(VIDEO) Racist Far Right Group So Stupid They Thought Bus Seats Were Terrorists!

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So, a racist far right group in Norway showed outrage over a photo of a group of women on a bus…. oh wait, nope it was empty bus seats! Anyway the dumbos thought they were women in burqas after being trolled by a journalist!

The man who posted the photo in the Facebook group, Johan Slattavik, told Al Jazeera:

“I was bored one night so I thought about doing a little practical joke,” he said. “As a journalist myself I am fascinated by social mechanisms such as group polarisation, and how people’s perceptions of an impression are influenced by how others around them react. So I laid out the photo to see what happened. I ended up having a good laugh.”

The image attracted thousands of hateful comments before being spotted and now the group are the subject of extreme mockery! Watch and learn more below:

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