Sometimes, you can tell people something and they will take it grossly out of context.

Let us be perfectly clear … It can be a fatal mistake to separate violence and evil amongst the various races. Violence does not come with a skin color. Evil knows no ethnic or racial origins. It is in inherent in all people, no matter who, where, when, why, or how.

You will trust whites who will disappoint you and you will trust Blacks who will disappoint you even more.

Racism in America, in all European countries, has existed only slightly over 1,000 years on this planet which is nearly a quarter of a million years old. It comes from white nationalists (‘planet bastards’ they are) who would have people to believe that Black people are the only -or the MOST violent- of all on the planet when nothing could be farther from the actual truth. As white revisionist European history tells us in their televised media forms, Black people did not “come from out of nowhere,” they were always here from the start of humanity and had great and novel historical impact on the world until this very moment in time – the beginning of the end.

The Church of Rome in Europe led the world into systemic racism against dark-skinned and colored peoples. It spearheaded the long-term enslavement of Africans of all nationalities, which eventually led to the lifelong and permanent enslavement of darker-skinned peoples in a format in which it did not begin in the Far and the Middle East, nor in the Afro-Asiatic nations from which we came.

The current racism of “white jesus” is still used to keep so many Black people mentally enslaved and uninformed as to exactly what white supremacy is. It is so “out there” now that the lines have been so blurred, and Black people who think they are free are not truly “free indeed.”

They are still not allowed to worship God unless they believe what whites tell them to believe, say what they tell them to say and do what they are told to do. Their self-styled ‘spirituality’ is a superficial surface format, a cut-copy-paste version, of what was meant for good. Their pastors and congregants owe and are owned by white banks, so they have to get the money out of believers to pay those bills; they don’t have time to worry about what you believe, let alone why you believe it.

This adulterated version of Christianity, originating from the Church of Rome, is not relatively deep, yet it is still widely practiced by Black people in the Americas, of the various Diasporas, who are not yet mentally ready to hear the absolute truth. They are not ready to discover who they really are in the world. They are still what whites say they are, or they are nothing at all.

They will also tell you that this is not true, but it is.

Evil doesn’t come in a skin color, period.

It -violence- is pretty evenly spread among all races and ethnicities — and whites are no exception.

However, they do use their whitenized media to try to make things appear to be what they are not. We often hear nationalist Trumpeans say things like #fakenews, but it is actually all about #fakemedia, period. And Trump is one of their largest caricaturesque leaders of fake Hollywood mediums.

You will notice, outside the realm of #fakemedia and #fakesocialmedia, that it is a faction of the most jaded and sheltered Black folks who will also tend to believe that Black people are more violent than whites. They do not determine this by observation of the world around them, as whites do, but because that is what race-controlled #fakemedia tells them to believe on television and in the movies, even in the news media that American racists control in order to slant and control the narrative on race and racism worldwide.

On the other hand, we also have to keep in mind that Christ’s (The Messiah’s) own Black kinsmen in Jerusalem, the so-named “Jews,” turned the Savior over to white-skinned supremacy in Rome. As a result of this, the white-skinned Romans presided over and supervised His oppressive harassment, violent beating, and ultimately, His cold-hearted and careless crucifixion.

We are still witnessing this despair among Black people of these current times and events.

The “Jews” did it to their Brother, Christ The Messiah, out of unkempt jealousy – because he was “that carpenter’s son going around trying to call Himself the Son of God” and they chose to recognize no gods but Rome and Caesar, as many Black Americans still do now.

No, Black folk, you can trust no race, and you can barely trust your own blood kin and family on these matters. If you want to know the Lord God, go TO the Lord God, not to other people.

To this day, Black people will still ingratiate themselves to their chosen ‘Marsas’ that they bow down to, and to self-made idols who enslave them and treat them like crap, and will kill them on a whim for whatever reason they think expedient at the moment. Too many Black folks in the Americas simply can’t seem to pull themselves out of this cultural dizziness, this spell-blindness, this intentional internalized longing to worship white skin and European money, Caesar’s renderings. To call the white man “Lord” or “Master,” against the mandates of God Himself, who said THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME.

Maybe it’s guilt-consciousness of their own internalized disobedience, and GUILT is often worse and more fatal than outright revenge.

White Crimes v. Black Crimes

The only difference with white criminality is that their ownership of worldwide media makes them paint themselves out and APPEAR as innocent of rampant violence when they are just as complicit as anyone else, often even worse than anyone else in the world.

Black people’s fights were/are tribal and contained within. Whites, on the other hand, are global with their penchant for violence.

They believe in their manifest destiny or worldwide conquests where they terrorize other people (usually the ones in peaceful lands with lots of mineral resources or those who live in bad climates or in what Europe calls ‘poverty’ as compared to what their white skin thinks “rich” is). Then whenever these ‘people of color’ wholesale fight back or defend themselves and their right to exist peacefully on the planet in their own God-given inheritance, whites will call them terrorists for defending themselves.

Don’t get yourself twisted into white race belief systems about Muslims and “Arabs” … these are the people of Ishmael and his mother, Hagar, of whom God also said he would make “a great nation” of them, as was His promise to their father, Abraham. They are more Semitic than the false Semitic people who now reign godlessly over modern-day man-made Israel, all religious notions aside.

When it comes to religious practices of whatever kind, God is no respecter of persons. That’s the Word.

An idol is an idol, and with Black people, it is often this replicated “white jesus,” fashioned after a Roman model who came from a land in which Christ, i.e., God in the flesh, never set one foot nor did He EVER speak a word of their language when He lived upon this Earth.

It’s a ruse. Period.

Salvation nee “Redemption”

They believe that it is their job to “convert” the world to some latent form of Roman-inspired Christianity, but look around you. They have failed at it miserably.

They have utterly failed at it because it wasn’t their proper position from the Beginning. Look at their “evangelical christian representative” of the world, Donald Trump. It obviously was not their God-given inheritance or rightful place to convert us. We are not a People who are in need of salvation, they are. That much is now very apparent.

We are in a unique and peculiar position to be HEALED, and REDEEMED, and RESTORED, not “saved”. But God will let you believe whatever you need to, if it will get you where He wants you to go.

People, #UNTWIST

The Beginning.

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