As everyone has probably heard by now, Georgia gubernatorial candidate and Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams has yet to concede and hand Brian Kemp, her Republican opponent and former Secretary of State, his self-declared “victory” in a too-close-to-call hotly contested race for the Governor’s office.

Maybe everyone hasn’t heard yet, but Stacey Abrams did, in fact, win the election by a WIDE majority of voters in Columbus and Muscogee County, Georgia.

The problem, of course, is not that Abrams is having a hard time believing she lost THE STATE; that isn’t what made the contest “hotly contested.”

The problem is that we are all having a hard time believing all of the tricks and scams and schemes that came up during the election, especially with the possibility that a Black woman will finally step up to the plate and tear down the racially-divisive walls that have existed in what amounts to the nation’s hotseat of slave colonies and skin color hatred for more than 400 years.

One would think that Kemp, charged with protecting Voters’ Rights in the state, would have WANTED to know that he actually won and didn’t have to booby-trap and sabotage the electorate just to make himself relevant in a place where he is a mental dinosaur and relic of what should be America’s “past”. One wouldn’t think he’d want to be Abramses ‘side piece’ at this critical moment in Georgia’s history, but he turned himself into it by not doing the right thing in the first place.

Notably enough, Democrats cause their own problems, too — because the truth is that if ABRAMS had been Secretary of State and elected to run for the office of Governor, she’d have been forced to resign BEFORE the election and not after it was too late.

In the interim, if she lost, it better damned well be a LEGITIMATE loss, because people worked too hard on this campaign for her to just walk away with uncounted votes and questions in the air about Kemp’s inability to protect Georgia’s voters.


Take away the following factors:
(a) Not ALL Black people are assumed to have voted for Abrams just because she’s Black, or rather African-American;
(b) Rightly assume that many MEN will not vote for Abrams because they just don’t like the idea of a woman governor in any skin color; and
(c) Many whites will vote AGAINST Abrams just because she’s Black, or rather African-American; and add in the fact that …
(d) There are even substandard beggarly low-lying low-hanging-fruit classic backdoor WOMEN who are just as misogy-bitch as a man who don’t want a woman Governor in office; and what do you have left?

The ruse came in when circumstances, such as they were, ditched a heavy majority of Black or Afrocentric people’s votes from being counted during this election season, to the tune of nearly 70-percent, last we heard.

Forget about the fact that there was a heavy conflict-of-interest with Kemp as Secretary of State and therefore, the watchdog of the votes coming through his own office at the time; and forget about the fact that he was asked to resign when he was chosen as Republican nominee, but refused to do so until he managed to get rid of enough votes to declare himself the winner.

But someone -and Kemp refused to do so when asked- REGARDLESS … has to be held accountable for all of the absentee ballots that disappeared, the provisional ballots that were demanded when machines failed or did not appear, and the long lines that were experienced during sudden “equipment meltdowns” in HIGHLY POPULATED Black voting blocs. In one precinct with a lot of Black voting bloc, it is said that only three (3) machines were available for a large crowd of voters, and that 70 shrunk-wrapped voting machines were found in a warehouse that had never been put into service where they were needed most. Add to that, that provisional and absentee ballots were “returned to sender” and found their way back to the person who mailed it AT THE EXACT SAME ADDRESS that was allegedly unfindable, and absentee ballots STILL sat uncounted as late as of more than a week later.

At this point, damn whether or not Abrams could rightly trigger a run-off in December, what the HELL is up with all of those lost and returned votes that belong to MOSTLY Black and colored folk?

Note CAREFULLY that there are very few, if any, majority white districts that had any of the foregoing problems. Note also that one particular female inside the Kemp headquarters had the audacity to insinuate -in so many words- that the only reason Black people keep having these problems at the polls is because we are incapable of following instructions. “They” said she didn’t say it quite that way, but for some people who are so incapable — we don’t have a lot of difficulty reading between the racist-ass lines.


Let’s just say that for some people who have lived in a nation-state that has been nothing BUT racist since it’s inception and is deeply responsible for the proliferation of it worldwide over the past few CENTURIES, that’s not a far reach.

And in this day and age, as we strive to pull ourselves out of that man-made ditch and bastard-driven culvert of overt racialism, EVERYTHING is about race, and that is nearly almost without exception.

The “southern strategy” has always worked, so why would it suddenly fail ‘this’ year. Why this year would it suddenly NOT be an issue when it always has been an issue? An Abrams candidacy surely wouldn’t have stopped it after all these DECADES.

Answer: It has not failed, not even in this election season.

BUT here’s the thing:

Years ago … I said that it is not all that hard to come up with the technology to stop this kind of voting disenfranchisement and bloc harassment from happening. To develop the technology where no one even has to leave home to vote, or can register at their local public library and vote from their own log-in without worrying about a polling location, should not be an issue at all.

The vote rides with the encoding of each voter, not with the LOCATION, so that the voter can only elect officials in their jurisdiction regardless of the location from which they vote at the time. That way, on ELECTION DAY, someone who happens to be out of town does not have to ‘go home’ just to vote. They can vote from anywhere in the State. If lottery log-ins know you’re not in the state when you play the game, then voting machines ought to know when you’re not IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA when you vote.


In this day and age, nobody has any business saying “they wear disguises and come back in and vote twice,” and that includes the demented seventy-something year old twitter in chief who actually made that dumb-ass statement IN PUBLIC, adding to all of the other dumb-ass statements he has made over the past two years-plus.

Of course, people with common sense are thinking is “WHAT THE F IS HE TALKING ABOUT NOW?!” But back to the folks with a working and logical mass of grey matter between their ears …

Encode the voting structure online or by a handheld tabulation machine that is ASSIGNED to each registered voter for use at home.

Bank-level security, an anti-hacking scripture, and Level 12 fail-safe ought to pretty much stop or blindside any kind of fraudulent activity. Hackers need to accept the fact that they are as traceable as an IP location and a phone call and that stiff prison sentences and fines go along with messing around with the voting artillery. In a nutshell, if it’s not your vote, don’t even think about playing with it.

As God is my witness, this country could have been FAR technologically advanced by now if it wasn’t so steam-locomotive and john-wayne dirt-road cowboy-stupid gun-toting rootin’-tootin’ wagon-wheel backward and racist as hell.

The Ties That Blind

Black industrialists catapulted this nation out of the 17th and 18th centuries and into the future, making slavery obsolete for the most part.

Why not now?

If Black folks had been ‘happy little slaves’ this nation would still have plantations. There would be no such thing as “captains of industry,” because Black people are heavily responsible for MAKING industry what it is mainly by fighting against slavery and coming up with the machines needed to do the work in a much faster and more efficient way than a human.

Black American scientists paved the pathways for today’s modern technology, and when you consider that white America was hell-bent against Black people learning to read or write for centuries, it all turned out to be for their own benefit that they did. And even worse, these white folks who feel entitled to free Black labor and act like they always have something to prove about their “superior brains” had the unmitigated gall NOT to give all of these Black scientists and inventors their “due” when it came to who was supposed to get credit for the ingenuity.

With regard to those who are well aware of it, white folks showed up on the planet nearly a quarter of a million years after Black folks were already here and up’d and decided that nothing existed before them less than 12,000 years ago. Surely the Earth is WAY older than 12,000 years old.

They “discovered” what was already here, they “invented” what was already working and in motion and what built Egyptian pyramids of ancient times, and they “patented” a way to print books in the Englishe language MANY YEARS after the libraries of Timbuktu, Mali were mostly hidden or burned down to keep Black folks from knowing that they were already doing what white supremacy and nationalism said we were incapable of.

In the nationalist narrative, it isn’t hard to understand why they wouldn’t want us to read or write. The truth is always there waiting to show it’s righteous hand.

What came up in the wash is that white people didn’t even invent the building blocks of the modern scientific world. Not even the alphabets (Sumerian and Babylonian and Hebrew/Aramaic) or numerical systems (Arabic and Egyptian) that builds out the world we are living in right now. Letter and numbers rule the world to this day, and even that was not of white origins.

High Tech Voting

It is not outside of our reach to build the necessary structure, digitally speaking, to make voting infractions a thing of the dinosauric past.

However, this scourge called white supremacist mentality when it comes to who is capable and who is not, is a SEVERE handicap, especially with Black women so PROVENLY adept at writing mathematical scriptures.

When you consider that most white people get their education about Black people off of ‘fairy tales’ that they made up for supremacist nationalist television and movies, it isn’t hard to figure out why it is that the nation has not been able to progress and advance in the world.

The longest day they seek to hold us back is the longest day they will remain in mental and socio-economic ditches of their own making.

In the meantime, Black folks have mostly gotten over America.

A nation that consistently uses the words “liberal” and “socialist” without being able to define what a liberal or socialist is, and then claims ‘Christianity’ by naming itself after the BIGGEST LIBERAL SOCIALIST WHO EVER LIVED, is a nation that doesn’t so much as deserve for us to give it the time of day any more … let alone anything else of our concerted labor or efforts.

They make up these fictitious “black people” and white-made stylized “niggers” and toss them into the salad mix of the nationalist media, and then decide they are going to make ALL Black people fit into that decrepit shoe box in their heads no matter what we have done in the WORLD that continuously proves them WRONG. No matter how many pieces Black people cut off just to fit ourselves into that white mental ‘shoe box’ in order to make them think they are justified and superior, it simply never adds up that way.

As Trump tosses the United States of America into the backwoods hillbilly trash heap of the world where they prefer to keep it all, Black people, ad majorum, have already moved on to global markets in the hidden sectors – BACK TO AFRICA, where it all began.

We may not go back to Africa in a ship, but in our minds, we abandoned this nationalist mess a long time ago.

Nobody -NONE OF US, that is- really has time for any of this “Americanist” bullshit any more, and that includes the turkey and mincemeat pies that go with it. Hell, THANKSGIVING happens every day where we live, so eff the Pilgrim stories and ‘Onward and Upward’.

Our own Veterans built America.

Some of them just helped it along, or on the converse, made things worse. And to tell the truth, the world may just be getting tired of looking at their faces, period.

And watch this … the ACTING Georgia Secretary of State isn’t even a white male. She’s a Black woman whose puppet strings are about to pulled in ways that she probably has not imagined YET. You know how they use Black people to fire us from a job so they can’t be accused of racism, then fire the Black person they used to fire us?

Those of us who already know she’s going to get used and then dropped like a burning hot potato after they manipulate the election, raise your holy hi-falutin’ hands. ALL of them.



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