Anti-Afro Svengalis: Sistahs Crocodiling Umar Johnson

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1 Everyone probably knows by now that the only time a LOT of Black folks just ‘go along to get along’ with empowering their own sworn enemies is when they are non-Black and racist as hell.

We step and fetch on racism coming out of places like Amazon and WalMart and the NFL and DOVE and Gucci and Prada, et al. But … at the same time. … okay.

2 Jerome ‘Umar’ Johnson was wrong for dat, and he should apologize.

“Doctor” Umar, whose own father has shown up on YouTube blasting ‘Romey-Rome’ for pretending to be something he is not, is now being directly and specifically targeted by Anti-Afro Svengalis … whew, LOL.

“Doctor” Umar had an opportunity not many of us honest folks get

He had a lot of Black people giving him money for a “Marcus Garvey”ish institute, and he had more than enough of a chance to reroute and use other tools to get this grassroots organization off the ground–even without the money to buy a brick’n’mortar building.

Anti-Afro Svengalis is at his throat like Christine -v- Cujo, “thank you Stephen King” … but now that everyone knows what Johnson is all about, anyone else who gives him a dime should be ripped off.

It’s like a rip-off mega church pastor.

If they keep tithing to a known scammer, they must don’t need their own money all that bad. Yeah, I said “must don’t need” it … that was intentional.

Man, we don’t go that hard on a Virginia governor caught wearing a Ku Klux Klan mask …

Lighten up, Sistah AAS, LOL. We got it.

Umar’s fried, so anyone following him now is just like a #DonaldTrump supporter. #LUNATIC


You gotta watch him eat a honey bun and drink Kool-juice for nearly six minutes first

Umar Purchases School But Can’t Afford Labor to Rehab It . NO NO NO Brotha. Black people are no longer slaves!

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