Part I – 2019 is Coming: Millennials Will Experience 400 Years Since First “Recorded” Appearance of Blacks in America in Permanent Involuntary Servitude


Top 10 Things That Can Continue Mental Servitude and Subservience throughout the First-fruits of the Millennial generations:

The Joshua Generation, those “Baby Boomers” (born 1946-1964) AND front-line recipients of the Moses Generation and of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-1960s USA, are now at the age where ‘we’ are today’s grandparents and great-grandparents.

We raised sub-generations X, Y, and Z … in 10-year incremental periods that happened between 1960 and 2000.

The Moses Generation happened between 1920-1960. My mother, father, aunts, uncles, were all a part of that scriptural ‘Moses’ generation after the slaves were set free around 1865 or so, and so were Dr. King and Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Harry Belafonte, etc. – the older ones who are leaving us now.

Remember, a FULL generation takes 40 years to recycle, forty years of “wandering in the wilderness” for one generation to die-off and be left with only a remnant of the past, yet we are more than a remnant at this time. It will be 2040 before the Millennials generation ends, and it is not impossible that some of us will still be here in the 2040. We will be as our parents and grandparents are now, in our 80s, with only a few of us left.

There will soon be only a remnant of us left IN THE NEXT 20 years; so that’s why we MUST take action NOW to redeem the sins of our past.

Generations Layout in Black America

…with some “gaps” for the two-year period ‘before’ and ‘after’ left out.

This linear concept speaks to the years we “came of age” in America, NOT the actual years of that we were born in. For example, I was born at the very end of the Moses Generation, but I came of age (‘teenager to adulthood’) during the Joshua Generation (technically, 1958-1962 and ending in 2000-2002 to allow for transitional gaps between Gens).

* 1840-1880 The Generation that saw slavery end in the USA, some still being born on plantations even as it ended. None are living now.
* 1880-1920 The Generation born post-slavery during the Reformation period that moved us beyond plantations and into the era of “progressivism.” Most have passed on, only a remnant left of people nearing or older than 100 years of age.
* 1920-1960 The Moses Generation (Second Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Two happened – in the late 1800s and the mid-1900s). The “Baby Boomers” started here in the mid-1940s.
* 1960-2000 The Joshua Generation (When and where we entered, as strong “Baby Boomers”). The world can’t just leave an entire generation out and pretend that the Millennials are now in their 30s. That would mean WE never existed, that WE got skipped over — especially since we were definitely NOT of the Moses Generation of our ancestors and are not Gen X/Y/or Z. To say 30-something-year-olds are “new age” Millennials, when they are really Sub-Gen’s XYZ is to totally kick us off the map of history as if we were never here.

It leaves a HUGE gap in history, one that should NOT be overlooked, especially not by BLACK people in America. NOTE: SubGen X was born in the 1970s, SubGen Y was born in the 1980s, and SubGen Z was born in the 1990s -mostly the children of the Joshua Generation and grandchildren/great-grands of the Moses generation. If the SUB-generations had 40 years, Gen-X’s reign ended in 2010-2012, Gen Y ends in 2020-2022, and Gen Z ends in 2030-2032, ten to twelve years before the Millennials will cease to be born. No one knows what the generations born and raised between 2040[2038] and 2080[2082] will bring, but it is a mathematical certainty that most of us will be LONG gone by then.

* 2000-2040 [really 1998 to 2042 if you need “space” for transitional gaps between generations] The Millennnials are now becoming adults, but as of 2018 are not yet 21 years of age, realistically. OUR children are THEIR parents, and most of us are likely now grandparents and great-grandparents of Millennials, or soon will be.

Again, these are the years in which we became cognizant / legal adults, not the actual years we were born, though some of us were BORN during these years that we grew up also. Thus, the layovers between Gens can be confusing. We are now the GRAND- and great-parents of the Millennials born between 1998-2000 and still being born now even to 2040-2042.

We received the God-given assignment to take our generations over the mountaintop, to OVERCOME, and not to leave them stranded trying to figure out what happened and how to fix our old school messes we gifted to them.

The TRUE Millennials are just now coming up on 21 years of age, and far too many of them/us are deeply affected by the crack cocaine and AIDS epidemics (circa 1980s-1990s) experienced by their own parents, OUR children that WE raised. They were exposed to it with our own permission and on our own watch, and by folks who claimed that it was the “black thing” to do at the time. It wasn’t black, it was stupid.

We have some unfinished business that we are not too old to confront at this juncture in history. Since so many of us readily admit to spoiling our own children with notions of false white wealth and “dropping the ball” on the Civil Rights Movement so righteously set before us by the Moses Generation, it’s time to reckon with that.


“Role of the Psychiatrist in Criminal Trials” – Joseph B. Cumming []
“Some Considerations Regarding Basic Mechanisms of Positive and Negative Types of Motivations” – John C. Lilly [ ]
“Politics and Mental Health” – Thomas S. Szasz [ ] …et al

As one of those who did NOT get caught up on the “Party Train” (i.e., ‘lets go get stoned and have unmitigated vagrant deviant sex until our vaginas rot and our penises fall off’), I have questions about the Party Train that whistled a happy and yet false ‘pied piper lullaby’ to our truths. The actual truth is that we never attained real freedoms in America because we chose to ride the tide and wait for “all boats” to be lifted rather than to build our own. We chose white supremacy over responsibility, even after it was no longer required that we do so.

I have seriously implied psychological questions about what is coming down the pipeline in the days, moments, weeks and years to come.

Q&A: The Millennials are our Grands and Great-grands

(1) Since we now know that the “New World Order” system is not a conspiracy theory, but an intentional DIABOLICAL ruse to bring the world population to only 500,000 of the planet’s richest people (who consider themselves brilliant because of their riches), an authentic question remains.

Will we continue to use weaponized music and other Hollywood-deployed organisms to self-implode and destroy ourselves and our own families and communities?

The music should be stabilized at no MORE than 432Hz, not 440, not 528, but 432Hz … and even so, it will not be stabilized by cussing, sexting, stoning, drinking, drugging, cougaring, and encouraging crime and vagrancy ‘en masse’ while simultaneously calling each other bitches, tricks, niggas, pimps, ho’s and playas.

You cannot sterilize, purge, and settle within your communities by using fascism and white supremacist’s angry words and attitudes against your own people.

I’m not offering you a barbecue plate with potato salad and cole slaw and your choice of lemonade or tea, I’m offering you LIFE and life MORE ABUNDANTLY against the enemy’s notions to steal, kill, and destroy you FOREVER.


We Shall Overcome. Some. Day. … Moses, Joshua, and NextGen On the Cusp of Worldwide Greatness

If you have to hear it from a Black man .. ask Dr. Boyce Watkins about it. He just published yet ANOTHER report on the calculated weaponization of Black music in our own communities. To his credit, he’s been saying it all along and he’s right – AGAIN.

I was a big fan of Umar Johnson until he self-destructed when he got too much money too quickly. Rather than build off what he did have and be grateful he got that much so quickly, he lost his mind and became the very “thug” that he imagined other Black men as – ‘victims’. I am a mostly very recent listener of the lessons of Louis Farrakhan, who is quite right about 99-percent of the time, with a few things I cannot definitively agree with. I am a trailing listener of Boyce Watkins, who is right about 90-percent of the time, alongside quite a few things he says that I staunchly disagree with that have gotten him, very recently, in hot stew.

Yet … I gotta give Watkins “BIG UPS” on his take on the weaponization of Black music to destroy our sons, fathers, uncles, and male cousins and brothers, our homes and communities and families.

It’s working and we can see it for ourselves. There is NO denying it.

We do need to stop playing games and making excuses for bad behavior and badly-behaved children, and we do need to stop calling this crap “being black”. Blackness is soul power, not lunatic mentally unstable social attitudes. NOTE: The people whose ancestors once wanted us dead, and who have currently taken up the spear and gauntlet for those actions in this day and age cannot be trusted to educate our children or teach them proper life skills. They definitely cannot have their Reaganesque destructive “crap” music engaged in our homes and lives. Cut. It. Out. And stop making excuses for it and them.

Back to the topic at hand: Crackheads, Crap Rappers and Wypipo’s Weedheads Cannot Continue to Define Our Engaged Societal ‘Blackness’ in the World

It’s an encouragement to kill one another and to steal from others and to destroy lives, this crap rap they still desire so badly.

By the noise levels, the “beatZ“, the high decibel levels and the lyrics alone this is a FACT.

And this fact does not upstage the other fact that it’s plain ignorant and self-destructive to even listen to it. We should not be living our communal lives like “Shanaynaykita, Lalabooyana, Shakeshitta’nem, and their Bay-Bay Kids” are always in charge of what defines our ‘blackness’ in the world, let alone in the USA. They don’t have that right, nor did they get our permission to define us (our universal “BLACKNESS”) in this filthy decrepit manner.

BY the way, notably enough, thosee ‘white Africans’ who were grooving over Obama should be just about over their love affair with being black by now – since Obama isn’t President any more. Their romantic color-shift should be ending soon. The Joshua Generation has seen that old trick before, too – where it’s popular to be black one minute, then the next day, they can just chameleon colors unlike the rest of us who never get a day, let alone years off, from being BLACK IN AMERICA.

“I was Black; now I’m not any more,” is not an option for us.
“My daddy is Black, but I’m not,” just doesn’t work for US.

Even Maya Angelou -God rest her- got caught in the color wheel trap before she died. White women only ‘discovered’ her after she had been discovered in the Black community for more than 50 years before most of them were born. Then she “recites a poem for Bill Clinton and she’s on Oprah, and doesn’t she like us too?” {Insert Applause Meter Here – for ALL of the Black women and Black people PERIOD who ‘discovered’ her and made her financially comfortable and famous at least 50 years before they thought she was anything more than an old Mississippian backwoods “colored” woman tryna get famous.} Nobody got mad at Angelou about it, she long-deserved the late-life accolades; but still…


Worldwide, we’re sitting here watching Nigerians, Ghanians, and even Kenyans, and other Black people on the continent of Africa sell their souls trying to make a dime ‘going viral’ on YouTube by acting out certain ignorant ‘reality show’ scenarios on video. Just like a “white man’s American nigger,” these AFRICANS – even in those socially-antagonistic evangelical-type church setups – are doing this sloppy messiness now. Just “WOW-now-brown-cows“.

The ’80s babies – said to be the brokest generation since 1865 – are victims of the Sandanistas and Contra-licensed crackheads and they also make up the majority of the frontline beneficiaries of the devastation of AIDS in the Black community instituted through the U.S. government by Ronald Reagan, but we cannot continue to allow them to define what it means to be black in America.

We have gone from defining our blackness, our SOUL Power, through the Harlem Renaissance, the likes of Claude McKay and James Baldwin and Nikki Giovanni and Jeanne Noble, to allowing it to be defined by crap rappers, ‘Niggarayray’, and their so-called ‘music’, and that has to stop.

In the 1980s, I said that if Black people didn’t stop kissing Reagan’s fascist ass and acting like he’s some kind of REAL American Patriot with that flag-waving murderous ‘white evangelical jesus’ mess, they would be back in slave chains post-haste.

They laughed at me at the time, and now they are crying about the “school to prison pipeline,” a FORM of actual plantation slavery that has happened on OUR watch; as if the 1960s did not happen. We took freedom WRONG, for temporary physical satiation instead of eternal spiritual release.

Even as we speak, we don’t take responsibility and police our own people, and kick behinds about terrorizing and disrespecting our seniors and babies in our ‘hoods, and then we cry about parents ‘abusing’ their children with spankings and corporal discipline, and then don’t say a word when the cops beat their asses, tear-gas them and shoot them in the back on our watch.

If that’s not what slavery is, then slavery didn’t happen. Ever. We did this shit to ourSELVES as a response to being terrorized just for being born Black. True we didn’t start it, but … we saw it coming while those others were out partying... .

We Should Fear For Our Own Damned Lives

It’s so bad now that anyone could say “I feared for my life” and shoot someone for just listening to hardcore rap music and pumping up the volume.

It is, indeed, an incitement to violence and anti-social attitudes and behavior. They would be right about the music itself being an inciter and encouragement of violent behaviors, even though totally wrong about murdering someone because of it.

We need to take better care of our homes and lives.

bUT BUT but … But what?!

The phrase “THEY do it, too” is simply not an excuse. WE are not THEM, nor were we ever created to BE them or be LIKE them.

We were made in God’s Image, not theirs.

All things considered, self-reliance is a BIG ASK right now, BUT … the only alternative is to be satisfied with the way it is, to stop griping and just accept it and get over it.


To Be Continued …


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4 thoughts on “Part I – 2019 is Coming: Millennials Will Experience 400 Years Since First “Recorded” Appearance of Blacks in America in Permanent Involuntary Servitude”

  1. I totally disagree with Your opinions of Joe Biden,having anything to do with the upliftment of African American people.Spare me,even to compare Obama with King is a farce.

    1. Don’t play a recording in your head and think that you can layer it into what was said.

      There was no “comparison” here to Dr. King, nor an implied reference to Joe Biden and the “upliftment” of Black people – that was “as to” the United States of America and the way things are always done here in America, and how it played out over history.

      It wasn’t personal to them, it was the general overall visual and context over centuries of time. We, as Black people, cannot continue to be histrionic, hyper-dramatic, and overly-emotional about anything someone says and expect to come out of this mess with our sanity intact.

      CONTEXT is everything, and so is timing. #thatisall

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