Part IV – 2019 Is Coming: When Are We Going To Stop Taking Ourselves and Our Money for Granted?

Black America: Your ancestors are the ones who built this nation from the ground up under forced unpaid capitalized labor. How long before you recognize that and act accordingly and quit playing head games with the elitist status quo?


How many hints and clues can “corporate” America, mostly run by (says LeBron James) “old white men with jewish money”, throw at us that they aren’t as smart as they pretend to be?

Did you know that America would never have known what TRUE FREEDOM is if Black America had not taught them and PAID FOR THEIR OWN with the price of their own blood, sweat, and tears?

Rooter to Tooter

Think about how long slavery went on (nearly 300 years OF RECORD) and how white people “down south” had no REAL reason to end it. Think about how they started an ENTIRE CIVIL WAR to keep it going, and had NO WAY of being able to see into the future, a future that would not only enrich and PROSPER the United States of America, but even set THEIR SLAVEHOLDERS FREE?

Black people’s move to be recognized in this nation for what God created them to be at origin, human beings and not animals, catapulted this nation into industrialization and ultimately into the high tech nation it eventually became, with many inventions to our credit as a whole. Many of these black inventors did not have a college degree, they were just born with good old God-given common sense and high mathematical abilities, literally hidden walking computers.

Since then, everything from clothing to shoes to music to robotics to sports and proper undergarments, also different types of medical treatments and surgeries and hundreds of other types of inventions, plus different exotic ways of preparing and spicing foods, have not only turned this nation into the richest and most prosperous nation on the planet, but also took off and turned into multi-billion dollar capital enterprises worldwide that are still turning it hand over fist right now.

But the main thing is, they didn’t give US any freedoms whatsoever. We gave them theirs; and fought in wars to protect those freedoms that we didn’t have, even when they only wanted it to be one-sided. Oh, REPARATIONS ARE DEFINITELY DUE AND OWING.

How long do you hold a shotgun to someone’s head to keep them enslaved before you realize you’ve got to give up YOUR OWN freedom just to keep them there?


Also, if we had not fought for CIVIL RIGHTS, this nation would still be on the plantations Donald John Trump’s crusty dusty ass is trying to take it back to. Maybe this is the last time anyone over the age of 65 needs to win an election in America on the national tip.

That said, the difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is as clear as a bell, including the difference between educated smarts and stuck on super glue stupid. Just the fact that all his wife, Melania, can do is plagiarize First Lady Michelle Obama and copy her every move and follow in her footsteps, always dragging up the tail end, says all it needs to on the matter. They think Trump is an original because they never heard a word Mrs. Obama said. They never watched how she shored up America’s First Lady’s office, because they were too busy ridiculing her “Blackness” to see her or hear a word she said the entire eight years.

Now that she’s out of the White House, Michelle Obama’s TRUE COLORS are shining through, “beautiful like a rainbow”, and the whole world sees it.

They laughed about Barack Obama’s HOPE Campaign, but the truth is…HOPE IS ALL WE HAVE LEFT.

America ADVANCED into the Future and Out of Its Sordid Past Because of Black Americans

The folks running this country and these companies and corporations right now, as usual, are taking advantage of the dimmest amongst us.

They built themselves a worthless feckless ‘king’ based on racial supremacy mental health issues and now he has made a fool of them all. They will be paying for that one for a LONG time. I cannot forget, no matter what James Comey does now, that he was one of the initial people who endorsed Trump str8 out of the FBI chieftain’s seat, before he found out what a MISTAKE that was. However…

Many of us either don’t know it, or know it and won’t say anything about it. They make believers of people (or at least scare them into believing) because of the “bling” and fake-off notions of high white-ish wealth. However, the people who are sitting in the big seats upstairs do more to evoke fear (false evidence appearing real) than to evoke the use of everyday common sense.

America, and most of Europe, runs off nothing other than what they can manage to steal and usurp during this, the “Times of the Gentile,” in history. If they aren’t stealing, killing and destroying, they really have nothing at all. Not even a decent education. And what they do have was derived from letters, numbers, and figure writings on stone that came from ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, and Ethiopians (‘that be us’ before slavery).

Money Advantages Given By White Privilege

True, they had the home front advantage when Black people in Africa started worshiping white skin and calling them some kind of “gods”. They looked so different from anything those 200,000+ year old Africans had ever seen before, some of the fools made them think they were all that and a bag of beans.

Read the ORIGINAL version of “Robinson Crusoe” (1954 version, not any of the made-over updates where certain racial overtones where changed to accommodate newer political times), “The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980 version-when heavy research was required, not the changed ‘I think or believe this now’ versions),” or watch any of the old B&W television shows that shows dark and red-complected Natives were this land’s aboriginal indigenous natives. You will then know that the current face of America and it’s true origins are not one and the same. There are literally hundreds of thousands (millions, really) of well-researched works and firsthand stories available.

Most of it was written before the Internet started manipulating data, and twisting stories and rewriting the facts into Greco-Roman beginnings on Earth that never happened. Most of it was written before there was any such thing as an evangelical “christian white jesus” Roman pimp and his ill-willed colorific ways and means against the people his own “father” biblically or scripturally stated that he created himself.

The racism was and still is very real. The struggle has not ended yet, but it soon will.

“Seeing ‘white jesus’ out of Rome made us think God was white and that any white God who gave them supremacy and power like that hated us just because we are born Black…” Children usually catch on to this real fast, even white children who are taught such things. It explains, also, why so many Black people worldwide are becoming more and more anti-Christian by the minute.

The Narrative of Self-Sufficiency and “small” Government as Told by Small-Dicked Males Who Overcompensate for Genetically-Inherited Penile Loss with Big GunZ

Changing the narrative is a BIG government ruse. The world is sitting here watching them allow Donald Trump to ditch white male implied ‘credibility’ into the toilet, but also watching Trump throw the importance and seriousness of the biggest government job in the nation into the trash.

If that was #Trump’s plan, then he is truly a freakin’ genius. Doubt it. It sounds more like the Federal Reserve puked out a “Trading Places” switcheroo on us on a national scale.

They can manipulate the stories they tell about being the ‘gods of the Earth’ ala NetFlix, et al, and portray themselves across mainstream and social media as “Mighty Whitey,” but that lie was also something granted to them by particularly self-deprecating Black people in Africa about 8,000 years or so ago give or take a few thousand.

Natives in America didn’t call them “white man” in the pioneer days of this land because they were also white. Yet it appears that they all are now.

Whether they skin-bleached like Negroes in Nigeria or actually changed their DNA to become more white-ish and blend in is kind of beside the point now. They drip tears for the Black and Red-skinned Native Lives that were destroyed to give them leeway, just like Hitler had to get rid of the real Judeans before he started trying to kill off the religious Jews that he himself called ‘bastardos’ for race-mixing with them. Hitler wanted a blonde blue-eyed “pure” white race in Germany and Austria, and so, it appears, does Trump in the USA.

What they have been taught and what they have now was given to them by Black people str8 out of Africa.

It’s up to Black people to take their power Black. Many won’t because they are afraid and/or don’t want the responsibility of self-governance as it was before at the beginning of time. Some even believe today that white people are better at everything, especially Black evangelicals. Beyond that, it wasn’t “white jesus” that made Black folks subservient. It was turning their own religions as well as their own land and resources, and everything else that God had given them, over to those they thought superior to themselves.

Note on Trumpian Government Shutdowns: As it stands right now, Trump and his wolf pack are in such a small minority that all it would take is for ALL federal employees to walk away from their jobs, paid or unpaid, to turn this country upside down and leave him with his own noose around his own neck. The GOP doesn’t win this recent fight unless someone chooses to give it to them. Black people were manipulated like that, too; and that is all they need to know. They don’t need a Border Wall – the one that is there is fine as is.

They need to know and show that their dicks are bigger than Barack Obama’s mostly-African one.

Taking White Lies for Granted About Who We Really Are

Before copying, cutting, and pasting manipulated the truth into a lie, the books in the oldest libraries in the world tell stories the educational manipulators can’t change.

Folks like Betsy DeVos, who has no clue what it takes to educate anyone but has her dumb bird behind sitting in a job she knows nothing about, are truly ignorant. She is there because of personal favors owed to her by Trump, but she looks and sounds like a fool. She has less education about education than an everyday classroom teacher, and yet was given the potential to destroy and burn all of these facts to suit their own narratives; and to hide what they don’t want their most ignorant base to learn.

We just may end up in Africa someplace -in a library they didn’t totally destroy in Timbuktu- trying to find out the actual REAL truth about our own origins.

Long story short, Black people take themselves for granted quite a bit when they listen to folks like Donald Trump and his crones. It’s about time we wake up to the fact that we are better at presiding than Trump could ever hope to be.

They created a Big White Racist Tiny-Dick Monster to scare us and make us run, and he is eating their asses out bigly–one chomp at a time.

Doubling Down on Race and Money

Trump spent a lot of time and money trying to make people think he makes sense, but he doesn’t.

It turns out that not only did he make his way in life with inherited “race and slumlord wealth”, the kind that put him and his daddy on the map, and not only has he sat on his fat ass most of his life and never worked for a living, but it also turns out that he cannot even read or spell, let alone write well enough to have authored a book of any genre.

He did not write “The Art of the Deal” or any of those other books ghost-written by hidden authors that he paid to do it for him. Someone recently suggested that maybe Trump needs to go read “The Art of the Deal,” but can he? Or will he have to get someone to read it to him? Maybe a furloughed government employee stupid enough to work for free?


As Trump gainfully manipulates and siphons off government tax money for billion-dollar slatted walls in order to cover personal debts and expenses and make up for the heavy financial losses he has incurred as some fake real estate mogul, it’s amazing to watch him build a border wall of his own making around himself. A celebrity reality show nutcase like the others, he faces the real reality that his #fakegenius real estate and corporate gaslit books and holdings are something that will never make him any real money again.

He pretends that he is winning a head game that time will show he has lost and lost handily.

The job losses, the simultaneous ditching of food stamps and benefits, the Wall Street market crashes moved along by this ‘bull in a china shop,’ the death of the Chinese Trade Mart on his watch, the economic ditching of folks who specialized in making war machines in Syria and Iraq, and the fact that he now has the unmitigated gall to tell unemployed federal employees to go find slave-like work doing things they likely have no clue how to do say a lot about his different psychotic underpinnings.

He tells his own employees to engage themselves on the cheap or free (like a plantation slave) in exchange for “discounted rent money” is amazing. Basically, that’s his way of telling them all “fuck you” unless I get my way.


These folks thought they were working for a government that would protect their rights and freedoms and secure their futures. But it turns out that Trump’s maniacal obsession with illegal ‘aliens’ and his ‘space force-phobias’ are far more important than their greedy broke welfare begging asses are. Well. at least they finally get a taste of what impoverished jobless Americans, and Black slaves in the chains of the nation’s past, were looking at.

Now they know what it’s like to be one of US rather than the U.S.

Obligatory LOL’s?

We’re watching Trumpanzees literally self-implode simply because they had or have something to prove about white skin superiority; but God is greater than all that. It is about to prove itself out with a vengeance. God is a righteous Judge, not a racist white one.

Meanwhile, this “white man as savior” (Mighty Whitey) syndrome that we all seem to live and die for is nothing more than their own constitutional code for superior intelligence. #not Black folks truly can stand to stop hyping on the psychological ruse about those who have the money being smarter and bigger and better. #ObviouslyNot

Our ancestors are the ones who granted them their privileges in the world. Why? We can only guess that they did it because being made “in God’s Image” wasn’t good enough for them. Some of them had to try to BE God Himself. How’s that working out?

It was a takeover that the devil lost long before Man was ever created, let alone mankind. Paid off in spades, didn’t it?

Ill-Conceived Advice From Know-Nothings Who Do-Nothing for A Living

Look at this stupid ill-timed advice from “Quicken Loans.”

One would think these folks know what they are doing since they are such a big name in the real estate business. However, the Justice Department lawsuit filed against Quicken Loans not only outlines emails from CEOs and Executives who said they hired people who could stand to “go back to school,” but also that they gave jobs to people that they never trained to do their jobs properly from the start.

The following is the “top three tips” and advice Quicken gives in its ZING magazine for “increasing your income“. It sounds like T-Rump telling government employees to become slaves by doing work they can’t do in exchange for ‘discounted’ rent money — like the landlords need to be saddled with his personal debt like that. He’s laughing at the employees he fire-furloughed, AND the people who are ‘dumb enough’ rent to them.

Quicken’s illicit ignorant financial advisory: (1) Stop Doing What You’re Doing; (2) Review Your Expenses; and (3) Negotiate A Higher Salary.

Where do they get this nonsensical bullshit advice from? And then they publish it as “professional financial or money advice” from folks who know what they are talking about?


Stop Pretending You Need Them to Make it In This World

Black people existed on this Earth nearly a quarter of a million years without their advice and before turning themselves over as slaves in exchange for their own land and resources.

The African Queen who sold her own people in exchange for cocoa, beads, and sugar cane?

Tells you she shouldn’t have been in charge of anything because she didn’t even have the sensee enough to know that the shit she sold her people for ALREADY BELONGED TO HER. How stupid was that? Let’s deal with the fact that our own people in African and the Far East sold us out for some big time ‘European white-skinned BS’, and then let’s deal with today’s realities.

America would not have become an industrialized or computerized and technologically-sound nation if Black people had decided to be happy as slaves FOREVER.

Power concedes nothing without a demand, so plantations in America lasted for nearly 300 years because Black folk allowed it and sold out. They sold out, in fear, the people who realized they could have change it all a long time ago. Too much power, naively and natively, went to those who could not be trusted to control anything.

Many of us are still doing this now. We can’t truly rely on one another to “”overcome” anything. The Boogie Board sell-outs who are comfortable with leaving things ‘as they are’ do empower the Trumps of the world.

Many of them use some “white jesus jewish-money gun-toting flag-waving religious zealot capitalist evangelical head game magic gaslit prosperity gospel” BS to build on it. It’s not hard, watching them, to understand what an atheist, a Muslim, and a Black ‘conscious’ person have in common. They all disparage “Christianity” -in some way- for teaching Black people to be subservient weak-minded gullible slaves who only want out of life what they can consume and shit out and keep it moving. It’s often true.

In truth, our Almighty Creator Yahushua/Jehovah/Yeshiva/Allah/God will never need their misleading advice or their racist constitutions to bring this world back to its heart root and center.

It’s already done.

The Future: Following Bad or Untruthful Advice

America is now in the process of reinventing living spaces so that nearly all future employees will be one-time pay machines. We should all know that by now.

We should also know that if we don’t know how to make and program and maintenance a machine or robot, we are basically already out of work. It’s only a matter of time.

The world never needed college degrees for anything that did not involve math, science/medicine, high technology, legal and mental health work, or engineering and electronics from the start. Anything else is an apprenticeship game of habitual learning by trailing and repetition – much as robots are now being programmed to do with the most menial and laborious tasks. For now.

Black children are seldom taught this futurisitc fact. But they know all about buying and consuming what they don’t create – iPads, Pods, et al.

Most are not being taught that the jobs they are being trained for now are already nearly obsolete and likely won’t exist by the time they graduate.


Look for that word in the near future.

Around the year 2040-2042, when the Millennial generation is fully-grown and grandparents themselves and Trump is dead and gone … not only will ‘school to prison pipelines’ have taken their ultimate toll on many sectors of Black America, if allowed; but racism is going to be a “thing of the past”. The new word of the times will be “obsoletism.”

All previously categorized disposable humans will be thoroughly obsolete . None of it is going to have a thing to do with skin color, or the COAL industry. The coal industry barely employs 80,000 people in America now. Its numbers are dwindling because, well, no one really needs it any more, not like that.

Watch This:

Rod Serling was the most masterful craftsman of all time when it came to seeing the world with remarkable clarity and precision, even for the 1960s. He could see well into the future, and we are looking at all of it going down right now in front of our very eyes.

It wasn’t very long ago that a word came from the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City about “virtual teachers’ to replace real ones and the merits of singular classrooms. A friend of mine expressed a deep concern about the systematic ritual of AI pre-programming in order to force Black children to relearn their place in the world as slaves or criminals from a different perspective.

Could be true, if we’re thinking like future job-getters rather than business owners or freelancers.

Rather than repeat what I said in the 1980s about Black people listening to and being impressed by the Ronald Reagans of the evangelical sludge pile, I thought ahead. They who used Bible scripture and “Willie Horton” theology and a lynched Black man in Mississippi and the graves of three murdered civil rights workers to prove his point about who needed to die first … FIRST, I said; so I asked a different kind of question.

What if parents were allowed to program their own AI robots and decide what their child/ren will learn? Divide and Conquer, she countered, would be the whole point of that.

The extreme opposite of robotic mind-programming is to put everyone on such an individualistic “Ayn-Rand-ish” page that they are not only competing against one another for jobs, but since the folks who have all the jobs will train their children to get them all, and the ones who have no jobs to give will be trained to do something else that puts them out of the competition, an AI Teacher designed to minimize the competition even more would finish the job more swiftly.

Black children and job training skills are already mostly obsolete now unless they are in prison trying to find work, which requires them (for the moment) to commit a crime first. My former work as a writer, news reporter, and researcher has come to a prophetic ending because of the Internet alone.

Unless they are privileged enough to find work in fields that pay little to nothing — very small nearly benefitless upgrades from being on an actual plantation, or they somehow manage to become the one-percent of the one-percent … token Negroes only there to make white people think they’re not racist … the gig is up. And we are currently living in a gig economy where a great deal more people are working from home now than just ten years ago.

The Beginnings of Obsoletism as Opposed to Racism

The racism is getting an upgrade, but we may prefer to call it something else. It is being redefined and back-door supported based on the implied and highly preferred role of white supremacy in the world, and even supported by very many Black people themselves.

Some Black folks, truly, are too lazy to define themselves and take responsibility for their own families and communities.

They don’t mind being taken for granted as long as it gets them what they want when they want it, quickly. Something disposable, highly volatile, and very short-term – very “individualistic” and disconnected from the reality of the one community that is their only source of support and independence in the long run. The BALANCE is not there.

Obsoletism: the belief that certain things in life, especially people of certain races, ethnicities and/or moral belief systems, exist only to serve other superior races and belief systems until they are no longer needed.

And then there are the rest of us.


To Be Continued…


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