President’s Day: Obama in Oakland Today to Celebrate My Brother’s Keeper


Am I My Brothers’ Keeper?
Yes I am. Yes we can. Yes, he is.

President Barack Obama spent the official President’s Day in Oakland, California, in memory of Trayvon Martin and to celebrate the anniversary of his own hand-carried signature initiative My Brothers’ Keeper.


Martin was a loved and wanted child whose life was ended by a thrown-away racist man for walking home to watch a football game in a different skin color.

Martin was killed by throwed-away child George Zimmerman, a parental reject who had nothing else to do with his life when he murdered then 17-year old Trayvon Martin in cold blood just to win temporary Brownie scout points with racists.

Martin’s brother has since gone on to receive a college degree and his mother, Sybrina Fulton, also recently graduated with her Ph.D.

Martin’s family has moved forward, but Trayvon was slated for college, so his brother received an honorary degree in his name which we are certain this loving caring family will cherish forever.

Zimmerman’s white parents, who had tossed their son aside previously, re-entered his life long enough to publicly explain why their son is such a menace to society. He was a deviant man who committed one social atrocity after another and had his parents to buy his way out of it each time.

Zimmerman has yet to pay for his crimes, which is what made it so easy for him to stalk, harass and then murder Trayvon Martin and then be racially acquitted over the possibility that the “sidewalk” was a potential weapon for Martin, who was factually only trying to defend himself against a stalker with a loaded weapon.

If Zimmerman had any wounds, which he did not when arrested (the seemingly ‘painted-on’ photo-shopped wound pictures surfaced later during the trial), then it is a pure indication of the fact that Martin attempted to defend himself from a murderer who took his life for the crime of walking home while Black.

Trayvon was lynched, plain and simple.

Zimmerman has yet to pay for it; but he will.

That is a mathematical certainty that will be handed down by a REAL judge and not the fake persons who conducted the godless trial and who convicted him post-mortem when he had only his fists to fight back with.

The #MBK Announcement of President Obama with the Golden State Warriors

Tomorrow is a day that’s been five years in the making.


In the aftermath of the killing of Trayvon Martin, I called on Americans to take action on behalf of our nation’s boys and young men of color. It was a call to love our neighbor’s children as much as we love our own; to make sure every child felt valued, safe, and supported by their community; and to help these young men see hope and opportunity in their future. Because we are all our brother’s keeper. Since then, that mantra has become a movement.

Today, the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance consists of nearly 250 communities nationwide whose local, government, and business leaders have committed to break down the barriers that too often leave boys and young men of color at a disadvantage.

Tomorrow, I’ll join members of the Alliance in Oakland for MBK Rising!—a celebration of the progress we’ve made and a charge to keep pushing our work forward. I’ll be joined by hundreds of young men—as well as Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors—to take questions and have a frank conversation about the challenges and opportunities our young men face.

Despite the struggles and setbacks that continue to confront these young men, I’ve also seen real hope.

For as difficult as this work can sometimes be—as uphill as the march sometimes feels—we’ve seen meaningful triumphs that are worth celebrating. Every day, young men are succeeding despite their circumstances, and then turning around to open up doors for others. Every day, community leaders who deserve more resources keep fighting to repair broken systems. Every day, we’re rising—together.


America’s future depends on the future of our boys and young men of color. And it also depends on you. Each of us has a role to play in this effort. So I hope you’ll ask yourself what more you can do to help these young men fulfill their potential and create an even stronger America. Because we’re stronger when we field a full team.

Thank you again for everything you’re doing already. I hope you’re as encouraged by the work ahead as I am.


Note: Oakland has been a very good stronghold for the Bay area’s Black residents for a very long time. It’s the Harlem Renaissance of the Wild West and now even has an “Oscar Grant Square,” named after a young Black man who was also lynched by an Oakland KKKop at a Bart station.


Trayvon’s Law

In this hour of ‘leaderlessness America’, we would do well to not only pray for the lives of the Black children who are being hunted as if their lives and families are meaningless, but we also need to keep in mind that the lax gun laws of 2nd Amendment America are morally unkempt and ungodly for all children of all races. This can be seen in white gun violence and terrorism around the world, not just in “Chicago” in America.

The evangelical mandate to freely stalk and murder, written somewhere in their own White Man As God bibles, does not take away from the fact that there is still, working somewhere in the background when he could just retire and never say another word, some Black man of high integrity and of good moral order who made a promise to us before leaving the White House and kept it, and is keeping it now.

A Black man somewhere in this land who will #neverforget that our young men of color need a role model with better instincts and that they deserve better than what they’ve gotten in the past from America’s justice systems.

Trayvon Martin was not as “disadvantaged” as others of his kith & kin

Though his parents were no longer together at the time he was killed, it was perfectly clear that he was a loved and wanted child who had the right to be a teenager and ‘act up’ from time to time without being killed for it. At the very least, he didn’t stalk or kill anyone like the family reject Zimmerman did.

[ SIDE NOTE:Your “Right To Life” advocates ran their chickenshit asses off in another direction when it came to a born child who was loved by his parents and murdered by one who was not, but they also have their mouths all over birth control and Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right NOT be a parent if she doesn’t want a child. ]

What About His Right To Life?

Martin had a strong future and should represent for all of the young men like him, hated by so many others for just being himself.

It is very hard to feel sorry for ol’boy George when so many children who are rejected by their parents just like him don’t just up and take other people’s lives to make up for their own failures and inadequacies.

What was Zimmerman out to prove? And to whom? Certainly not his own mother and father. It is more than obvious they didn’t want him from the start.

Right after the trial, Zim’s folks kicked his socially deviant ass right back in the streets where he belonged and he has not had a decent life or a moment of public peace since then. Nor will he until his own “come to jesus” moment makes him wake up, admit what he did, and turn himself in before real justice has to take place.

It eventually will.
Believe that.



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