Thank you, Donald John Trump.

God did put you in the White House.

Just to show the world who the REAL niggers of America truly are.

Now that the whole entire world knows what you are and why Black people in the United States behave the way they do, we can say it is 10,000% YOUR fault that n-words exist. You and your kind created them, those of your accord and ilk from times past, present and future.

YOU, white supremacist America, created the Nigger and now the mantle has fallen upon your own heads. The chickens have truly come home to roost.

True enough, James Baldwin was also gay, but the truth don’t care whose mouth it comes out of. There is a big difference between telling the truth about racism in the REAL world, and allowing whites to use you as a shill to tell a lie about Black people. Whites do’t take responsibility for their own sins, but expect others to do so. They create the niggers and they use videos and TV to put them on display, as a substitute for their own sins and atrocities.

The Idea of the Coercive Backwardness of America and Its Racial Reversal is Sadly Hilarious once you stop to reflect

I could be tempted to vote for Trump myself, because America has utterly failed in everything it endeavored to do and Trump is helping to make sure the world know this nation was NEVER what it tried to prove it was.

White people like Trump and his ilk were always uneducated, always falsified, always made up, always fake, always made their fortunes STEALING FROM, KILLING, and DESTROYING others and now the cover has been BLOWN off them and they are left cold naked and wide open for the hypocrites and liars they are.

What white skin supremacy has always been about is revealed through niggers like Trump, and niggers like the “regular” Sammie Jo’s and Olsons of places across America like Mesa (‘messy’), Aryanzona, and all others like them. For we Americans, original Natives and indoctrinated Americans from England, would have no lying conniving thieving murderous “christians” or druggies, drunkies, and whores if it weren’t for Trump’s kind behaving the way they do and creating what they accuse others of being while simultaneously leading the way to the kingdoms of complete Sleaze.

I’m glad you’re in the White House, Trump.

Our people needed to know who the real scumbags of the country were and you can HIDE NO LONGER, for you are a false representation of what you claimed to be and now the entire WORLD knows it. You need to also know that there will SOON be TEN TIMES the Mexicans and immigrants in this country than there ever were, just because you are trying to keep them out — for they are God’s people also.

You and your kind want to reign over space with force and time by turning the clock back on America to the 1700 and 1800s, but you can’t even exhibit leadership skills in your own country, let alone in OUTER SPACE. You believe that just because you have “money” you can buy your way into turning God into the white-skinned fascist that you are. But your plans will fail and you will be brought to nought in front of eyes that they WORLD may know that you were never his chosen people from the very onset.

You cannot win because you were not destined to lead, but only to destroy that which this nation claimed to represent. And it was GOOD and VERY GOOD.

Mankind controls nothing, only God does.

Money was used by whites to control assets and resources that did not belong to them from the very start.

There is only one reason this nation has not fallen ice blue cold on its red face in the blinding white snow, YET … and that is because the Children of Israel live HERE. It is not ALL Black Americans who are Judah, but only a remnant who are from the Holy Land. I, a Black woman, have been proven to be one of those of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the REAL Jews of Northern Africa. Not jew-ISH one, but a real homeland Judean woman from Mesopotamian and Persian lands of the old Orient (both Afro-Asiatic and Native American blood).

We were a people once enslaved here for more than 400 years as of this year, and who often seem terminally mentally enslaved; but even that is doomed because little by little, bit by bit, piece by piece, the REAL JUdeans are having their blinded eyes opened and recognizing who they are and who they have been all along. This nation was blessed, such that it was, because of us.

Because God knew where we were, even when we didn’t realize it ourselves.

And now we know that he is revealing us to the world because the time has come up short and the enemy’s days are ending, which is why he is in such a rage to kill us all — but his plans will fail and he won’t even be able to use you, Trump, to destroy us, for your days on Earth are even shorter than the devil’s.

You WILL answer to God for your sins, but He uses even your kind to make the world what He intended it to be from the very start, even if He has to destroy YOU to do it.


The Lord God simultaneously put Joshua and Judah in your faces and then knocked you on your ass backward into the White House. But as it turns out, it is not because you were destined to destroy your own people, and now THEY are the ones who don’t know who they are.

The tables have turned and we are being revealed even as they/you and yours/ are losing your own roots the way your forefathers embezzled ours.

Thanks be to God, the sheep’s wool has been pulled off your slovenly lying conniving bedeviled faces, right along with the rest of you. I thank God every day when I see you being used, Trump, to set the clock timer on the destruction of Great Whore of Babylon, the constitutional incorporated United States of America and all of its ultra-demonic forces lurking in the shadows.

For you are not what you appear to be and your own people don’t even see it…and that is a GOOD THING they do not see it, or you could not use them to do your bidding and cause their own destruction in the offing.

Once thing is certain above all else, and I am NOT a Muslim or a Mexican, but a born and bred American who has never left the continental 48 to this very moment in time … the thing you fear the most will come up on you suddenly, like a thief in the night, and overtake you until you are destroyed and are no more. You can take your druggies, drunkies, thieves, specialist liars, and whoremongers with you on the way out.

You gave us AIDS and crack cocaine, and the Lord returned it to you with opioids and even more strange unnamed diseases than you had when you first got here. Your kind tried to destroy us, and you have received back even worse diseases than what you dished out.

it is white people who tried to erase our Black lives, who lied to our ancestors about who they were, and who will ultimately answer to God for what they have done and who will also be forced to re-educate the very “nigger” they created in America.

In the meantime…

We have learned our lesson:

Man controls nothing, and neither does mankind.

1) Man is a jealous entity, jealous even of the God who created him. 2) Man and his creation, mankind, has NO CLUE how to be God, though he has tried and tried for centuries, and his thirst to BE God instead of to OBEY God will cause him to self-destruct in a way that no flash flood, hurricane, wildfires, or sinkholes, or even shitholes, can top. 3) Man has no will to take responsibility for his own sins and shortcomings, but he WILL be held accountable for his sins, regardless.

That is a mathematical God-given certainty, for Adam from the very beginning of time sought to blame the woman, His God who created him, and even a talking serpent for the failure of what was his very own responsibility to tend to-and the world has suffered harshly because of it.

But, mankind … You started a war with God’s people that you cannot finish, white evangelical Ameri-coons.

In that vein, Louis Farrakhan and even Dr. Jeremiah Wright were both right about you and about this nation. It’s purely too bad that Trump had to be elected in his place for President Barack Obama to even realize the truth about this nation, which is why he barely speaks in public any longer unless it has to do with the future generations, where his work is best left.

As to Oprah and her kith and kind, they have yet to wake up to it, so all we can do is pray that the fact that she is “owned” by white-skinned racists doesn’t cause he to lose her salvation all together. Even Mo’Nique’s and Chappelle’s eyes had to be opened to what they are all about, and she and he and Colin Kaepernick all gave up their financial statuses and risked their fame-osity for truth. They now use their platforms to tell the truth, and they will be both be rewarded ETERNALLY for doing the right thing, money in the here and now be damned.

You, white man, invented money in order to control resources that were not yours from the start, but you cannot hold on to them much longer, because your money is not even important any more. It is a dying entity to itself. The LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil, and you created even that which will soon be destroyed. The financial systems of the world are now crippled and rendered incapable of upholding its own false promises on its fascist face value, because God never intended hat you should “own” it forever.

His will be done on Earth as it is in HEAVEN.

All we have left to conquer now is hypocritical Black “Christians” who watch softcore gay porn and badly behaved Negroes on TV who fulfill white lies about us, and then come out the back door preaching a gospel of “being positive” even as they enrich and enhance negativity behind the scenes. They say they stand for something, but simultaneously fall for anything.

For a double-minded person is unstable in all of his ways, says the Lord God, for he will claim to stand for something and not stand for it ALL at the same time.

That is not living a perfected life in Christ that speaks to who your ARE, that is living a perfected lie about what white people SAY you are.


“O say can you see? That this country has died, and the brains of it’s leaders are nation-a-ly fried; and they ate from the tables which our mothers prepared; And they stole our inventions and claimed they were theirs. O we’re tired of this country and all it’s bull____+, so we won’t be respected, and we don’t respect it.”

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