Cultural Misappropriation and Bruno Mars?! C’mon People-Give It A Rest Already…

Leave Bruno alone. He's smart and talented, unlike them OTHER folks Black folk gives a pass for no real reason.


Y’all need to leave Bruno Mars outcha mouths, lol.

His dad is part-Jewish (note: tribal JEWS are Black; European Jews are not a tribe, they are an adulterated European culture) and Bruno’s mom is Filipino? He Black, and INDIGENOUS Black at that, LOL. The Filipinos are NOT a white people by nature or custom.


Talk about your cultural misappropriation or cultural attrition…how Colin Kaepernick gonna show up for a deposition in a lawsuit HE filed with a “Kunta Kinte” t-shirt on? I love Kaepernick, I do. But Kunta Kinte ain’t get to file no lawsuit for the hell they gave him… ROTFLMBBAO!!!! For Kaepernick, Olaudah Equiano of AMISTAD would have made more sense than Kunta … LOL.

And you ain’t said NOTHING when Kim Kardashian got famous behind one Black man’s penis, then married a white man and got knocked up by yet ANOTHER Black man while she was still married to the white one.

White man impact on Kardashian’s life? Zip. de nada. squat. jack. nothing. zero. zilch. That was some serious ‘cultural misappropriation’, and y’all ain’t said squat and even hooked the female up so that you will NEV-AH be as rich as she is. LOL.


Bottom Line: White people use these variegated celebrities and your music and personalities and swag and style as a COMELY and extraordinary Black people to tell YOU that they ain’t got it like that, and that they would bow down and kiss your BLACK FEET and YOUR BEHIND to the center core of the Earth if it wouldn’t make them LOOK bad in public, LOL!!!

If they want to use Bruno Mars to tell you how much they TRULY LOVE Black people, let ’em. We deserve THAT much out of them if nothing else. We EARNED it, AND the reparations we ain’t got yet.

Besides, it’s better than “Heil Trumpler” going around telling everyone in the world how SCARED he is of Black people (and he ought to be, LOL); yet, Trump’ll NEVER be privileged enough to even PRETEND he’s one of us. Barack Obama JUNIOR wins that argument EVERY time, hands down.

We used to say “Black Power,” now we can also say … AFRICAN POWER!!!

Bruno uses YOU, use HIM. Period. It’s. that. easy.


In our best LITTLE RICHARD VOICE: Shut up. Sit down. WOOOOO!!!!


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