Top 5 Underappreciated Black Writers


Fresh from celebrating Black History Month, it’s a great time to dive into the wide range of black-authored books. Though they struggle much to get their books published, we as people of color need to support our authors and get them recognized. Publishers will take them more seriously when they realize there is an eager audience waiting to read their works. If you are like me, I’m sure you would like to read books that you resonate with. Whichever genre piques your interest, there is a book that can fill that void. Let’s check out 5 up and coming black writers you should know about.

1. Kiese Laymon

Kiese is a fearless writer who was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. In his writings, he finds a way to tell his struggles as a young black American weaving emotion with facts. Laymon narrates his experiences with pain, humiliation, joy, abuse, and feelings of shame. His way of narrating illuminates his vulnerability, insights and struggle to find his identity. He has authored Long Division, how to kill yourself slowly and others in America and his most recent work Heavy.

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2. Britney Cooper

Britney Cooper is an eloquent writer with a sense of humor and a razor-sharp intellect. She is a feminist whose voice needs to be heard. In her writings, she addresses issues like friendship, faith, sex, love, rage, and marriage. In her book Eloquent rage, she keeps it real and makes us accountable for our actions. She’s the ultimate feminist with a burning desire to educate us on matters that touch our lives.


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3. Patriesse Cullors

Patriesse is a brave American artist, activist, and co-founder of the black lives matter movement. She was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Cullors represents most black girls growing up in the community where violence, police brutality, gangs, and abuse is rampant. She expresses her raw sentiments in her essays, articles and a recent book When They Call You a Terrorist: Black Lives Matter.

She is adamant in fighting the good fight and reminds the back community we matter.

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4. Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe is a black woman who is simply tired of having to explain her whole existence and anything about being black. She pours her heart into her pages addressing all the prejudices and offending scenarios of the day-to-day life of an average woman of color in the world. Phoebe has a way with words that will make you laugh and get agitated with accuracy as the words hit home. With her books, You Can’t Touch My Hair, Everything’s Trash but it’s Okay, she hopes someone out there will listen and stop being racist.

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5. Michael Arceneaux

Michael was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His mother is a nurse and a staunch Catholic. He has come a long way from being a little boy who almost became a priest, to a queer man facing rejection and prejudice from his own people. In his essays, he captures the experiences of his dating life, sexuality, and his obsession with Beyonce. He uses humor and precision to captivate the readers and tell his story. He has already released the book I Can’t Date Jesus and is currently writing I Don’t Want to Die Poor.

See works by Michael Arceneaux on Amazon.

There is a long list of unappreciated authors that you as a reader need to support. Please add these authors to your reading lists and let’s help them (and others) make it to the next level.


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