2019: The NFL & Colin Kaepernick-Super Bowl XVwhatever


Dateline: February 3, 2019-Somewhere in Atlanta GA not too far from Stone Mountain Park…where American terrorists lay immortal on a wall carving and the right of #BlackLives to survive in their own country lay in heaps of rubble.

We’ve been told over and over again what they think of ALL Black people except the ones they are making money off of.

Does it take a brick wall?

How many times must it fall on our heads? [The irony is a bitch, folk.]

Seems like if they can so easily throw the seriousness of our Black lives in the trash and yet fight so hard to keep their terrorist confederacy intact, we should throw them in the trash can with all of it.

AMERICAN TERRORISTS How many times must we be reminded that their lynchings are far more important than our lives?

So far, the score is:

Whites Lives Taken by Kaepernick – 0
Black Lives Taken by Lee, Jackson, and Davis – Thousands, literally.



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