Part IX – 2019 Is Here: Time for Black America to Stop Denying The Obama Factor

Add a story in the Comments Section. Do you know of any "fabulous firsts" that are making political history in America in Midterms 2018? Doesn't matter if they won their election or not, just put the name and the link to their story in the comments section. Who are they and what did they do on the POLITICAL front that made history this year?


The top of 2017 looked NOTHING like the top of 2008…and it wasn’t all about race, either.

The political dynamic of seeing the Obama’s ascend to the highest government job in the land got a lot of stationary Black people off their dusters. It brought to the core front more Black or African-American people running for elected office and actually WINNING than ever in the history of this nation.

Though many of these newly-elected persons have no prior political experience, we learned through the people who decided that racial considerations were more important than experience or education or even “financial problems” that it was never necessary from the start.

Many of these newly-elected Congresspersons are absolutely far more qualified to be President of the United States than the one who is there now.

Let’s take a look:

_House Dem Majority welcomes
_Texas County: Record Number of Black Female Judges
_Ayanna Presley, Massachusetts
_Jahana Hayes, Connecticut
_Stacey Abrams
_Charleston Register of Deeds


We’ve been playing follow the leader for a long time. Looks like we followed the right one this time.

Though many of these newly-elected persons have no prior political experience, one thing American racism has taught us is that it took a Black man in the highest office in the land to show us that nothing is beyond our reach. To show us we are better than that. To show us we are much more than we were taught to believe.

By “The Obama Factor”, which made a severe dent in America’s racial politics of the past, we now know that we are more educated and more business savvy and more sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced than anyone they could ever choose.

Never Forget: It was a Black Woman who motivated President Obama to keep pushing just as he was about to give up.

It’s been Black women in his corner all along, from his grandmother in Kenya to his mother in law, his wife, and his daughters.

If we could do all of this for him, surely we can do it for ourselves.

To Be Continued…



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