It would be a good idea if Black people could all watch the movie IMPERIUM in order to understand this, but in case you haven’t or don’t want to – just know that these “race wars” are a luscious dream that certain white Americans of a certain ilk have been salivating over for many years, and so far, nothing they’ve done has turned up the “Ni&&ers” they seek.

And Now Comes … Trump.

In fact, they have often and most recently turned out to be the “ni&&ers they seek” themselves. That’s because it was never US messing with them based on their skin color, but the other way around. Even their alleged so-called “terrorists” turned out to be the Black-colored and poor in other nations defending themselves and their own honor and their own right to their own religion.

Whatever it takes, whatever innocent Black child they have to kill, no matter what Black Man of God they have to destroy, to get this done – they will do what they have to. They stop at nothing, and no delimiters beset them, because they are living in their own racemongering fantasyland created by none other but themselves, so no matter which way they twist which story — Black folks are falling for it, or falling down trying to uphold it – even unwittingly upholding it while swearing they are not.


The Reality of PTSS

The slave mentality about these trumpesque political ruses, the post-traumatic slave syndrome, is real.

Get a grip, because it ends soon … they usually end up digging their own ditches.

We understand the grief of the man’s mother in this most recent nonsense murder, and how she vows to resolve it – but we also heard that same screaming noise out of Sandra Bland’s mother, who took a ONE million dollar payout for the life of her daughter and got shut down real fast.

How fast she was willing to sell out says a lot about what she thought of her own daughter, like leaving her in a Texas jail for three days wasn’t enough. Like allowing them to call her “crazy” in order to cover up their sins wasn’t enough.

Black People, before you get pissed off, understand just what, exactly, it is you’re pissed off about-and why.

Because “marches” just don’t cut it any more, especially not when we have been infiltrated by the Black KKK, which is just another arm of the historical KKK.

It no longer matters about sticking the name of Botham Shem Jean under another hashtag and screaming out in bloody fear. You’re next. I mean “Tag, you’re it.”

Stay Focused, because today and into the days and months and years to come, Cardi B and Beyonce and Nicki Minaj and even Omarosa Newman and her “new Trump tapes” don’t mean a damned thing to Black America.

They’re just as ef’d as the rest of us are.

The Wanton Bloodlust Is Real

If Amber Guyger got away with it the first time (Uvaldo Perez), it was only a matter of time -nerved up- before she was slated to do it again. This time it caused the death of an innocent black man in his own home.

QUOTE: In a Sunday night statement, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings praised Hall’s decision to call in the Rangers “to handle the investigation to ensure there was no appearance of bias. Please continue to pray for the family of Botham Jean tonight and in the weeks and months ahead,” Rawlings said.

The words “No appearance of bias” is telling — appearances are always deceiving. There can be bias, racism, without it appearing to be so. In this case, it was close enough to blatantly racist, unless it is discovered that it was an engineered hit by someone Jean knows. And in their case, even that often turns out to be a lie. You don’t knock on your own door screaming ‘OPEN THE DOOR!’, whether it is locked or unlocked. Either way this goes, THAT is a lie because you live there, if you live there, you’ve got keys. If the door is unlocked while you’re screaming OPEN THE DOOR and it already is open, you left it unlocked and you don’t scream OPEN THE UNLOCKED DOOR unless you’re drunk – she wasn’t.

Pray, yes; and then raise up and kick ass. Not for purposes of a race war, but for a legal action based on laws they claim to uphold and for more laws to come: BOTHAM’S LAW. You can’t outlaw the racism, but you can step up the game on the punishment that ultimately outlaws the white supremacy built into the laws.

Praying without doing, faith without works, means they’ve won-and it means that no matter how hard you pray, your faith is also dead right along with your prayers.



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