ZackTV: The Nasty That Is Today’s Rap/Hip-Hop Culture in America

Even if you're not one of those who helped cause it, if you haven't helped to stop it ... it's the same thing as COOPERATION with it. Silence is a worse enemy than putting up a fight.


Everything that can be said has been said. Everything that can be done has been done.

The matter of all things in the rap music / hip-hop culture can be summed up in ten (10) points, almost without exception, and that is with VERY FEW exceptions:

(1) It is an incentive to steal.
(2) It is an incentive to kill.
(3) It is an incentive to destroy.
(4) The loud decibels is enough to drive a person to the brink of committing murder and other atrocities.
(5) It is an incentive to do drugs.
(6) It is an incentive to enter the demonic realms of sexual depravity.
(7) It is motivation to defy peace, law, and order in communities nationwide.
(8) It is an incentive to sexually defile women in general, particularly black women.
(9) It does cause moral and spiritual degradation.
(10) It is willfully demeaning, heartless, soul-less, and profits no one except the racist whites who own it all.

Bottom Line: This is not why rap and hip-hop was created and when nasty ass rich whites who can’t steal/kill/destroy the Black community themselves, they will pay others within the community to do it for them. As to Number (10), that’s the easy way for us to self-destruct, because some of us like it and will beg for it, pure dee Willie Lynch free-style.

It’s the same as having these krap-trap whites poop in a platter, piss on it and call it steak and marinade, and then serve it up to certain Black Americans with a side order of Infection Sauce. Indeed, they will lap it up like dogs licking their own vomit, and even show up to the table with their own dinnerware, glasses, and utensils borrowed from out of their Mama’s kitchens just to get a lick.

Damn it, nobody wants YOUR freedom, they want their own PEACE and QUIET.
They don’t want your party, they want the quality of their BLACK LIVES returned to them without that extraneous BlackKKKLan music all in their ears and homes and lives.

If nothing else, you, keep the dumb shit to yourself and your own, the rest of us don’t want it and don’t need it. It’s not a good thing, it is internalized self-hatred to the Nth degree and floating.


The cult rituals are the same through and through.

If someone isn’t yelling and BOOMING in your ear to destroy yourself and others one way, it screams at you to do it another. The louder it is, the more the noise it makes, and the more hateful disgusting ass noise it makes, the more it encourages others to do what it is screaming for them to do. END IT.

Here are the Main Rap-Crap Keywords that inspire hated and self-destruction, bar none:

*Fuck (‘Fornication Under Consent of the King’)
*Hella and Damned
*Get High
*Do Molly
*Boy Pussy
*Fuck, some more
*Rape, some more
*Get High/Get Crunk/Turn Up
*Do MORE drugs
*Get more booty
, etc etc etc-(you probably know all the other self-deprecating words you can add to this list better than we do).

These are only a few of the American English pirate/slaver-boat filthy and despicable words of death and destruction for which there is no African translation in ANY language filter. These are not words we got from our people, but from those nasty-ass English speakers.

It is the same hate-filled noise, only with beats and with decibel (noise) levels loud enough to push someone to do something drastic or erratic JUST to make it stop. The decibel levels alone provide inspiration for having a murderous instinct.

The bottom line is that this is nothing more or less than white folks’es monkey poo smeared all over our heads and hearts and minds and bodies. If you’re not conscious of it, know this … your ass was invited to a dinner party and no food was cooking when you got there, so what’s on the menu? YOUR ASS.

No one wants your so-called “freedom of speech”. Your “freedom” is white people’s mental health issues spread all over your mouths and hearts. People don’t want your freedom, crappers, they want their PEACE and quiet and their lives built up and inspiring and loving rather than hating.

Once it spills out of your house and your car into their homes and lives, there is no more “Mind your business.” You’ve made it THEIR business.

Leave your party in your own home, not in anyone else’s, or they should reserve the right to make it stop.


You can see the milky white pus oozing out of the culture itself, like a festering wound or a severely infected cankerworm that can’t be healed, mainly because it’s permanent and there is no cure. And some of these people’s children are BORN with their mothers having poisoned them while they were still in the womb. We actually know of women who SPOKE DEATH to their children before they were born — listening to this music and screaming of the zombie-zic non-living.

Black folks pretend this is “free speech,” but it’s really a dark Netherworld mindset that draws border walls around our spirits and souls.

NO “free” speech requires people to do what is destructive and self-harming. That is not freedom, that is prison inside, so it is only natural it should result in prison outside. It is not freedom, it is an ASSAULT.

No one is asking for their freedoms, we are asking for their RESPECT not to have our communities screwed over just to make rich whites ‘richer than God’. They don’t own it, their benefactors have them on loan until they can break them again, and very few in the rap game ever escape being LOANED money just to bling it until these rich whites get tired of them and send them up a river one way or another.

And even worse? The Willie Lynch diatribe doesn’t need to be a real THING in order for us to understand that it has taken FULL EFFECT in this culture, where some of the Crack Babies of the 1980s and others who are codependently addicted to them have internalized racism and whoredom issues.

They Kill Our Daddies…then Laugh at Us for Being Fatherless

No one benefits from the guns, the drugs, or the murders except rich whites.

Black mothers homes have been lost, lives of their children and grandchildren gone, and yet we wonder why it is that so many Black women and children end up in homeless shelters or in a lifetime of dire poverty.

And when someone – some cop, or some other BLACK MAN- offs them in the streets, Mama and Daughter and Wife and Baby Girl end up with nothing but a GoFundMe Funeral on their hands. They couldn’t afford insurance, AFTER ALL THAT NOISE, and can’t even afford to BUY A HOUSE in the same neighborhoods as the white folks they are making rich – the ones making a mint and a grip off their spilled blood that their mothers and daughters got to clean up AND pay for.


Who Killed ZackTV and why?

They had one single friend in the Media, an insider who was also nothing more or less than a journalist telling THEIR stories THEIR way with no sideways expectations except to earn his way trying to make them legit, and they kill him? FOR WHAT?

He wasn’t a SNITCH, he was their damned FRIEND and ADVOCATE in the rap hustle business, this head game they are playing with racist whites.

They took the life of that ONE FRIEND that they had who was even willing to mess around with the stench of that culture. The young man worked hard to bring legitimacy to something non-legit, and they off’d him for HELPING them? I hate rap music, d’UH … but I was listening to ZackTV about some of the good that still existed in this evil, and then they proved only one thing: THAT THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT ANY OF IT.

They ate one of their own. And please don’t insult the monkeys … they don’t even do that. Even a MONKEY ain’t a pure de cannibal.

This is unmatched and unprecedented, except by white supremacists and cold racists, which still has the higher number of Nigga Body Counts.

Dude said Black folks is “hoes,” but whose?


If they are going to feed the monster who wants them all dead and/or in permanent servitude, then the monster will feed on them even as they feed on their own for some piss change, a scratch of weed and a piece of ass — like a whole life was worth that little tiny shit.

These are the same ones white folks WILL laugh at as they say things like “We can piss on them mofo’s and make ’em think it’s raining.”

The Lions, The Young Lions

Monkeys and apes are not cannibals, but neither are the YOUNG LIONS.

We used to breathe LIFE into our children, now we speak death to them with this white criminal self-hatred.

The criminal element in our ‘hoods even have their own POLICE FORCES, which explains why the ‘sworn to protect’ legalized cops so often “fear for their lives.” They end up covering for Black cops when Black cops have to come in and handle business, because the Black cops ain’t scared, but the Black cop isn’t going to walk or throw his cover out the window by taking a fall for these kills.

We’re losing TRULY INNOCENT young Black folks because other Black folks are trying to be loyal to something that will NEVER be loyal to them. The truly INNOCENT amongst us end up being wantonly killed or incarcerated, even without weapons nor rhyme nor reason, and those of us who are working just to make the world a better place in which to live end up with no police to protect us … not even The Nation because we’re not about to become Muslims just to run for cover.

Besides, who knows what The Nation is going to become after Min. Farrakhan leaves us? [All Blessings to Min. Farrakhan who just lost his son, Louis Jr., age 60]


The Real White Racists of FOX News used Ayn Rand’s philosophies to make us self-combust and spill our blood to protect their ancestry and their racism, and these young Lions don’t even know who that white bitch is. But if someone needs to “eat one,” it’s them.

{ #IgnoranceIsAsIgnoranceDoes }

The Science Behind Black Selfishness and Ayn Rand’s Impact on American Hatred and Selfishness…




eD.nOTE: The Krak-Baby Kulture, or ‘Black KKKlan’ is a direct result of the objectives of Ronald Reagan and COINTELPRO, and others who came behind him. The Clintons and their Black kom-Patriots in da house are not innocent, but complicit. Their on-going mission is and was to destroy the poorer Black communities across America. It worked so well that now the police have wide open super-power and domain to come and shoot to kill with complete impunity/immunity. Those who say Black people are not ‘monolithic’ better go talk to the Black folks who have lost loved ones who were unarmed and murdered for “DOING WHATEVER while Black” — because we all get DAMNED monolithic when it’s time for them to kill-a-nigga. #ONLYWHITELIVESMATTER in America, and some of this shit is our own damned fault, to be sure. You’ll know it’s over when OJ’s name is replaced with Byron de la Beckwith’s. As Sis. Souljah once said … “Oh F -orget it.”

When Certain Elements of Black American culture make Police Brutality look like a good idea.

Rick Santorum Obama-Blames for Racism That They Exacerbated by Being Angry That Obama Got Elected President-While-Black. Santorum shows us the difference between a REAL racist and a racist who is not a racist, but speaks the truth. Santorum is a REAL one.


Music is supposed to GIVE life, not take it…BREATHE LIFE into the Black Community and Our Children.
Do not take mental smut and imbibe us with death just to satisfy the lust that enriches a hate-filled white culture:


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