Too Pro-Black? Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Are a Mental Distraction, It’s As Simple as That

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Remember these words: Virtual slavery. You will see them again.

Thanks to the management of for taking out the time to put together this Timeline of Events leading up to the attempted destruction of Bill Cosby’s legacy.

Once you connect the dots and follow the money trail, there will come the time for the Fight of the Century that needs to happen in America.

Oh, yes. We need to have THAT conversation, and that fight. There is no more room for doubt about it, and whether it comes by hook or by crook, it’s time to have that conversation once and for all.

Back in the 1980s, two major events happened in the United States that forever changed Black America.

[1] The election of Ronald Wilson Reagan as President of the United States and [2] the advent of William H. Cosby, PhD, as the most innovative Black television mogul of the past two decade(s).

As a disclaimer, take note that Bill Cosby has currently garnered for himself a reputation in the Black community as a bona fide Black social elitist.

Now, let’s put that behind us and move on.

How about all of those rape allegations? And the backstory on the real reason why Black people need to finally get on THE SAME PAGE and start singing the same tune in the same Concerto, even if it’s only one song at a time; and quit playing head games with those hateful treacherous white supremacists who continue to use our own resources and our own skin color against us. We all play different instruments, or sing different parts, but we need for The American Black Choir to get on its A-game, stay on the SAME page, turn the page together, and stay on key and with the up-tempo and the beat if we want the final crescendo and basic harmony to come out just right.

Background Info

Ronald Reagan’s 1980s campaign was headed and underscored by none other than the now-deceased Lee “Boogie Man” Atwater.

Atwater, as we should all know by now, was one of the most insidiously racist planet bastards white people have ever dredged up. With the Black vote firmly in the hand of the Democratic Party, Atwater made an almost singularly unanimous decision to run Reagan’s Republican campaign on nothing but racism and the high emotional histrionics of allegedly “disenfranchised angry white men” in order to put Reagan in the White House.

He did it by inciting hatred and anger in whites, and by simultaneously twisting words from The Bible in such a high-hatted cursory manner (‘plowshares into pruning hooks‘, our Black American ‘unowhats’) that the most uneducated under-resourced Black people who even bother to vote fell for the evangelical tactic and helped elect a racist to the White House whose only goal was to rebuild white supremacy and nationalism at the expense of the sons and daughters of former slaves. It was the only way he could win, by incendiary words igniting white nationalists and by bottom-feeding Blacks who actually thought that Reagan’s quoting words from The Bible made him a Christian. (The devil, also, comes forward masquerading as an “angel of light.”)

Reagan began his campaign, duly noted as “Back to Basics,” while standing on the gravesites of three murdered Civil Rights workers in Philadelphia, Mississippi. And the rest, as they say, was HIS-STORY.

[As a matter of record, I remember mentioning to my own folk that if we didn’t keep an eye on our political business and push back against Reagan REAL HARD, this country would have Black people back in slavery before we could blink an eye. Once a racist, always a racist. They laughed and said it would “never” happen, and that slavery and racism was not Reagan’s fault. Think real hard about Bill Cosby’s 1980s role in this Black disbelief in a potential ‘return to slavery’ at the time. It is now 2015 and the highlight of far too many Black conversations across America and around the world are how re-enslavement happened, or how slavery ‘never really ended.’ Reagan and his “Willie Horton-ish” cronies had EVERYTHING to do with that.]

In the meantime, while Reagan was spooning white people on one end and mooning Black people on the other, NBC-TV emerged at the very top of the pileup of dusky prime time ratings with one of the highest-rated television shows ever in the history of America that featured an African-American family.

Forget the buck-eyed, gleamy-toothed laughing bragging court jester (Step’n’Fetch), the screaming big-lipped hyena of a Black man and his demanding bossy “angry Black woman” wife (Amos-n-Andy), the fat Black mammy (Sapphire) who was always after some man who rejected the very idea that she was a real woman, the slappy-kneed chicken-clucking prankster whose only lines were “Yassuh” and “Yas’m,” (the Jack Benny Show); forget DY- NO-MITE! and J.J. Evans (played by Jimmie Walker), the “Black racist” George ‘movin on up’ Jefferson (played by Sherman Hemsley); even forget Linc Hayes [The Mod Squad Black police officer played by actor Clarence Williams III] and Christie Love (played by actress Teresa Graves), with those slick and fast hustling jive talk one-liners that white people find so cute and endearing about us.

The Cosby Show was one of the most well-rounded depictions of phantasmagoric Black Americans that the world had ever seen. There was none other than the bold and illustrious Mr. Cosby, PhD, driving the Cadillac when it arrived. One would never have known that Cosby was a former high school dropout who dropped back in and also completed college. In conjunction with one of the most notable Black psychologists of African American and French descent, Dr. Alvin Pouissant, The Cosby Show became the most highly rated unambiguous Black family television show in the history of network TV.

There are lots of stories that can be told about the demise of The Cosby Show when it was still drawing families together all over the nation who were tuning in; but suffice it to say, as a coverall, that all good things must inevitably come to an end. Even hit TV show M*A*S*H* was voluntarily taken off the air by its producers when it could have run another four or five seasons. They stated that they preferred to leave with a bang, instead of waiting for the show to run aground on its own merit. They wanted to leave with a sizzle rather than a fizzle, and they did just that.

Comes now the timeline of Dr. Cosby events as promised earlier. The bulk of this timeline was passed on to us by a highly watchful and diligent member of the Black Community who tends to ask all the right questions even if she hasn’t quite gotten a grasp on what are the answers. Yet.

Bill Cosby vintage

Bill Cosby Vintage

Here goes…

  • 1962 Bill Cosby drops out of college and becomes a stand-up comedian, enthused by greats such as Dick Gregory, Jerry Lewis, Sid Caesar, and Jack Benny.
  • 1963 Cosby appears on The Tonight Show, exposing him to a national audience. As a result of that…
  • He releases his first comedy album, and wins a Grammy Award for the second comedy album. He wins seven more Grammies throughout the 1960s for follow-up albums, including two for children.
  • 1963 Bill Cosby meets Camille Hanks and marries her a year later. The union produces five children, four daughters and one son, whom he models on the hit television show of the 1980s. All of his children’s names begin with “E” for “excellence.”
  • 1965-1968 Cosby’s first acting assignment is as the co-star of “I Spy” with actor Robert Culp.
    • 1967 Lou Ferrigno’s wife, Carla, accuses Cosby of grabbing and kissing her when she was a teen at a 1967 party. [It’s easy enough to say that if she was married to Lou Ferrigno at the time, it’s highly doubtful that she was a “teen.” Even so, was it New Year’s Eve at midnight, or Christmas? and were they standing under some mistletoe at the time?]
  • 1968 A Bill Cosby Special airs on TV.
  • 1968 Bill Cosby does TV movie “Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed.”
  • 1969 Another Bill Cosby Special airs on TV.
  • 1969-1971 “The Bill Cosby Show” airs and runs.
    • 1969 Cosby’s former publicist, Joan Tarshish, states that Bill Cosby raped her. Twice. The same day? At different times? If it wasn’t the same day during the same moment in time as he paused between rapes, then why did she return to him for a second round?
  • Early 1970s Cosby appears on The Electric Company and develops the now more than famous “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” (hey hey hey) with stories based on his own childhood growing up in the projects.
  • 1974 – 1977 Cosby enjoys movie success in Uptown Saturday Night, Let’s Do It Again, and A Piece of the Action, along with Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte.
  • 1977 Cosby received his doctorate in Urban Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
    • 1982 Janice Dickinson says Cosby raped her. No evidence surfaces, no trial emerges.
  • 1984 – 1992 “The Cosby Show” airs and enters into television history. [Noteworthy: The biggest controversy about the show comes from many American Black people themselves, who considered a black lawyer-doctor couple who could afford lithographic paintings (personally signed by the artist) that cost upwards of $25k way out of the reality-range for most Blacks in America. Many psychological/socio-economic conversations immersed the nation as the reality of Reagan’s damage surfaced. His presidential stance was that if “Black people have ‘moved on up‘ that far, they should no longer be relying on the government for entitlement assistance.” “Homelessness” became the proverbial byword of the decade for the many Black people still living in poverty as a direct result of the Radical Reconstruction. Too many watched the jobs simultaneously run out of the country for cheaper labor under the Reagan administration. The attitudes at the time were “if you can afford a TV, a telephone, and a refrigerator,” you didn’t need welfare. No, Bill Cosby was not hiring at the time; and neither were any of the Republicans who brought the face of a “Welfare Queen” out in the form of a single Black woman who drove Cadillacs to pick up her food stamps and only had more babies to get an additional $25 a month in cash benefits. Turned out the illustrious welfare queen he used as an example was a darker-complected tanned-out WHITE WOMAN.]
  • 1986 Cosby becomes a best-selling author with his books, Fatherhood and Time Flies.
  • 1987-1990 Cosby stars in other feature films, such as Ghost Dad, and becomes the national face of a spongy bone-grinding dessert called JELL-O gelatin and pudding cups, which “face” he held onto long after the Cosby era commercials ceased to be.
  • October 1992 They, the network ‘powers- that- be’, called Cosby the biggest star of the 1980s and ‘The Man who Would Be King‘ as he attempted, over and over again, to buy the NBC network–which was put up for sale  by G.E. (for sale, that is, to anybody but him and any other Black man). He was consistently cut out of the deal-making process after several attempts during price negotiations, and by those who would rather have died and burned in hell than to see a Black man in America own a major mainstream long-standing original television network.
  • 1994-1995 The Cosby Mysteries airs on network cable TV.
  • 1996-2000 Cosby, co-starring Phylicia Rashad, his famous wife/co-star from The Cosby Show 1984-1992, airs, experiencing a modicum of success, but not as much as the earlier hit.
  • January 16, 1997 Cosby’s only son, Ennis, age 27, is murdered by a white Russian gangbanger between 1:15 and 1:45 a.m. on a Los Angeles freeway while changing the tire on his pretty ritzy (high-tech at the time) automobile.
  • February 1, 1997 Bill Cosby publicly endorses, along with Julius Erving, Ben Carson, Joe Frazier, and a few others, the Don Griffin/Joel Freeman co-written book “Return to Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Race.” Just in time for Black History Month 1997.
  • 1997 Cosby published some children’s books featuring a character called “Little Bill.”
  • 1997 onward … Cosby goes on the speaker’s tour circuit and appears at many commencement ceremonies, and pens another book called…
  • 1999 Congratulations! Now what…?
  • 2000 Cosby co-writes another book, along with Dwight Allen, a white educator, American Schools: The $100 Billion Challenge.
  • 2003 Cosby co-writes Friends of a Feather, with his daughter, Erika; and wins the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award.
    • 2004 Andrea Constand, Director of Operations for Temple University’s basketball team, says Cosby drugged and raped her (Her lawsuit, along with 13 others who were slated to testify on behalf of the accuser, settled.)
  • 2007 Cosby pens “Come On, People: On the Path from Victims to Victors,” the most devastatingly critical and controversial book of his long-standing career that appears, on the surface, to be extra-critical of a certain sector of poverty-stricken Black society that Cosby deems to be ‘excuse-makers’ about why it is they can’t seem to succeed and make it in American society. In reality, Cosby is telling Black America “I know what the issues are, and there is a way to beat them.” [Note: Every single time Bill Cosby is about to produce something in major mainstream media that is almost exclusively PRO-Black, the rape and sexual misconduct allegations seem to pop up out of thin air, even some 30-odd years AFTER they allegedly happened.]
  • 2009 Cosby receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.
  • October 2009 Bill Cosby unites rappers in “Cosnarati: State of Emergency” ( socially conscious hip-hop CD focusing on critical issues affecting young people).
  • 2012 The Cosby “death hoax” happened on Facebook while Cosby, still very much alive, celebrated his 50th year in the entertainment business.
  • 2013 Cosby resurfaces in the comedy arena with “Far From Finished,” directed by veteran comedian and actor, Robert Townsend.
  • January 2014 NBC announces plans to bring Cosby back to prime time television.
  • July 2014 Press conference to announce Cosby’s new television show.
  • October 2014 Hannibal Burress’ stand up comedy routine brings back the older allegations of Cosby’s alleged “sex crimes,” none of which he has been convicted for. Burress is highly critical of Cosby’s elitism, and mentioning the sexual misconduct allegations is all he needs to ignite the spark again. [Note: One Black man being used, again, to help destroy another one.]
  • November 18, 2014 NBC scraps plans for new Cosby TV show, as yet unnamed; and TVLand and some other cable stations can reruns of the old syndicated 1980s-era Cosby Show.
    • As of December 2014, more allegations of drugging, molestation, and rape surface, but all of the alleged “victims” are white women who are telling the same and similar stories of unproven events that happened between 30-40 years ago. When all of the white accusers start looking like inconsistent liars, Black accusers begin to surface — nearly all of whom are known as “lowlife women who once traded sex for favors” during the hedonistic Hugh Hefner Playboy Club era. When that did not work out for them as planned, other allegations surfaced with dates that seem to corroborate with dates that would move them within the statute of limitations to sue Cosby. Lately, the accusers are beginning to discredit one another and call each other liars. The entire ‘rape plot’ is beginning to implode and look suspiciously orchestrated and is falling apart. Think: Michael Jackson, another Black man who wielded even more power than Cosby. Most of Cosby’s television co-stars from The Cosby Show, as well as his wife and daughter, come out and make public statements in his defense, including Phylicia Rashad, and child stars Tempestt Bledsoe and Raven Symone. Rashad even mentions that the entire thing is being deliberately orchestrated in order to destroy Cosby’s legacy, even as he tries to move forward with the mentality of “the show must go on.”

Now for the ‘Fix’.

What does any of this have to do with “virtual slavery?” you say.

Think about it this way: Bill Cosby, heading into his sixth decade as one of the most phenomenal African-American powerhouses to come to fruition in the history of television and nearly everywhere else, has gained so much money, so much power, and so much popularity that he is one of only a handful of Black Americans who actually has the power to unite Black Americans of all ages, ranks, social statuses, and ideologies.

His potential as a “wizened” Black Leader of Dr. King’s former stature is no less than amazing; but along the way, he has made some subversive enemies on both sides of the color spectra. It’s easy enough to tag and bag someone like Louis Farrakhan, who also has this power and popularity, as an America-hating racist (which he is not). But Cosby … oh no. They would never ever DARE in a million years to try and get away with tagging Cosby with such a label.

Cosby has direct and pertinent access to a side of Black America that Farrakhan can’t touch. This is a chess move of astronomical proportions, and it puts the idea in the hearts and minds of Black people all over the nation that they really are not “all that” dependent on white people; and really do not need them. For anything. Whatsoever.

The Pinch.

Someone said that the worst thing a woman can tell a man is “I don’t need you.” The same person said that the easiest way to purge ourselves of white supremacy faster than they can kill themselves is to pull back the economic reigns of our purchasing power and tell the white power structure “Go straight to hell. NO ONE here needs you any more.” Touché.

Cosby is the one Black man in America who is poised, above all others, to do just that.

He is one of the few Black men out here who can circumstantially remove Black Americans, ad majorum – mentally, socially, spiritually, and economically – out of the “virtual slavery” column and into the “white supremacy can kiss our corporate asses” column.

Base Hit.

Distractions of this nature, (“keep hitting him HARD with those UNPROVABLE unsubstantiated rape allegations),” keeps white supremacy alive and well. The act is staged so that we are so busy infighting that we are not watching them cash in on the virtual revolving door effing that we’re all getting at Cosby’s expense.

To put it in another way … during the housing and financial crises of the early 2000s, the one that brought many many Black Americans to their knees in a series of pre-meditated predatory lending scams, there was a Machine at work behind the scenes. That Machine made certain that crops of economically disenfranchised Black people stayed on the losing end of the stick. For those who planned this, there is no profit and no benefit whatsoever in Black people becoming industrious and self-sustaining. The only way they keep making money is if we keep losing, no matter what. If we beat the Limbo Stick, they don’t congratulate us, they move it and tell us that what we did isn’t good enough and to do it again. It is, therefore, eternally unwinnable.

In order to keep the Machine running, well palm-greased and oiled by the best Wall Street slicksters, the game has to be set up so that they win whether we were buying homes or having them foreclosed on. Either way, they weren’t going to lose a dime because the chips were always on their side of the table and never moved.

The same closers/attorneys who were doing the sales, loans, and refi closings were also making money on the back end on titles and foreclosures. It was a “revolving-door-f’ing” money pyramid scheme that was meant to keep them filthy rich by leveraging our losses as their gains. Capital gains.

In other words, there is ten times the money to be made if you can keep flipping the same bucket of houses over and over again. Since that is the name of the game, then it behooves them to make certain that the people who are buying those “unaffordable” homes with the bloated up-ended appraisals, end up being foreclosed on at least every two to thee years, tops.

They got very very rich by closing and then subsequently foreclosing on the same homes. There was never any intention for the borrowers to be real homeowners. They over-priced the houses at 3.5 times what they would ever sell for, then packaged them up and sold them off to the highest bidder, usually China or some investor country in the billionaire Arabian nations.

America became The United States of Saudi Arabia back in the 1990s, on Bill Clinton’s watch and as initiated by Ronald Reagan; and no one who was about to be impacted the worst and cut down the most was minding the store.

Making it Plain.

No matter what, the white supremacist powers that hold the wealth of generations of slaves in their hands to this day have a FINANCIALLY VESTED INTEREST in keeping Black people subservient and in keeping as many “Mexican” immigrants out of the country as they can. Hispanic immigrants change the game up considerably. The more of them there are, the less in the “minority” Black people really are.

The Latinos/Hispanics/Chicanos are now the largest minority in America because Black America has become the second largest majority. Immigration influx only underscores that fact, and we Black Americans are not as bad off financially, in totality, as some want us to think we are. But we aren’t supposed to know that because we aren’t supposed to be paying attention.

Bill Cosby’s efforts to depict himself as the “Grand Patriarch” of the ‘new and improved’ Black American family, especially since we are so big on mainstream media that we watch slutty B.E.T., trashy reality TV, racist FOX News, and filth-mongering WSHH like a pack of brain-dead zombies and keep them rolling in dough while we’re at it, is too much for them to fathom, especially whilst Barack Obama is still President of the United States.

All that “strong Black male big-dyk testosterone” popping out all over the place has always been too much for such small-penis’d types, who make up for their inadequacies with plenty of guns and lies; and a sabotage is a sabotage is a sabotage, call it anyway you want to.

Consistent “Creepy@Krakka” TV programming, which we watch entirely too much of, keeps the virtual “shit” flying between us — and the money and control over us in their hip pocket.

Virtual slavery.

Without that power over Black people and our money and our minds, white supremacy is as good as gone. It has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel even as we speak, and it’s not going to take much now to kill it dead. They can’t operate if they have nothing to operate with and no longer have us as leverage.

Ask Lee Atwater, Reagan’s and Bush the Former’s political sabotage “hit man” … oh, that’s right. You can’t.

Atwater died a horrible death while begging God, in fear of the flames of hell and damnation, to spare him of all the evil he had done.

He had spent his entire political career and lifetime destroying America rather than building it, and making a career of white supremacy (i.e., the whole ‘Willie Horton ~Boogie Man~ syndrome‘), and at the expense of the ongoing degradation and decimation of Black people.

You may now commence to chatting it up. Either Black people are going to get it together, or leave it alone.

*The Beginning*

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