Ode to Sadaria Davis

Sadaria Davis - The Spin of 'Going Viral' When Another Inside Murder Happens in Black America. Would we really rather #GOVIRAL than prevent this shit?


Sadaria Davis is dead.

Murders happen all over America every day, and true enough, white people DO kill white people … all day every day.

However, it seems that when it’s a murder that happens in CHICAGO, the news is painted in a special limelight due to Chicago’s White Supremacist Reputation as the Black N-word Capitol of the Nation.

While we are absolutely certain that more GOOD young Black people exist in Chicago than those who are Incarnate Evil, when incarnate evil comes — everyone wants to know why it doesn’t always “go viral.” (Go-Viral: Internet-speak for having a bunch of digital gawkers and lookin-ass-n-words staring at it and talking about it, with no intention of doing anything other than looking and talking.)

It doesn’t go viral because America, Black America in particular, is tired of it, yo. What needs to #GOVIRAL is the Sadaria Davis’s who finish law school or medical school and open a new business or practice in Chicago, not this shit.

Giving Up Is So Very Hard to Do

The shock factor is over and done with these kinds of murders.

Not only is The Village -who at one time had Sadaria Davis’ back all day long- dead, but so is the willpower of Black people who are shell-shocked into seeing murder. Even a rape and a murder in their communities is just another day or a walk in the park. Back in THE day, there was no way a Sadaria Davis would have been a daily story of community loss.

It was a rare occurrence, not a daily news item that needed to “GO VIRAL”.

So whoever killed her and cut off her body parts would have been caught and knocked off real good within two weeks or less than two months, and not another word said about it. Her maulers would have been handled forthwith and not seen or heard from ever again.

In Sadaria’s case, it took two weeks for her brutalized body to turn up only SIX BLOCKS from home. NEARBY, they finally said.

Tired of Sadaria being Murdered and No One Held Accountable. Period.

Hell, the police are tired of it…and tired of Black folks who keep looking the other way on crime in their own communities. Most Black folks work too damned hard to keep other Blacks out of trouble over some BS about racism in the justice system, and over so-called ‘snitching’.

Hell — NOT snitching ought to ‘get stitches.’ And when it comes to our own people, we are more racist with one another than THEY are. It’s a big symptom of Post-traumatic Slave Syndrome, or PTSS.

Sadaria or KennekaNow … no one knows who killed Sadaria Davis or why, but one thing is known about these types of acts in general … they tend to also be rapes.

These missing young Black girls, who some men or boyZ think are born for no other reason than to satisfy their ritualistic satanic animal lusts, are often rapes done by gang-bangers that white folks often refer to as ‘hoods’ and ‘thugs’ and ‘animals’.


These are the real “thugs” that the Black community will protect over skin color, yet end up losing truly innocent Black people to common police brutality because of it. Some of this police brutality is caused by own own damned inaction and our own unwillingness to ‘serve, preserve and protect’. A LOT of it happens because too many Black people run from what they should not run from and don’t run from what they should.

The Village once knew every single nook and cranny of the ‘hood in which they lived.

A murdered 15-year-old could not have been that close to home and left UNFOUND for that long a period of time with no one seeing or searching, nor would she have been without folks who know her and one another by face and name. #KNOWTHYNEIGHBORSASTHYSELF

But that was then, and this is now.

Now Sadaria is another #hashtag, a child murdered who did not make the #BlackLivesMatter movement radar, because, well, her Black Life did NOT matter, not even to Black people. Now — Get up and make THAT shit “go viral,” because yet another Sadaria is out there right now who hasn’t been found yet.

Today, it really doesn’t matter how many whites kill white people. We’ve dragged that mess along for fodder for long enough now. It’s true, but we should care about it as much as they care about us.

TODAY, as always, Another Sadaria waits…

All that matters TODAY is Sadaria and ALL the other young Black girls like her who fall victim to Black supremacy in their own homes and ‘hoods.

Yet, even as we call up and call out the circumstantially ‘brutal’ cops who are tired of coming into our communities to address shit that we don’t care enough about to prevent ourselves…yet another Black and female 15-year old has likely already gone missing and will be tomorrow’s #NotHeadlines -but #makeitgoviral news.

They’re tired of it, too, and it appears we’ve just gotten used to it – adjusted to it and brushed it off as an ‘oh well…whatever’. It’s got nothing to do with me — Until it does. Then it’s time to holler. If we don’t care, neither should anyone else.

Why would they? Who is supposed to care in our stead? The #MakeItGoViral news media?

Hell, by then, it’s #hashtagtoolittletoodamnedlate.

As A Matter of Information

By the way, #HashtagSadariaDavis is said to have been acquainted with the remains of #HashtagKennekaJenkins, another #HashtagYoungBlackGirl whose ultimate justice rests with those who made a series of missteps and actions/inactions that led to her murder, or ahem … “suicide”.

You know how murder, with Black girls/women, is always a #hashtagsuicide. ;-(

All these murders that get written off as suicides just so they don’t have to spend time or money investigating them. Then there are all of these Black men/boyZ who know nobody gives a shit about these little BLACK girls that they rape and kill, so they’re just going to keep doing it and walking away.

If THEY walk for doing these things to innocent Black women, why shouldn’t the cops walk, too? It’s all or NOTHING.

YOU are not white, YOU don’t have a police force or justice system to protect you. Period.



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