Tamara James, from Basketball player to city Mayor!

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This is a short bio on the success and inspiration of Ms. Tamara James, Mayor(now Commissioner of Dania Beach Fla.). This bio was submitted by our list member Glenn Rice.

Tamara James is a HOF basketball player from the University of Miami and went on to a long professional career in the WNBA.

Ms. James is a leader, a go-getter, a problem solver & a relentless community activist for her town, Dania Beach Florida.

With her professional career behind her, she knew that in order for her to accomplish anything in her city she needed to “have a seat at the table”,

she ran for Mayor without any political experience and scored one of the biggest achievements in her young life, after she won the mayor seat, Tamara became an advocate for the people and her community, Mayor James professes education, sports and a healthy lifestyle to the children she makes a point to speak with on a daily basis.

Tamara James is a role model to all but especially to young women and the youth of the community that know if they can believe in it they too can achieve it!

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