s the end of that. No one’s getting a flight much of anywhere, because H-J is the American airport portal to the whole world. It’ll happen even faster if ATC (air traffic control) walks out and says “Get Trump’s ass out of our White House! NOW!

Preliminary reports are out that he’s finally about too give in and the Dems will put that $5.7 billion here it belongs … BACK INTO INFRASTRUCTURE and THE AMERICAN ECONOMY and ECOLOGY and HEALTHCARE REFORM, where we left it.

Get a handle on all of the Senators and Representatives and corporate moguls that need to lose their jobs this season, too, folk: They are telling on themselves every time they tell a furloughed federal employee to, in essence, “Go To Hell.”

We hope Trump is in handcuffs for starting a #fakeborderwallcrises in the middle of a government shutdown before we start Black History Month in February 2019 but it’s not looking that good.

Yet. #GetImMueller



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