Countering Facebook’s Racism Issues

Black America in World History: The deeper they dig, the blacker the world gets.


It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that Facebook was nicknamed “Racebook” because some prolific Black persons and persons of color took it upon themselves to counter systemic racism on social media by countering demeaning anti-Black posts with more positive posts about Black people and Black families.


Not that these are the only examples, but I can name a couple of the worst examples of being racially “trolled” on Facebook on a personal level. I am absolutely certain that there are hundreds of thousands of others like this, people who have been locked out of their own pages and kicked off their own accounts due to race-trolls who think they are entitled to say all manner of dirt about black people, but that black people cannot counter that and “hit” back with the truth.

Wheel of Color

That is not to include all of the over-arching Russian social media hit-men who were discovered to have stirred up racial animosity during the election years on behalf of the Republican Party; nor even the economic hit-men who are paid to promote companies and businesses that are known predatory lenders, et al, in majorly Black communities.

In one particular case, there was a post regarding how it is that Black people often end up paying to have a job in a nation that does not pay a fair wage in exchange for their work. It often costs more money to get up and go to work than they are willing to pay. A $500 per week pre-tax paycheck typically costs $550 to $650 a week to keep. That post was trolled like crazy … like someone working at Facebook had a serious issue with the TRUTH.


In another particular case, the post was with regard to incorporating better standards of belongingness in families, where togetherness and unity is imperative and should be changed to better adapt our pre-colonial ancestors.



As we reclaim our worldwide ancestral heritage, we also understand that religion was not the only thing taken from our ancestors that helped provide a hedge around white supremacy and nationalism. We also know that the silver, the gold, the diamonds, the platinum, the uranium, the iron ore, the cacao beans, and the oil was also taken from us (our African ancestors) and used as a “tool” of white supremacy.

When it comes to religion and ‘tools’ of white supremacy used to keep OUR people enslaved, we have to keep in mind that neither Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, nor Christianity, the four major religions worldwide, are white-founded religions just like the minerals that did not belong to them on inception.

NOTHING that they know in modern society originated in Greece or Rome, so no matter how hard they try to erase Black people’s earthly origins from their history books, the deeper they dig, the blacker the world gets. The Bible itself states that the Lord God created the planet from “darkness upon the face of the deep.” Science has proven that ALL colors originate in blackness.

Perfect Black
From LG: ” How would one describe the visuals in both Batman and Star Wars? In a word, dark. But whether it is Batman’s flowing black cape, or X-Wings flying toward the Death Star from their base on Yavin IV, the color black is extremely essential to both films. In fact, experts judge a TV’s ability to portray black as one of the major elements that make up their ratings of TV technology. Along with contrast ratio, black level is one of the two most important factors in picture quality in today’s TV technology market. One technology has been developed that doesn’t just render black well, it does it to perfection.”

The Bible tells us so, as well. Some people just need to get over themselves, seriously.

It’s only been FOUR HUNDRED YEARS,THIS time around…

Genesis 1 King James Version (KJV)
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Facebook needs to stop “Spamming” Pro-Black messages in this so VERY anti-Black nation, seriously; especially with so many ill-willed KkKlannish and hate-filled Russian supremacists backing up their current presidential electorate.



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  1. What does history say about how Racism was countered, in fact battled head on?? Looking at he rise of White Supremacy on every level, in the past 20 months, what do you think Garvey, Malcolm and Martin would be doing with Social Networks, to get our people out of our current malaise, and complacency to Black unity, Collective Economics and Focused Collective Political Agendas?? Things rarely talked about on any social media ???

    • You have an entire generation of lazy entitled young people who do not understand the word “fight” unless it’s on a rap song or some mentally wack reality show.

      I have been told by quite a few of them that segregation would have eventually ended by just running its own course, by some type of “osmosis,” with no interference from the Civil Rights defenders. That is an excuse to BE complacent.

      Now they can’t get jack done with technology and those people changed the world without one social media site, BARELY even had a phone, a TV, or electricity …

      • IN the context of history, its best to understand , that there are different types of Viruses! Some are physical like the Small Pox, given to the Red man and some are Cultural, like the Cultural Ebola put on the Black community, in the 90s! Anger is understandable, but its best to look at the root of a problem! Jut like one does not hate on ones child or spouse when they are bed ridden with a serious Flu Virus and unable to function as usual, we have to collectively seek out a Healing to the Cultural Virus put upon our people! COINTELPRO, understood very well the African sciences of music used on a spiritual level, and they also knew the capacity for music to have a destructive effect as well on the subconscious! What we see in today’s generation, a generation of Africans no dif , then what we were ten thousand , 500, or 50 years ago, is something never seen before in Black history not even after chattel slavery you see this virus as enslaved not just the mind but the heart as well ! Thee is not one of us who were born in the 50s or 60s , who have not seen a drastic change in the behavior and attitudes and aclimations , of those of us on the job, in the community and yes even in our own families, since the 90s! It will take a quorum of 30 Conscious Tech Savie Sisters and Brothers , 30 in each of the 50 states , to work in unison to form a Cultural Revolution to go viral, to put an end to the Cultural Ebola of Gangsta THug, Pmp Balling Trap and Drill Culture, that has effected subconsciously every strata, of the Black community regardless of age, educational or economic status! Garvey waged a Cultural Revolution with no technology and no media, that healed millions of Black folks on three continents from being assimiliating house negroes to become Black Nationalists and Pan Africanists! That is the facts of history, therefore at the rate things are going , either we heal the community of this virus , or , face our great great grandchildren’s children being doomed to a very real chattel slavery, in the future

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