#UNTWIST: Black Independence Day-We Think We’re Free When We’re Really #NOT

Your right to personal freedom is not yours, it's your right to pieces of white supremacist freedoms which can, at will, be taken away if you so much as breathe wrong. Our rights are hanging on to the US Constitution as a coat hanger in a closet...a hanger that is too easily tossed out with the rest of the used items in there that will eventually be thrown out or given away.


There are three sides to every story … THEIRS, OURS, and THE TRUTH.

The Twisted Complexity of A Color-Conscious American Culture is backward and upside down, but there is no doubt that it is not PROGRESSIVE by a long shot, and that is #bydesign.

PROGRESS means to make advances that will catapult the conscience into the future, using the past as leverage to build a new way and a new hope, a new existence conducive for the benefit of all. Black America needs to become INDEPENDENT, begin to focus on its own future, of which it has become painfully obvious that as long as WE don’t care about our future, no one else will.

No one else is obligated to do so. Period.

I don’t care for the META-physical approach overall, but I also have no religious or spiritual prejudices-and there is SOME truth sprinkled in with the stuff that never gibes with our spirits, so listen up…



There are ten (10) certain signs and facts of life that Black America will never be independent or self-producing as long as this kind of stuff, this social unharmonic dependency, continues:

(1) A belief system based on a race-recolorized “Savior” who did not exist and isn’t coming to save anyone except white-skinned people who think they are superior to everyone else.

Oh, they can con some Black folk into thinking this is an unbelievable crazed kind of statement based on untruths about the RACE of the Savior, but ask yourself how many times in history a “white Jesus” ever came to the rescue of Black people, especially those who didn’t even KNOW they were supposed to be free. (?) They were enslaved for HUNDREDS of years over the transom, until it hit them that they weren’t supposed to be anyone’s slaves in the first place. They had a freedom that was given to them by God from Day One, and even in EGYPT, after 400 years, they were set free by a God who was never anywhere close to being white. And neither were the Hebrews, nor the Egyptians who enslaved them. This was one of the earliest incidents of BOB crime, but it had no basis that rested on racial dynamics. They made all of that up.

Their version of Christianity, deepened by the cultural writings of our Black AFRICAN ancestors, was superficial and in error of the actual facts concerning God and beliefs.

RECAP: If you believe that your Savior is a white man and that God gave white-skinned person eternal authority to rule over Black and darker-skinned peoples, you are race-dependent.

(2) A belief system that white people set Black people free in America and in South Africa or elsewhere. That they were all mere “monkeys swinging in jungles” and living with “bones in their noses” until ‘ D. White Mann ‘ came along and civilized Black folks (African-Americans, as it were) into the future.

No such thing ever happened in the history of the world, let alone in America.

There was no future until those slaves realized they had no business being in the condition they were in. They had been dehumanized and didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. The God’s honest truth is that our BLACK ancestors had to realize that they WERE human before any other type of progress could take place. As long as they didn’t get it, they would have forever remained enslaved on those plantations. White folks were winning, they had NO REASON to stop it, or to “fix” what they didn’t deem as BROKEN.

In their own estimation, a WAR had to take place to finally break up that lie, and it was a WAR THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAD TO WIN or risk being relegated back to the plantations for another damned-near 300 years. Needless to say – they DID win, and the CONFEDERACY never got over it. Still ain’t over it yet.

Yet and still, they will keep waving terrorist Confederate flags in our faces while trolling us about forgetting the past. YOUR past and MY past, that is. Not theirs. That past doesn’t count.

Some Black folks even do it to each other, telling one another to forget the part of the past that makes certain folks in our own families uncomfortable, the part that hides the ACTUAL TRUTH and angers folks who have to suppress facts and live with a lie just to appease the sensitivities of those who PREFER the lie over the truth.

RECAP: If you believe that Black people would ever have been set free from slavery if they had enjoyed it and had no problems with it and actually liked it, you might be race-dependent.

(3) A belief system that says anything not colonized [or colonialized] is some kind of “third world dire poverty.”

The world did not know DIRE poverty until it was created by European Anglo Caucasians. Before they came along into Africa, folks were basically just living their lives and minding their business the best way that nature allowed.

The ancient story goes like this: {The white man came along and saw an African man lying under a coconut tree. He asked “Why are you just laying around under this coconut tree soaking up the sun and eat coconuts? Why aren’t you up and out getting some work done?” The African man asked, “To what end?” The white man said, “Why you could use this tree to build a business.” The African man asked, “To what end?” The white man said, “So you can afford to buy some trucks and hire some people so you can make some money.” The African man asked, “To what end?” The white man said, “So you can retire and go on vacation and enjoy the beach and relax here under the coconut trees.” The African man rose up in anger, yanked out of his state of pure peace and joy, and said “Idiot! Wasn’t that what I was doing when you got here?!”}

End Game.

Poverty is CREATED, not absorbed through laziness. Conservatism, which conserves NOTHING, creates poverty. Always has, always will.

RECAP: If you think white people came up with all of the ideas they profit from now, and that we needed them to survive, you might be race-dependent.

(4) A philosophical need to be lulled into a false sense of ‘prosperity’ that has only one root cause: The empowering and enriching of white supremacy. Forever and a day.

Black people once found their only solace in the Black Church. It was the only place where they felt that they had true ‘ownership’ in America’s white landscape. It was the only place where they felt a sense of freedom and they were only free to call on ‘white Jesus’ to help them to ‘hold out’ and make it until ‘my day has come,’ alive but struggling to get to the next day without starving to death. BUT … the absolute truth is that, without those Black folks, white America/Europe was dead a long time ago. It has not ever been able to survive without the demand of prosperity that they get from being racists.

Racism makes money, especially when self-absorbed by us and leveraged at the expense of others. They are still -in their effort to keep Black people mentally and psychologically enslaved even if not physically chained- too far behind in the world and on the global stratosphere to be legitimized anymore. Their credibility the world over rests on the continuance of racism, but the rest of the world will move forward without America. Already has: #ThanksTrumpism

If they were to ever stop profiting from the racism, and Black people were to become TRULY independent and really FREE, the whites who cull racism would not last much longer. Their CHOSEN self-inspired racial foundation would be destroyed.

The most recent showing of dire racism in America is in the Trumpanzees who think they still rule and control America because they managed to get one of their own back in power in the White House (‘make it white again’ -a whoremongering reference to Barack Obama’s blackness).

But, as someone said in 2016 … “We’ve seen worst racists than Donald Trump.” And we have.

He doesn’t have the power he thinks he has and all he is doing is assisting the worst fears of white supremacy to materialize and become stronger and more capable. The history of it is that this constant battle within saw them on the wrong side of history before, and to the wrong side they shall remain. The more they shock us, the more they zap Godzilla with the power of 100,000 electric poles. It is written, and so it is done…at least until Black folks self-implode and intentionally self-destruct. And that HAS to remain the current goal, or else they are done. They can kill only so many Black people before they wipe themselves out, as we still make up more than 85% of this Earth’s population — and they have never done a single thing in their history that shows they didn’t absorb our lives and customs and cultures in order to survive.

NOTHING whatsoever began in Greece or Rome, it all began in Persia, Mesopotamia (ancient Asia), Assyria, and in what is now known as AFRICA, PERIOD. There is no getting around that, no lie they can tell to cover it up.

RECAP: If you’re into the “prosperity gospel” as it refers to tithing, you bought into a lie. The church’s job now is only to get the bills paid, not to preach the truth about freedom in Christ. If you think faith is all about you having material stuff, you might be race-dependent.

(5) A belief that the American justice system will ever be “fair.”

It seems we’re getting more hits than misses in this day and age, but after nearly 400 years (in 2019) of racial injustice, justice is still quite elusive, and in some cases, a bit overrated.

True enough, every generation tolerates a little but LESS, as it seems more and more white people are finally starting to lose ground under the old auspices of white supremacy; however, DO NOT BE DECEIVED into believing we’ve made progress because of a few here and there who get hit in the ass by their own sins.

Sooner or later, Rosie Barr’s “drug-laced-blameObama-blameSykes-blameJarrett-blameEverybodybutRoseanne-I didn’t know she was Black-syndrome” and symptomatic excuses are going to get through to someone, especially with white folks crazed enough to believe that Barr’s current issues stem from the same kind of strife as “Black Lives Matter.” With uneducated underly-sophisticated Black folks who also agree that Valerie Jarrett does look like a cross between Planet of the Apes and whatever (OH YES, she went there comparing her plight to #BlackLivesMatter ‘as if’), we will have continued racism because of Black people themselves. So, for every win on the side of ‘right’ instead of ‘white’, another BOATLOAD of Black people are still sinking by the bow and the stern, by the poopdeck (the aft) and the prow (the fore).

RECAP: If you think the U.S. Constitution was written with Black people’s freedoms in mind, you might be race-dependent.


(6) A belief system that says EVERYTHING that is wrong with us is the absolute fault of white people. Uh … #NOT

Truth told, they can no longer do what we do not allow them to do.

Hey, if Kanye Kardashian had said that “Slavery IS a choice”, he’d have been dead to right. But he said slavery WAS a choice, with his tongue up Trump’s behind when he said it. That alone played into the hands of the idiocy, lunacy, and sheer critical mass of self-implosion, and we somehow know that his mother, Dr. Donda West, would have slapped him all up in his [email protected] teefes if she’d been here to hear that lie. If I were Yeezus’s BLACK MADONNA, I know that I would have.

However, nowadays slavery IS a choice.

The sooner we know that and make the proper corrections and adjustments in trajectory and untwist ourselves from it, the better off we are all going to be. Remember that white folks didn’t even know they were bound up like a slave trying to keep Black people bound in slavery until we told them that they couldn’t get anywhere in life until they cut our slave chains OFF THEMSELVES. On the converse, where in the world were they going when they had to stay chained to our ancestors just to keep them at bay? Nowhere WE didn’t let THEM go.

RECAP: If you think Black people are not complicit in a lot of this current racism being railed against us at this juncture in history, you might be race-dependent.

(7) Empowering White Supremacy by Accepting Whoredom and Various Self-destroying Addictions as a Social or Societal Norm

President Barack Obama had the sense enough not to play into the hands of white supremacist Tea Partyists who invited Cock-Tail-Kardashian to a Correspondents’ Dinner at the White House. Seems he’d learned a thing or two from the shit they did to Bill Clinton when he asked them, in his own SOULFUL way, who the ‘f’ they thought they were even trying to trick him like that?. Kardashian was Trump pussy-grab ‘cute’ and Superhead-famous in white skin, but nothing fair enough to bring to an elite dinner that was once used for intellectual WH journos out for a night of laughter, not for whoremongers playing head games.

We often appear to be eternal co-dependents of white supremacist behaviors, even by the things we watch on TV and in movies. We’ve been so beaten up, so destroyed in it, so abused and belittled and injured by it that we’ve developed a bad case of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ as a whole: Love our enemies, hate ourselves. Blame ourselves for their eff-ups.

On a smaller scale, too many Black people have learned to bend over and kiss white ass perpetually without stopping to consider that their #fakeFreedom is not something they should be proud of.

Unfortunately, too many (of us) don’t even know that our freedom ‘is’ extremely faked out. Too many of us are satisfied with a miniscule modicum of a status quo, too comfortable with mediocrity, as long as it’s all about “me and mine,” and the HELL with everyone else. That kind of ‘individualism’ is a lie from the pits of the Netherworld. The individual is the carrier of communal hatred when pushed outside the realm of the experience of wholeness and the cause of and case for unity.




There is no one person without the family called ALL OF US, and there is also a demand for a nourishing balance that is healing.

Entire families have been destroyed because someone did not understand the delicate balance of me AND us. We are individual and independent only in the context of all. The one of us impacts the whole of us.

Some say we are not all “monolithic,” but the superior racists who control society in the domain and in the mainstream media have and will throw all of our mixed race, multi-cultural, bi-racial Black Negro African-American asses into the same slave boat when it’s time to destroy us.

They have NEVER discriminated between killing a light-skinned Negro with good hair from killing a dark-skinned Negro with nappy hair – one will be in the house, used for sex and other indoor activities, and the other will be in the FIELD sweating worse than wipipo’s best hunting dogs. In their minds, all of us -including Valerie Jarrett whom Roseanne Barr said she THOUGHT was white- are on the same cargo hold on the ship’s inflated underbelly.

Their thought process is that we, Black men and women, good and bad and otherwise, are only really good for three things: Sex, Servitude, and Skrilla.

RECAP: If you have embraced the filth of the piracy that enslaved our African ancestors and turned their skin color into personal gold mines and ATMs of white supremacy, you might be FUNCTIONALLY race-dependent.

(8) Confusing Feminism with an Overall Hatred of Black Men

There’s got to be some Black men out there that you can legitimately hate, and some Black women that men can legitimately hate, BY NAME, not by color.

If there aren’t any you can think of… keep playing around. One will appear. As it was said before “The white man giveth and the Negroes taketh away.” Yes, there it is.

But where Black men tend to get it wrong with Black women is (a) a belief system that ‘welfare’ destroyed the Black community when there are too many examples of good Black men who stayed with their families and didn’t LET them get on welfare, too many for them to even pretend that government assistance had something to do with their own failures as men. Too many examples of too many Black children who would have starved to death if there were no welfare, because NOT having help would not have stopped these excuse-making Black men from abandoning their families and responsibilities, nor would it have stopped Black women from being widows and having need of help or assistance. (b) a belief that Black women are all loud and angry or men-needy or man-greedy when their white counterparts get other kinder and gentler names for the EXACT same behaviors. (c) a belief that all Black women are ‘strong’ and should be treated or regarded as less than human, which is leftover estranged fruit from white men using them as the “mules of the world” and making their emotions and feelings negligible and leaving their Mulatto children’s needs in the streets to die. White men, after all, are the original “Baby Daddies” of the world. The truth is, it really IS their responsibility, but SOME Black men simply don’t need their help.

You, Ladies, can be a feminist without disparaging Black men, and also without feeling a need to undermine yourself just to make them feel superior on the gender tip. Exchanging one form of dependency for another is not an option. Failure is not an option. Period.

They [men] have a job, WE have a job as women — and there remain equality and balance of distribution regardless of the fact that gender roles are still heavily in use here, as they should be.

RECAP: If you think feminism is all about hating Black men and not about preserving and protecting Black women from abuse, rape, gender-entrapment, and male enslavement, you might be race-dependent. No one has a real cause to single-mother-blame young Black women for all that is ill in the Black community without knowing why she’s single in the first place, and also without taking the PROPER responsibility to MAN UP and keep the Black community on its toes.

(9) Thin Lines Between Love & Hate

At the end of the movie “Thin Line,” Martin Lawrence’s famous final statement asked the question about fixing the hole in “baby’s head” and compared to being able to mend the permanent hole that was in her heart.

“Baby” was a hellish kind of a sympathetic character in that not too many Black women didn’t know what it was like to be her, to feel that kind of rage and anger–the kind that makes you turn on ALL men because of a deplorable few. Black women have raged against any Black man from their fathers to their own sons, with cousins, brothers, uncles and anything else in between the two extremes, because the truth is that the BIGGEST faux pas of the Black community is the way we over-sexualize females. It isn’t in the ritualistic and traditional folksways of Mother Africa, but in that nasty extremist way that piracy affixed itself to Black people’s consciousness and caused us to stop breathing life into our women and children, but instead pronouncing them as good as dead from birth.

Example: Videos of Black babies twerking with dollars being thrown at them is a sure sign that a demonic trait of hyper-sexualism has entered the soul of that child through its parents. This often comes from a woman either being raped and forced to have a child she doesn’t want or need, or her voluntarily laying down with porn-minded sex-stricken males and getting knocked up by them without thinking of the consequences of the future ahead.

There is not enough room in volumes of books to dig into all of the consequences of hyper-sexualizing Black children from the moment they are able to stand up and walk, but take a look around you at all of the untold stories of hurt and suffering that has come from young Black women who were abused like that from birth. It speaks VOLUMES all by itself of why the cycle of hatred and abuse and the culture of rape and sexual harassment and molestation and rape does not end.

Someday, somebody’s mother and/or father is going to take that mess out on THEIR children and start the cycle all over again.

Believe it, don’t believe it, but even so much as raping another man’s daughter, dude, sets your own up for a future rape — even if you haven’t had a daughter yet. The die is already cast in the stars when you do it to someone else. It has to circle back around and find a place to land, and it will, and you will not be there to stop it because no one was there for her when YOU did it to her. YOUR daughter won’t even see it coming, because the genetic code has already plugged it into her genes on your behalf.

It has a history and the only way to stop it is to end it with yourself.

RECAP: If you think it’s okay to rape and degrade Black women and take them for granted like a slavemaster on a ship or on a plantation, you might be race-dependent. We can’t afford to make Black women weak and dependent like white men do to their women, they don’t yet have that kind of support systems in place. Working together with no gender-dominance on either side is imperative in this racist nation; yet, there has to be enough balance to recognize “roles” IN THEIR PROPER POSITION.

(10) The Jealousy, Ladies, The Jealousy

It makes us weak and socially and psychologically dependent.

Jealousy is a form of hatred that has existed since the very beginning and is said to have caused the very first murder on Earth. I can take it back a little farther, if you’re inclined to believe Bible stories, or at least inclined to believe the moral of the story behind the story.

It really began with a fight in the Heavenly of Heavenlies. There was a war in heaven over the reign of the Kingdom of God, or so the story goes, and it doesn’t matter whether you believe the Bible or not, what matters is the heart or crux of the story itself.

This war between Lucifer Son of the Morning and the lead Archangel Michael led to Lucifer being hurled out of Heaven to his least or lowest common angelic denominator, along with the others who had tried to overtake what did not belong to them. Lucifer lost it all and became lower than the dirt of the Earth, appearing to a woman as a Serpent, so it goes … and one thing led to another, with Adam & Eve imbibing that hatred and jealousy through the eating of a piece of fruit -foodborne mental illness. It’s been hell on Earth ever since.

No matter what, there are only two choices on this planet — The Truth or a Lie, i.e., the “Fruit of the Tree of Life”, or the “Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil”. Believable or not as a fairytale or allegory, the Woman that the Man blamed for the wrong erroneous deed ended up spawning children who also imbibed that same jealousy and hatred, leading TO a murder, said to be the first murder committed on Earth.

The jealousy is not just among women, either. Men also have a spirit of jealousy (a self-absorbed hatred, internal and/or external in nature).

Men can even be jealous of women, and will opt to destroy them rather than lead them in the right direction. That is exactly what happened when Adam tried to throw Eve ‘under a tree’ so he wouldn’t be blamed for her major indiscretion, though it was really HIS responsibility to care for her and the Garden. She was his helpmeet, not his boss lady.

Herein lay the facts: We can’t write a story -a movie or a book or an article or blog/vlog, or a plot of any kind- without the ‘Good vs Evil’ piece, because a story without conflict (envy, jealousy, hatred, earthly desire, et al) is like a Malt Liquor without hops, and an empty rolling paper without weed… ’nuff said.

For the most part, it can be said that paranoid jealous women (and men) are guilty of doing the very things they accuse others of. They have no ability to believe that everyone is not like them or that anyone is incapable of doing what THEY did wrong, simply because they lose their sensibility gauge once they make bad choices. At some point, they are going to try to psycho-transfer their personified guilt onto someone else, as did a former friend of mine (now deceased) who said I had slept with her husband when the actual truth is that she was the one who slept with mine.

Ladies, the Jealousy and the willingness to betray another Black woman for the most insolent and stupid reasons is simply not a fix for whatever ails you, nor will it ever be. Many movies, like FATAL ATTRACTION, UNFAITHFUL, PERFECT STRANGER, and INDECENT PROPOSAL, show us that there is no such thing as “no-fault” when bad choices are made…SOMEBODY got to pay for that, regardless.

The consequences are real even when the story is made up.

RECAP: If you think it’s okay, Black women, to be on display or have hidden in your heart a hated against other Black women just because you can and it’s allowed; and if Black men think it’s okay to compete with Black women instead of seeing them as they genuinely are WHEN THEY ARE BEING GENUINE, and not intentionally trying to be a “trick” or a “trap,” then you might be race-dependent.


As long as we keep hinging our bets on the above-noted psycho-social white supremacist-inspiring mass confusion and their messes, as long as we are still waiting for them to excuse themselves, or “pardonne-moi!“, or fall in love with us Black folk and apologize for their multitudinous outrageous godless sins and actually mean it, we’re still slaves. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically, as well as PHILOSOPHICALLY, the enslavement in our heads is a real as the chains.

As Wynton Marsalis said his father told him, paraphrased, “If you want something badly enough, don’t have something else to fall back on.”

If we want TRUE freedom and Black independence, we can’t keep giving ourselves lifelines to get out of the responsibility of getting it done.

If we do keep looking for white skin to save us, we never wanted freedom in the first place.


They said “The British are coming! The British are coming!” in their revolution to be free from imprisonment by law-abiding Brits. We need to say “The racist krakkas are coming! Git you a gun, (er … some common sense) we gonna have us a REVOLUTION!” in order to be free of Mother England’s racist leftovers who were nothing but criminals themselves.

As long as we have white folks to blame, or Black folks to blame, or even some other excuse to put the blame on, the different lynching ropes they hang us with (in that certain Revolving Door Cyclical F’ing we often get) are still effectively working.

The Strange Fruit that hangs from the rope still swinging in the breeze is even stranger now than it was back then.


Even Stranger Fruit


PUBLIC NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of the Urban Intellectuals, affiliates or partners.

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  1. Nice list of the problem, but the thing I have noticed after the past 20 years is that I see alot of nice lists of problems but no “app” for a solution! No where in this article is there any mention of the importance of Culture and Psychology and the link of the 2 ! Until there is a scientific process , in looking at , what has worked in changing social pathologies, that is to say , what can correct all of those things we lost since the days of the Garvey Movement , of the numerous Black Wall streets and the Black Nationalist and Blac Power Movements of the 60s 70s and even 80s , then really we just talking in circles! A Social Pathology is mentioned in the Black community in detail! OK in what part of our 25 thousand years of Black history did this occur ?? 150 years ago after slavery?? or 25 to 30 years ago when we aquired a Cultural Virus , put on us by COINTELPRO , to make us complacent to any form of collective community defense , collective economics, and collective poltical action on a family based, block based , community based , city based, state based and yes nation based process! If we would by any means necesssary seek to rid our computers of a virus , then why in the hell in all these years , do we not have a cadre of young sisters and brothers working in unison in each of the 50 states to make a antivirus , to this cultural virus go viral?? Garvey waged a Cultural Revolution 100 years ago, with the help of only 2 Black millionaires, no technology and no media , and at a time when we had no rights civil or otherwise, that transformed millions of house negroes , into Black Nationalists and Pan Africanists! Seems like this generation has the advantage to organize one!

    • I hear you.

      However, the journalist’s job is to report the news, not to develop robotics and apps to change the social pathology. Like any other journalist, we observe and study, and write to keep people informed of what is going on that is causing too many problems and not enough by the way of solutions. Would that we could change the status quo.

      The uniqueness of URBANINTELLECTUALS, though, is that even though some of us are pure journalists at heart – the founder of this news rag has created a social environment to address the pathologies, as well as an app and a series of educational thought-building flash cards. That is a beginning, a start, even if not the whole noodle.

      Maybe those who are looking for solutions need to talk to #UI founder Jackson Ra about what he is working on outside of this newswriting entity. There is also a social media site here and it’s really time for Black people to shut Facebook down…past time…and do for ourselves what whites do only for themselves. We are hangers-on instead of developers of our own communities, so they don’t care whether we use their sites or not; they own it all and wish we would go away anyway.

      They develop their stuff to demean Blackness in America, not to help support it. Even the DailyKOS ‘diaries’ have been found to be a socially ultra-elite conservative far-rightwing pathologies disguised as “Democratic” and “liberal.” If that is the case, then liberals are indeed a bunch of racists, and so are the Democrats as well as the others they claim to be against. Truth told, this whole thing has been a sore and severe disappointment, and this time, it wasn’t even “Obama’s fault,” it was our own fault for failure to follow-through on our own hopes and promises to future generations.

      It appears to me that after all that fighting and of all the sacrifices of the past, we still don’t have much NOW by the way of Civil Rights. And except for the evidence that we didn’t even follow through on the initiatives of our ancestors who gave us this day with NO technology whatsoever, barely owned a radio or TV, we dropped the ball on that a long time ago. The Millennials would have had to fight like hell to revive it. They are, however, too melded into the technology that WE GAVE THEM to care what happens going forward. Why would they start a Cultural Revolution when they have everything? – majorly stuff that none of them truly worked for or earned.

      They aren’t hungry like we were back in the Garvey days, so they don’t have to work for a living. All they have to do is butt-sit and push buttons, and potentially some of them become millionaires because of it and keep it moving. Everybody else is just a follow-along crowd with no follow-through.

      They have the advantages, but they don’t see the “issue” with Blackness in America as anything but us “dwelling in the past” that we need to “get over.” And therein lies the very reason why racism can never end. Too many Black people of this day and age in denial and unwilling to end it.

      That’s why we are here now — the cultural denial is firmly in place until another racist killing happens for no reason. Then “we” get in an uproar, refuse to acknowledge the caustic agents that eat us alive, and the next day – we’re all back into Empires and Scandals and Queen Sugars (Oprah blaming Black people for American racism, of course) and iPads again.

      We didn’t cause it, but we sure aren’t interested in stopping it either.

  2. God Bless you and keep you but you overlook the Cultural Virus , as I stated that caused that complacency and disinterest in Black Unity and Collective Focus ! being well off, and millionaires has nothing to do with being ambivlent to Black struggle! Please understand that Black Wall street was bombed cause those comfortable millionaires had enough unity and collective focus to have advanced weaponry, that could not be defeated on foot! They had in internal militia of the latest machine guns and gattling guns of the time!, At a time now of Economic defense rather then balisitic defense , todays Black millionaires have not done a damn thing to protect the Black communities , where they live! and here is the reason why Do note that a Cultural Virus was placed on us in the late 80s and 90s, if you need to spelled out it was Gangsta Thug Balling and Pimping culture, where we paid to hear sisters and brothers celebrate things attitudes and habits that not only destroy the community but the family structure as well! COINTELPRO was well aware of the psychological effect of beats and rhythms after stealing the 25 thousand year old, secret and sacred sciences of the healing powers of it we knew as the worlds first people in Africa ! I can tell a journalist what to do but if our people are sick , I think it is at last important to talk about the illness and what we need to do collectively to work on a cure ! Dr Francis Cress Welsing wrote about this Cultural Virus in “The Isis Papers” , Dr Amos Wilson spoke on it and Dr Marimba Ani spelled it out clearly in “Yurugu”! Asante Sana

    • And the cure for this “Cultural Virus” would be what? So far, the only thing assimilation to whiteness has taught us is that the only cure for snakebite is snake venom.

      • You werent bitten by a snake you were bitten by a human , like a Vampire ! Garvey waged a Cultural Revolution, Clarence Allah waged a Cultural Revolution on the East coast that ended Gang killings long after he was assasinated by Frank Lucas in 67, until the Culture changed , by COINTEPRO in the late 80s ! We have a choice! Either we unite to use what history has shown and improved to be effective or we can face our great grand children going back into a very real chattel slavery , in the next 100 years at the rate things are going and not going!

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