Letters from Min. Farrakhan to European Jews and the Black Ecumenical Leadership of America

The truth don't care who tells it ...


In June and July of 2010, after so many years of being accused of expressing anti-Semitic influence against America’s European Jewish influence –whom we often refer to as ‘Ashkenazi’ and ‘Khazarians’– the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan penned two communal letters to answer the charges railed against him.

I happened to read, yesterday, both of the letters penned in 2010 by the Minister.

The first went to Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of New York and “other” leaders of his political ilk, and the second, a published Open Letter to the Black Leadership.

In more than half a century on this planet, the majority of which has been spent in “Christian” churches, I have to say that it is no wonder to me that Islam is the fastest-growing religion on this planet right now.

I have heard from so many of ‘us’ Black folk who are converting to or growing into Islam or who are becoming completely atheist because of the sordid history of the Christian community and its conservative rightwing evangelical approach to the Jewish community, so sordid that it would join forces with the ADL to condemn Min. Farrakhan, and for no real reason that is beyond solid proof that they’ve not advanced very far past the plantation level in this Information Age.

It’s bad enough when your history is sordid, but when you won’t claim it, won’t own up to it, and are in denial of it, that makes the sordidness of it at least three times worse than it already is.

So very much research is now available to people the world over that was not available before (we are living in the times the Bible speaks of as “the time when knowledge would increase.” – Daniel 12:4.

Many go here and there to increase knowledge

Volumes of information now go all around the world in milliseconds. The Internet, thank God and Al Gore, is reachable on the smallest of devices with the tiniest of microchip slivers and data cards.

That certain unattainable knowledge that was once confined to stacks of books in libraries is available from times before people were able to perpetrate such fraudulent online activity and rewrite history. There are so many vain attempts now to recolor and revise scholarly educational materials that it is refreshing to see Min. Farrakhan present his own information, just as it was given so many years ago, still untainted and unrestrained. Farrakhan again reiterates what he has stated before and even moreso now than ever.

These are the words that shone through the brightest in the Letter to the ADL:
As you have constantly labeled me and done everything within your power to hinder me and us from the civilizing work that Allah (God) has given to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and myself to do, I ask you to find one act committed by me or those who follow me that has injured one Jewish person, stopped Jews from doing business, hindered their education, injured their families, sullied or desecrated their synagogues. You will not find one. So, except for our willingness to tell the truth and our unwillingness to apologize to you for telling the truth, on what basis do you charge me and us as being “anti-Semitic”?

And again in the Open Letter:
Would you condemn me as an anti-Semite for exposing the research that shows them as being anti-Black? I am asking you to stand down and let them come out to me to defend their record and history of their relationship with us that we compiled from that which was written by their own scholars, historians, and Rabbis. If you become an apologist for them in this hour … [it] will be dangerous for you as the masses of our people are awakening and are increasingly angry at the reality of our condition.”

Amazingly enough, I never heard nor read a lick of what Min. Farrakhan had to say about anything until the late 1990s. The Black folks who were hollering the loudest about the Minister’s “craziness” could not quote a word he said, and the ones who did only repeated what they were told to say, with no evidence to back it. If I asked them what he said that was so offensive, they didn’t seem to have a single clue. Just ranting.

When I did finally catch up, I noted two things: (a) Everything the “Jews” and rightwing fundamental “Christians” had ever said about the Minister was categorically and unequivocably wrongheaded; and (b) The Minister had been misquoted and misconstrued on a regular basis, via histrionic soundbites. However, now that I know the difference between a lie and the truth, it appears Farrakhan was and is telling the truth all along.

I won’t tell you I agree with EVERYTHING Farrakhan says, some of it has gone over my head on occasion and I have some other studies that are contradictory to some things he teaches, but he’s about 97+- right in MY book. What I can tell you, however, is that I agree with almost NOTHING “they” say, Christians or Jews, and therein lies the difference. They have rarely been able to substantiate a word they teach except by emoting and strong superstitions, and the Minister has backed up everything he has taught and left no stone (or book leaf) unturned.


One day I went to find out for myself, twas in the late 1990s around the time I began to wonder why in the world God would create a people so Black that their only purpose on Earth was to be hated and demonized by others.

The bad news for me is that though I could never avow myself to the Muslim faith, Min. Farrakhan’s teachings came into near-perfect alignment with my own research and readings from all walks of life. Not the stuff I had been taught in school nor in church, for the most part, but with heavy-duty research and reading and “going to and fro throughout the Earth” looking for knowledge myself.

I wasn’t led to Min. Farrakhan’s words by an internalized inclination to learn to be hateful or to learn how to hate white people. I was led to it by the Holy Spirit Himself – 25 years after I first asked the Sovereign Lord God Almighty the question “Why we Black?”

“id You just put us here to be someone else’s toilet or dumping ground, because if You did, that is certainly not a reason for me to believe in You. I’d be better off believing in myself. At least that way, I have a fighting chance at trying to survive this mess of a world. With this Blackness/even being a Mulatto woman of Scottish ancestry, they still call me nigger, and I have an utter and absolute completely mind-wretching failure of a chance, coming straight out of my mother’s birth canal.”

It wasn’t a need to hate others, but self-hatred and a vehement lack of self-esteem that led me there.

You Can Let Them Whites and Their Evangelical Churchified Black Friends on the Mental Plantation Keep You Ignorant If You Dare

Twenty-five years later, the Holy Spirit called me by name, and said…”The Bible is the only ‘Black history’ book you’re going to get.” He knew He wasn’t talking to someone who had never read a Bible.

I had read it inside out, upside down, backward, forward, topsy-turvy, through it, around it, over it, beneath it, between it, and I had gone to so many different churchy places looking for answers over a quarter of a century that I was exhausted and forlorn. I had not come up with any “answers,” and neither had anyone else that I could tell.

When I got over all that wretched screaming behind this revelation, I felt like Dorothy from Oz, who had been walking around with the answer on her two feet the entire time. It was the first time ever in all my years of Bible-reading that the things that made not a lick of sense, even after all of the sermons and teachings and Bible studies, after all of the concordances and Bible maps and dictionaries and Hebrew/Greek lexicons, and study guides … all of it came together and fell at my own two feet. Crystal clarity for the first time in more than 20 years in the white man’s “spacy green glob of an Oz”.

I went to my computer and started pulling up reference after reference after reference, book after book, video after video, article after article, with one thing solidly chain-linked and leading to another, boom-boom-boom, and no amount of a white history book that I ever studied matched up with this life or this world as Black history did, and that included the genetic and DNA scientific and scriptural evidence.

This is why “The deeper they did, the Blacker the world gets” is true, and so very true.

It wasn’t that these Black scholars and teachers were in complete agreement with one another, some had even publicly debated one another over certain qualified testamentary evidence over a period of years, but one thing was certain ABOVE ALL ELSE: Outside of Science and Mathematics/Algebra, nearly nothing I’d ever been taught in my short lifetime in school or in church was true. Nearly NOTHING.

That’s why they did not want our ancestors to read, killed them for reading or writing, threatened anyone who taught our ancestors to write or to read.

There is no such thing as a ‘white man’s religion,’ even in ROME…they stole that like they did everything our people owned, including the silver, the gold, the platinum, the oil, and what all else. God never gave them what He had given us, whether we acknowledge it or not, and the Bible itself proves that out.

The truth doesn’t care who tells it, and that is up to and including Min. Farrakhan.

The time for the BS is up. Anyone who doesn’t know now is about to find out, and if the truth is not told by us, donkeys do talk and rocks will cry out.

It’s our job. Not theirs.


The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews, Volume 2:
How Jews Gained Control of the Black American Economy Book Review


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  1. The photo is a pic of him and Alex Jones, a major Trump supporter! But after watching the Black Klansman , my ish about the movie , is that Spike was paid to make it into a propaganda pic, from Alec Baldwins, cameo, to the end so called Klan diatribes…to be a BS link between the Jewish community and the Black struggle, something that never occurred! Spike made the movie at a time when certain groups , had made it publicly known that they plan, to colonize all of Bed Stuy and Crown Hieghts, so after his battle against gentrification it seems as though he has sold out and was given a nice pat on the back by the NYPD, who gave him close to a quarter of a million dollars for a add campaign! Something that the NYC advertizing and , publicity board would handle or pay for !

    • The Jewish community and the Black struggle were one in the same only because of the usurpation and loss of identity, for the original Jew was a Black man. Even Hitler knew that.

      He had no particular hatred of “Jews,” he hated race-mixed Jews and opted out for the whiter race of blonde hair and blue eyes, which was a signal of racial purity. They tried to make it about European Jewry, but the Holocaust was really all about skin color racism. Hitler said so himself that the dark JEW was the most hated of all races and so were those who mixed races with them and/or attempted to defend them on his watch. This, if not widely known, should be. Even the Holocaust was about race-mixing, not hatred of “Jews,” per se. He knew the “Jews” were Black people and said so. A golden haired blue-eyed hidden “not-so-much-Jew” could have gotten a pass by Hitler based on racial considerations alone.

      That said … it is a documented fact that whitenized EuroJews did, indeed, sell Black and African slaves to the English and Portuguese/Hispanic peoples,and to the French.

      The “strangeness” in our relationship is only a racially-conflicted one, that a man should put “stars upon thars” on his belly like a Dr. Seuss “Sneech” and then sell out his own brother to a foreigner in a land that was given to mankind and not to Man. Our Brother Joseph had the same thing done to him by his own brothers … like Black people have a long and storied history of being sell-outs from Day One.

      Here in America, the ruse of racism continues just as it began — if we put stars on our bellies, they will take theirs off and still declare themselves superior. White EuroJews were able to skin-mix and attain, something they knew that black or color people would never be able to do because their looks would tell on them the moment they walked into a room.

      This remains in 2018 as it has been since the 1500s. To this day, Black people still call one another what they were diminished into by Black KkKlansmanship … “just a nigger.”

  2. Bilbe stories re just that! stories ! Do you take Ra, Osiris and Shango, Muntu, literally?? then why take any religious text??? the Hebrew isrealites in Chicago, regardless of how they see the Bible, and quiet is kept regardless of how they see Africa , are getting more converts then the Nation of Islam! and they are getting more Black youth out of gang banging and drug dealing in the past 12 years! The Messenger spoke on certain White religious groups and as well, but see the Messenger wasnt just talk! the Messenger saw that Black folks were “Liquid Money” , back then to these people …. , so he made Black Nationalism , viral by example, and showed and improved that the Black woman and Black Man had enough sense in the 60s to embrace Economic Unity , to prevent gentrfication and start Black owned businesses well after integration , in the North South East and West!

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