Since the early 1500s, more to the point, the mid-1500s (around 1564), Africans kidnapped and sold off to America have faced one never-ending trial and horrific tribulation after another.

This is of no credit to the enemy(ies) of our souls, but to their shame; and to also make us aware of how this larger picture fills itself up and winds around and down to Year 2019.

It is four hundred years to the year that the first RECORDED slave ship turned tail in Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619, some says Jamestown. Though the first involuntary slaves sold and meant for permanent servitude landed here in the Americas around 1528 – 1564 … about 455 – 500 years ago, the target marketed historical year is 1619.

Let’s Get To The Nitty Gritty

We’ve always known that the purpose of hosting Black people in America as slaves was never meant to be financially empowering to the slaves.

We have lost our inheritance in two MAJOR ways: The inheritance that was passed on to us as queens and kings of Africa and the inheritance that we lost in the Diasporas as the blood relatives of whites made rich by our Black ancestors, who then left them in the antebellum streets of the old south to die.

Some of us Black folks are blood-related to “old money” that we never received our inheritance from; yet and still, it was our Black ancestors who worked and make THEM rich.

Making Long Long Stories Short

We’re not doing white revisionist history, we’re telling the truth.

Since leaving those plantations, Black folks will never forget the “40 acres and a mule” story, or the story of the Freedman’s Bureau, where some form of restitution and reparations had been promised to Black Americans with slave ancestry. We already know that we never got our family inheritances, our white inheritance, or even our 40 acres OR that mule by any stretch of the imagination.

Someone recently estimated that to this moment, the children of the Diasporas who had slave ancestors here -which white America has tried to steal, kill, destroy, revise history and dilute- are now owed more than $700 trillion in reparations.

We could also go into a long drawn out story about how the entire world has gotten reparations from America, even how European Jews received reparations that they weren’t entitled to, as well as Native Americans who were entitled, but are no longer who they were due to racial dilution over the years. But you’ve probably heard it all, or if you have not, you soon will.

There is no telling the actual count on how badly we’ve been ripped off and pushed to the back burner when financial repercussions were and are still due and owing, and how we are the last to come to the table, even our own.

By that time, though, all they are throwing out is scraps and leftovers, calling it welfare ‘entitlements’, and then they still tell us to THIS day what we are not “entitled” to, just like were not entitled to what we earned or even what we earned FOR OTHERS.

Comes Now James Crowe III Esquire

When the plantation stuff was over, and the Jim Crow stuff of the Civil War era was mostly beaten back during the Reconstruction era (but not really), and when Black folks had to fight in court to be “entitled” to eat at the same tables that they prepared for the desperately poor white people for whom welfare was developed after slavery was over and they lost their “jobs”… there came another era of “rights” that we often refer to as “Civil Rights.”

As far as we know of there were two major Civil Rights eras in the United States of America … 1865 and 1965, but time has shown there may have been another one in the 1700s or early 1800s. It’s hard to decipher how much, if any, ‘civil rights’ any Black people would have had while they were still enslaved, literally, in chains.

It wasn’t that long ago, however, in the past 60 years or so, that court battles ensued across the nation for poor Blacks to be treated the same as the poor whites that they had fed. In other words, no one “gave” Black people welfare, they had already earned it.

They’re still not giving us anything now that we, or our ancestors, haven’t earned.


A time came when there were certain “set-asides” made available within the federal government for those who had lived entire lives disenfranchised.

These set-asides included grants for “inner-city disadvantage at-risk or at-promise” children and youth, low-income housing and neighborhoods, land grant colleges, student grants for advanced education in order for us to ‘catch up’ with a world that had gone on and up without us though it used us as leverage to get from there to here; housing, education, some set-asides for those in dire poverty with no chance of ever coming up in status due to health, age, class and familial status.

At some point, these witless whites who felt as their ancestors did in the 1800s spoke out again … “We best be glad we’re still alive, we’ll have to figure the rest out on our own or die.” But nobody made them figure out jack on their own.

Without African resources, this world is as good as dead.

When the whites who felt like “enough was enough” came along … around the time Ronald Wilson Reagan (Old 666 himself) came along, for some reason he was so mentally deranged that he watched The Cosby Show and thought it was real.

He actually believed that Black people majorly had parents who were doctors and lawyers, that we had “overcome” and lived in nice New York brownstones and paid $10,000 for paintings, and he began a process of belittling Black people who did not live like The Huxtables and never would.

One thing we learned for certain, white people take the shit on television far too seriously.

Deez Nuts: “These Grants”

You know that old saying “It’s my world and you’re just a squirrel trying to get a nut?” Well … that’s the way many whites saw the world.

They felt like their forefathers entitlement to free Black labor was something that was not their fault and not their problem and YOU Black people ought to stop this, and that, and the other, and a third.

Yet, they never stopped doing what they were doing. They most assuredly were not giving up the rights and entitlements that Black skin had afforded to them. Every time it got to the point where someone was supposed to “forget the past,” it was always US and never THEM.

Once the government started to set aside grant money for different functions in disenfranchised Black America, very few Black people knew how to get the grant money or were eligible to get it when it was offered.


Very much and more often, whites would go in to get the grant money, using Black people to get at it. Blacks who had no experience in these areas were fronted with fake degrees and resumes and sent in to get the money, turned it over to whites, and in exchange for that money, the Black guy they front took a small payoff and disappeared.

In the meantime, facade storefronts were set up in the form of housing starts, schools of higher education, and in some cases “buy here pay here” and “rent to own” centers that were never meant to empower Blacks, but to enrich whites at Black people’s expense, ONCE AGAIN – as if slavery had never ended.

End Results

The end result of that is what we are still dealing with now.

Impoverished Black women trying to make a better way for themselves and get off welfare enticed into going to what amounted as “for-profit” schools to learn a trade to get a better job to take care of their families.

Low-income Blacks and predatory lenders who used government-guaranteed loans to set them up for failure and collection and/or foreclosure within two to three years of closing. The INTENT was always to foreclose, especially with loans they knew these people could not afford when they approved them. They make a lot more money, hard cash, a lot faster foreclosing and selling to an investor than waiting 15-30 years to collect their money and the interest back.

It is basically the bottom line explanation for why the average wealth of a white person is $116,000 compared to $1,700 in average wealth for Black families.

They are less likely to be violated by predatory lenders or lenders who who won’t work with them when things go wrong, so their “higher wealth” comes in the form of home ownership and land ownership and home equity, which has always been racially-esteemed and red-lined, especially in the south.

The mechanisms put in place were only an upgraded form of Jim Crow. They were meant to steal homes, land, and equity from Black families in the form of these predatory loans, kill “Black” or minority-owned woman-owned businesses that were never truly owned by minorities, but by whites siphoning off government tax set-asides to enrich themselves, and to to destroy any chance Black people might have of upgrading themselves from poverty status and into better opportunities.

Worse than that, the Buy Here Pay Here car lots, Rent To Own rental centers, and even the payday loan companies; and all of the Eastern Indians, Hispanics and Asians with businesses [people who spoke worse English than Ebonics] who were thrown in to our neighborhoods and faces just to put whipped cream and icing on the cake — a literal form of government-endowed theft meant to make themselves rich.

And all because they felt we were not or should not be entitled to anything at all.

But who victim-bashes the folks who try to take advantage of the only opportunities they have after they are taken advantage of?

Maybe they should not have WANTED a home or a better life or a good education in the first place? Who dictates desire and then tells people they are stupid or aren’t trying hard enough?

These whites even received BILLIONS in corporate subsidies to enrich themselves and never invested one single thing into the Black communities they robbed. They just got the tax money, put up a temporary front for the sake of posterity and walked away. They are still doing it now.

Not even entitled, as stated before, to what our ‘non-entitled’ ancestors had earned for those who believed themselves entitled to us.

The Setup

The heist and poverty of Black Americans happened as a direct result of slavery and later on, the social injustices (Jim Crow and James Crowe) of those whites who felt it their “manifest destiny” to destroy the lives of millions of others by theft, vice, and graft … just because they could.


Without leveraging those Black people’s skin and land and resources, they would ever have been rich at all. Ever.

Hail Hail The Lion of Judah

That Judah is in this land empowered them because of the Covenant promises made to our ancestors, to us, by God.


It did no good that someone tried to level the playing field, because every time we win, they just move the Finish line farther away until we lose. #calculatedinjustice #ByDesign

Like Betsy DeVos is even now trying to do with these school voucher systems, nothing we do is ever good enough and nothing ever will be. Read “Cotton Pickin’ Paycheck” by Joan E. Gosier, founder of Blackparentconnect.com and P.E.T.A.C.


Obstacles in Black America

Speaking of Who Owes Whom What

Who’s zooming who?

Black America is not poor because we’re lazy, many of us are poor because we’ve been ravished and raided and robbed for centuries and it has not ended yet.

Reparations are still due and owing. The racism remains and it needs to stop in ALL areas.

Moment of Truth: The fact that some Black people have overcome even this much is a miracle all by itself.

We’re a resilient people who, even when zapped by tremendous lightning bolts, only tend to grow stronger. That’s a direct result of being created by God from the very start.

The same God who spoke these words: “Jeremiah 1:18 Now behold, this day I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls against the whole land—against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests, and the people of the land. 19 They will fight against you but never overcome you, since I am with you to rescue you,” declares the LORD.” and “Acts 26:17 I will rescue you from your own people and from the Gentiles. I am sending you to them…”

They are not even true to their OWN Constitution, how could they do right by the people who built this nation from the ground up?



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