We’ve covered the story of how an enslaved man, Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green, actually taught Jack Daniels how to make bourbon. He has been recognized in very small moves as the godfather of Tenessee Whiskey but it is still not mainstream knowledge.

However, if you are a JD drinker it may now be time to switch.

In a move that is more than just honoring namesake, entrepreneur Fawn Weaver is also honoring the descendants of Nearest.

As travel Noire wrote:

After reading the story of Uncle Nearest and his contributions to the spirits industry, Weaver was drawn to learn more. What started as a personal research project led to her interviewing over 100 of Nearest’s relatives, all before the thought of creating a whiskey brand and opening a distillery came into play.

Photo by Marc Pagani Pictured: Descendants of Nearest Green at the grand opening party of the Nearest Green Distillery She was so inspired to honor Nearest and his family that she created the Nearest Green Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Under this organization, Weaver built a scholarship program for Green’s descendants, which allows anyone in his bloodline that gets into college to have their tuition and books fully paid.


Of course, the most standout part of what Weaver has done is creating the whiskey brand under the name of the former slave. What’s ironic is that outside of enjoying Bourbon as a drink, Weaver was never interested in the spirit making industry.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is the first major spirit brand to pay homage to an African American. It is now the fastest-growing independent-owned Whiskey brand in the country in U.S. history.

If you are a drinker, will you be trying this Whiskey?

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