Voting While Black

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We need to do voting better.

BY LIVE TALLY and LIVE WATCH. Certified HACKER-FREE. One machine assigned and encoded per voter, one vote process per election. Higher than bank level security. Certified by Vote Marshals for final tallies.

If we can use them for celebrity talent shows and “lock in” each vote — then ELECTIONS for our nation’s leadership should come out of the dark ages, too.


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Steam Locomotive Meet High-speed Rail

ANY of these individual take-home single vote (ONE PERSON ONE VOTE) machine systems can be tweaked for government-level security purposes, PENTAGON-guaranteed, HIGH LEVEL security. They do it for less important stuff than the right to vote.

All this other mess about “touch screens” is antiquated and unreliable in a public voting environment as touch screens make errors and can also be easily flipped or forged.

LIVE-WATCH software technology lets us see the counts online as each vote is cast without revealing any personal information about the voter.

America, do better.

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  1. Curtis Johnson

    I love it all, it is evolved and forward thinking for these times. Your thinking is the bench mark for #realblack intellectuals who are really interested in consolidating the renew black push to decolonize their lives and reclaim “Black Wall Street” or even further back KIMIT. We like that! Stay focus and keep rising our confidence and awareness.


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