OPEN LETTER: “Wow Boyce Watkins” … saaaad just sad

Dear Boyce Watkins: Really?


You just went on a racist rant that was full-on ‘Umar Johnson-ish’ and ‘Kanye Kardashian-esque’ about Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama campaigning for Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

Yet, you spoke not a word about all of the white celebrities or politicians that are also canvassing for Abrams, nor about the fact that she -Abrams- is running against a full-blown Georgia white supremacist who believes exactly what you say you do, that Black people are too stupid to vote anyway. Keep it in the 1800s, willya?

You seem and sound as if you are in total agreement with Brian Kemp, who called all of us stupid anyway.

It would have been easier to listen to a sideways face-twisting hump-dog hypocritical-ass trash-white supremacist ‘black rapper’, with all of that yelling and screaming about nothing logical or important.

Sir, I used to have a lot respect for your work, even if I did not always agree with everything you said, but at least what you used to say, Boyce Watkins, was educated and on point with the common paradigm that just happens to be Black America.

Now you are going around in circles like some dumb Trump-inspired crap-rapper dog chasing its own tail and licking its own penis, screaming about something happening in “mediawood-world” that doesn’t make a lick of sense out here in the real world. Crappers usually scream and yell and go around in circles like that, hollering about nothing worth listening to because they stay in their feelings about their own fucd-up lives that they fuc’d up themselves.

It’s like you’ve found some formula to get into Black people’s heads and confuse them even more than they already are, and Oprah and Barack Obama are the targets of all of this animosity when they really have nothing to do with anything you say you are all about.

By the way, Robert Townsend did “Hollywood Shuffle” a long time ago, and did a hell of a job of it. Spike Lee even talked about that shit in “Bamboozled,” and black folks STILL ain’t listening and don’t seem to care.

All they appear to want is these degenerate ‘go-viral’ hacked up Negro fights on video where YouTube is the “other Jam Donaldson ‘Hot Ghetto Messes” these days, or listening to Trump acting like a Hollywood street portrayal of an old ’60s TV white man’s pimp, or at least those paying too much attention to that viral video website for complacent idiots that the dead guy used to become a millionaire that I can’t remember the name of any more.

It’s all about what YOU choose to focus on, Dr Boyce…
and you went here:

instead of here:

Townsend learned a lesson: Got to give the people, give the people what they want – or get out.


If Black people are willing to sell their souls to get at a piece of luxurious white meat, as Kanye Kardashian did when he kissed Trump’s ass in the Oval Office the same way his wife’s face went down on the other side, then who are you to fight it? Eff ’em, let ’em have it.

If they prefer toxins, then toxins be them. You, sir, weren’t even supposed to fall for the okey-dokey like they do, but you did.

I, myself, tried to feed spiritual devotion and dedication to a Black people who were hellbent on hot dogs, barbecue plates, and fish-fried chicken. I no longer care what they eat or drink, because it’s their souls in the end and not mine.

Black Jealousy in White-Face or vice versa…

It doesn’t make a difference whether or not you are ‘jealous’ of them any more, Dr. Boyce, when what you say doesn’t bear witness with history or the facts that the citizens of the great State of Georgia are grappling with at this time in history.

We are on the precipice of changing the face of the south from its racist confederate past -one candidate at a time- and all you have to scream about is your personal penile feelings about Oprah’s ‘ mammie-osity ‘ and Obama’s ‘ gay-backing ‘ stance when there are people out here who actually give them the tools they need to support it. We gave them nothing but a ‘black vote’ and din’t even follow up on THAT.

Sir, out here in the real world and bLack to reality, neither Oprah nor Barack are citizens of the state of Georgia, so they don’t have to live with Stacey Abrams once they are gone. Neither are you a citizen of this state, but it would have been nice to hear you talk about the potential for changing the face of the white supremacist old confederate south and how Black people should follow-through on their vote if she does win this election.


It’s about the future of the south and the future of this nation with regard to the old boy south, not about how you feel about Winfrey or Obama or their on-screen butt-kissing personas. Just whose butt are YOU kissing, by the way, by creating a historical recorded legacy of being anti-Black while gaslighting Black people into thinking it’s pro-Black to be anti-Black?

And if Abrams does win, she, too, will be the Governor of the entire state of Georgia and not just of Black folks screaming about reparations. Black folks could have had reparations a long time ago if they had not decided to get on and stay on the lost ‘boat of the rising tide’ that Obama spoke about instead.

But they didn’t, so realistically, here we are. NOW, not yesterday. I can say that as a full Independent voter who votes my conscience and not my race, that this time the Democrats are right.

You skipped a whole opportunity to give out an educated guess about how this could change the paradigm in the south if Black people would vote and follow-through on an election and not drop the ball afterward or trust others to get the job done that they should be doing themselves.

Wow. Just wow Boyce Watkins.

If it were funny, that entire rant would be laughable. If you didn’t use fear-mongering to address fear-mongering, I don’t know what the hell else that was.

If I were you, I would pull that emotion-laden business off the airwaves and make a real solid Blackman video that supports your educational status and that also addresses who we are and where we have come from as a people down south. You sounded more like one of my half-ass’d-educated blithering sons who listens to crap-rap all day and doesn’t know a damned thing about what he’s yelling about; but hell, he dropped out of high school like a nitwit. At least his backwards-hoisted lunacy has an excuse to go along with it.


Maybe you could talk about how Abrams, and Obama, and Winfrey, and all of these white-elected black leaders that we give our power to could be just the leverage that we need to change the political strata, especially since Black people tend to be such celebrity-hawkers for dumb reasons, and since white folks still own the power whether we vote or not because we keep getting on their boats instead of buying our own.

I mean, as to Obama and Winfrey, they are damned if they do and damned if they do not to some Black folks. You’d have had a whole different ‘anti-Black’ conversation about them if they had said nothing at all about Abrams’es run, or if they had contributed heavily to some of your videos and black conventions as you asked them to in the past.

They know that, but since they are the multi-millionaires that you keep trying to become by using their names in public as leverage to spew crap-rapper vitriole (red hat = hatred), I will say this:

I seriously doubt that they care what you think of them and their history and careers and political stance – hell, in fact, more white people in Georgia are supporting Abrams anyway. Since we gave them our power before Abrams or Obama were born, it is what it is. They play with whatever we handed them, and we handed them our Black power wrapped in a white supremacy nationalist flag from the very start more than 50 years ago.

If that is our choice, to ride on their boats and wait for their tides to rise, we better learn to keep up with it. We don’t have enough of our own shit together to be a force like Asians, Hispanics, European Jews, or even gays … and this kind of public confusion is the reason for it.

It doesn’t matter what Dems, Rethugs, Liberals, Conservatives, or anyone else does. This kind of ‘divide&conquer’ tactic amongst us is the reason for it all.

True enough, none of these politicians care about anything except getting our votes, so now the question is “How do we take our votes and make sure they never drop the ball on us again AFTER they get elected?”

Black people shouldn’t even be letting Brian Kemp, should he win, get away with anything; let alone Stacey Abrams. We have an issue with electoral “follow-through” no matter who wins, and someone will win whether we like it or not and whether we vote or not.

The winner will still have their foots in our asses, whether we vote or not. They are still controlling the rules that run us into the ground, even if we never vote another day in our lives.

…And if we decide we would rather bow down and kiss a white racist’s ass than to handle our own like it should be handled no matter who wins, then we are the reason the racism and white supremacy will never ever end…

I will give credit where credit is due, though, Dr. Boyce … about 20-percent of what you said is true, down from the days when about 90-percent of it was true.

If we can’t handle that little piece about follow-through after the election is over and we keep trusting them to do as we ask them to, then we can’t handle any “reparations,” anyway. We keep fighting each other about that, too.

Even white people are smart enough to know how to use our own butt-hurt vices against us.



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  1. Im not a Boyce fan, but even after all of his rambling he said nothing against Abrams and hardly mentions Oprah! People should listen to the video and make their own choice! Before the vid is deleted, or says “no longer available”

    • Then he already changed the video and deleted the first one, because it was all there at origination. I guess good news travels slowly…

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