Spotlight on Sankofa Club – The Best Way to Supplement Your Child’s History Lessons


Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol – Adinkra is a collection of symbols from the Akan tradition in Ghana. You can see the symbol incorporated in their logo. The term “Sankofa” translates from Twi as “return and get it” and it symbolizes the importance of learning from your past.

So what is the Sankofa Club? Sankofa Club created by Urban Intellectuals is an online supplemental education program, similar to Highlights magazine in terms of target audience and types of content, that offers culturally relevant content related to the global Black community, from well before colonialism to the present. The Club embraces cultural pride, self-love, and positivity and hopes to encourage our children to develop an appreciation for our history and culture through open and monitored learning.

A primary goal of Sankofa Club is to be a resource to guardians, teachers, and organizers to effectively give socially relevant and inclusive education to children. To do this, they influence the young audience on the internet usage, instill creative ideas and deliver impactful products.

The Sankofa Club offers more than 36 month-to-month printable Black History Worksheets with activities, exercises, ventures and more to inspire the youth, teaching history while improving fundamental math, writing and intellectual


Each month is a different theme, brimming with new individuals, historical points, important developments, and times that recount the global African story. The Sankofa Club keeps their materials and relevant with activity sheets, lesson plans and exercises to maintain a uniformed theme across all levels. Depending on the level you choose, here are a few things that are included in the club’s worksheets membership program:

● Members Only Access to the Sankofa Club.
● Each level includes over 35+ exercises, activity sheets, lesson plans and more.
● Vocabulary List
● Handwriting Exercises
● Counting Exercises
● Shape Recognition
● Join the Dots
● Coloring Sheets
● Crossword Puzzles
● Mazes
● Word Scrambles
● Word Searches
● Word Shapes
● Writing Assignments

Urban Intellectuals created the Sankofa Club to fill the void left by the Western educational system that willfully omits black contribution and doesn’t see black history as world history. It is their hope that the Sankofa club will help to plant solid seeds of knowledge of self, understanding, and cultural pride for the global Black community.

In addition, the mission of the Sankofa Club educational hub is to not only be an educational resource for kids but to also serve as a safe haven for young black scholars. With this supplemental knowledge, our children can face their future with confidence, and parents can rest easy knowing their children are seeing the whole picture.


PUBLIC NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of the Urban Intellectuals, affiliates or partners.


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