The Genius of Donald “The Real John” Trump and Kanye “Yeezus” West

Kanye got elevated, Trump got pushed down another notch or two by white folks who hate Ye. Great balance and structure.


People don’t think Donald Trump is too bright. Some also think “Yeezus” is outright spooky.

But there are others who think Trump is a sheer genius worthy of all the accolades he’s never earned and never will…automatically “better than” Barack Obama by skin color attribution alone. They deserve trophies and awards on superficiality only, not because they actually worked to get where they are.

This “Back to the 1800s” MAGA-ot swamp mentality that gets Trump’s base all high-falutin’ riled up over BS is his other high point.

After all, as Trump said, paraphrased, “I can walk outside in broad daylight in the middle of NYC and shoot someone dead and STILL get elected President.”

Most people agreed with it, some people pretended to be appalled, others were truly appalled.

The Trump Meme … the good one

Think about it for a minute, because there was an allegedly false MEME floating around the social media set for a while … it was THIS one

Trump allegedly said “He could win a presidential election with dumb ass Republicans because they are a bunch of idiots who ‘watch FOX news.’

False or not, it turned out to be the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and that’s about the most truthful thing he didn’t say, ever.

Now …

Considering that Barack Obama screwed those FOX-TV types on the FRONT END, and Donald Trump is now officially screwing them on the BACK END, it turns out that the Meme is being actualized. It no longer matters whether or not Trump said it, it ended up coming true to life.

The Black Piece

Black folks, angered at first by the election of the confessed sexual predator Trump, finally came to grips with it. The word out was “So what? We’ve seen worse racists than Trump.”

It’s true … we have seen worse in our own life and times, and heard of worse before any of us were ever born.

So …

Where Do We Go From Here?

I mean, after all, isn’t Donald Trump now President Obama’s “President”, too? That’s the funny part, he’s the officiating president of both Obama AND Biden, and both of them have said things about him that aren’t very flattering. So has Eric Holder … BUT …

They can’t have that much respect for a man who doesn’t respect himself, or women, and can’t even marry respectably, for real, as did Obama and even Bill Cosby married respectably. Kanye didn’t even manage to do that, so they (Ye and Trump) have a lot in common.

So …

What ELSE Can They Do?

They can’t destroy Black people just by shooting and walking away with it … the world is going to remain more than 90-percent Black and colored regardless.


Without slaves and Black genes and DNA, they don’t really exist, so … they can make robots out of junk parts and make Body Building supplements out of black men’s body parts taken out of funeral homes in order to get to the point where they ‘don’t need’ Black people, but how do YOU suppose that will play out in the long run?

It took them this long, nearly 400 years as of next year, to try to wipe out Black people, and the USA is STILL getting more “brown and colored” by the minute #bydesign. So colored that they are effing themselves into oblivion without considering the truth.

The more they try to screw us, the worse things get for them. It’s just the way it is.

They’re not going to proliferate by lying to themselves about how they can destroy us with murder, enslavement, rape, poverty, and sex, so … since the DNA is written in the stars from the beginning of time …

What else can they dream up? As THE REAL HEBREWS of Jerusalem, we already know that doesn’t work. Never did and never will.

Yeezus and Trump Sitting in a Tree …

Kanye West is actually a bit MORE brilliant than “The Real John” … because the moment I heard he tweet-hearted Trump on social media, all I could think is “He must have a new musical piece coming out.”

Why? Because West does not give that much of a flying freak about Trump than most Black people do, but if you’re trying to get into headline news again … and you know white people wish you would just drop dead, then how do you do it?

Give Black folks a reason to be madatcha: Say something NICE about Trump.

Boom: Instant Headlines.

Lift Yourself: “Playing The Game” by Yeezus

Though it can be said that Trump didn’t see that one coming, if he did, he played along for the ratings.

They are both (Ye and Trump) TV ratings and popularity ho’s, so a bromance that elevates both of them into the HEADLINES of mainstream media can’t ever be a bad thing, especially since Trump is so starved and thirsty for Black compliments -anything he can get will do in that dry desert- that he likely didn’t do it on purpose, BUT the genius is that he may have.

Trump saw a “Negro Mirage” in that desert and fell right into it [#bydesign]. Now, he’s ALL WET and Kanye still don’t love his ass like that. I highly doubt it.

Admit it, y’all: Yeezus strikes again; and it appears this time that he is now officially Trump’s Black demi-god and mentor.

Kanye West as 'Yeezus': Is he Trump's Black demi-god?
Ye and Trump sitting in a tree … k i s s i n g.



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