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Social Media & Black America RE: “Digital Exile” | Urban Intellectuals

Social Media & Black America RE: “Digital Exile”

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Opinion | 0 comments

Black folks, Afrocentric peoples, Colored folks and any other kinds of non-white peoples out there, listen carefully.

How many social media websites have you been kicked off of or banned from for what appears to be no REAL reason? Okay don’t admit it, but I hear it all the time from folks who won’t come out in public to speak on it. Check this out: Digital Exile: How I Got Banned for Life from AirBnB
by Jackson Cunningham – a white guy by the way

LINK HERE TO READ MORE (unless he changes his mind and takes it down). The gist of his article is … he got banned from ‘AirBnB’ because of a digital sabotage in which someone he transacted business with decided to cut him down online with a bad review. That automatically means bad business for a company that has to base its reputation on good customer appeal because, well, because it doesn’t have a choice. Kiss the customer’s ass or fail.

“But he shouldn’t have broken the rules.”

As he said, he’d been on there for years and never had a problem before…transacting business in the way he always had with the same expectations, but when his “guests” treated him like crap and then gave him a bad review, the shit hit the fan.

When you can read the rules on how to get people banned and follow through on it, even when it’s a bold outright gesture of a lie – and then get also away with it, that calls a question on why anyone even bothers with these social media sites in the first place.

These days, every human conflagration is a potential liability, so that only the richest of the rich can even afford to be in business in the first place. $100,000 is shchange for them, but not for YOU.

Black Social Media Engagement

If you think that’s bad news for a white guy on ‘AirBnB’, then think of the many untold stories out there about how they ban and sabotage Black people, even on our favorite son Facebook’s website. That’s all Facebook really is, a gussied-up website.

If they can and DO do this to a white guy and walk … trust me when I say, first and foremost, that I would not want the Barbecue Beckys, Swimsuit Sues, or the Water-crying Wettina’s, the Gun-toting Gil’s or Apartment-shooting Apelina’s white business anywhere near me, because the only thing they’d ever come to a Black business for is to put us out of business.

It’s bad enough when Black folks take potshots at one another’s businesses, but when I see the way a Black woman put a highly successful Atlanta-based Black man in the security industry out of business for a crime committed by an employee and yet, white businesses have criminal employees and they NEVER get personally blamed for it and put out of business permanently … and when I see the way a Black independent Mary Kay cosmetic dealer loses more than $1,000 in a mail order fraud on the same day she opens her business website though her initial investment was less than $200 … and when I see a Black man with the only breakfast restaurant in town have to close his doors because some other Black folks keep robbing him, thus putting him out of business and his employees out of work at the same time, I have to answer the question on how we ended up with more in liquid money and less in assets and investments from the start.

Because liquid money is easier to take and dissolve than hard assets and investments, and because we’re doing it to ourselves. #BlackKkKlansman indeed, even worse than #IMPERIUM. In the digital media world, Black folks couldn’t even have a #Wakanda without some white folks coming along afterward to destroy it.

Spike Lee, with his intrusive insight, ought to scare the shit out of us. From Do The Right Thang to Bamboozled to Tales From the ‘Hood to BlacKkKlansman, it’s apparent that he got the message loud and clear a long time ago, and got some white folks to give him funds to produce it.

On The Scene In Real Time

In places like Lawrenceville, Virginia, and even in Columbus, Georgia, two historically Black schools and colleges were lost in a relatively short period of time because of the internalized self-destruction of Black history. To be sure, the white Republican conservative mandate, along with their race-mongering so-called ‘white liberal’ allies, is to destroy one another and our own legacies and our history and our own reality in America. It is real and it is also inspired and underwritten by operation of white-skinned racism at the same time.

It no longer matters if it is jealousy and/or self-hatred within that consistently drives Black businesses to ruin and Black economies into the crapper of Donald Trump’s ‘shithole’ mind, and it no longer matters that white-skinned racism is behind it in full effect, what matters is that if they can do this low-down crap to one another on their own dot.coms, then why do we even bother?

Apparently, the resolution is not MORE investment in the same self-destructive cycles and patterns of loss in white people’s ‘stuff’, the resolution doesn’t even seem to be in Black businesses that are so easily self-sabotaged by other Black people … the resolution is in the cycle itself.

It’s been set up in a way that it will never end, in a way that even Black people support it coming in and going out of revolving doors like a hamster on a endless spinning wheel.


The only way to resolve it is to unplug it, period.

The same way you unplug a TV and the electricity and cameras and spyglasses, and all possibility and hope of ‘Big Brother’ intrusion automatically ends. There is no more infiltration because it simply. does. not. exist.

What was the point of it all anyway? The world was fine without it before, and will be fine again when it’s all gone. ALL of it.

Unplugging, untwisting, unwinding causes all of their systems to fail because they were BUILT on white supremacy from the very start.

They prey on weak minds, greed and fear, and the bottom line is that we not only should not work for what does not work for us, and should not serve what is of no use to us, but we should not continue to spend money on what was designed to destroy us. They would ALL have to go back to the drawing board and start over, just like we do to each other all day every day, the same should be done to them. Seriously.

Yet and still… we won’t do what needs to be done because we are greedy and fearful and selfish ourselves in so many ways, and that makes us easy to manipulate in all seasons and for all reasons.

“House of Negro Cards” The Game

Like the Frank Underwood character from HOUSE OF CARDS always won no matter how corrupt and murderous, the lust surpasses money and economy. It’s the need for power and more of it…

FU had money and plenty of it, but he always preyed on the weak and the lame when it was “harvest and feeding time” in Washington, DC. He could never get enough of the power, he had to have more and more and more even when he didn’t need it.

Like a “Rumpelstiltskin” type on ONCE UPON A TIME, it became, for him, a game.

It was all about the power of being able to manipulate others just for the hell of it when there was no need there to underscore that he had the power most people will never have. That kind of mentality gives us the love of co-signing the Donald Trump’s of the world, because we think if we help them along, we will be ultimately be rewarded when that never, not even for most white people, works out that way. NEVER. But – All magic comes with a price.

Like billionaires playing head games with the “Trading Places” characters, as if they weren’t already richer than 99-percent of the people in the country, they could use a dollar to make a bet on “nature versus nurture”. They undertook a one dollar game of ruining lives just to see what would happen by using a rich white pawn and a poor one, who also happened to be Black.

They could have used a poor white guy to make the point, but a poor Black one ups the ante on the bet in a racist country. It adds a level of self-empowerment to the game that would not be there with a poor white guy. It proved that given the right environment, any Black man could excel at anything, but and except for the over-arching sport of historical anti-Black racism.

But Who Is Zooming Who, ReeRee?

In Hollywood Fantasyland, the pawns won and became the Kings and Queens in the end by outsmarting their two amiable corporate America blowhard jerks, but back in the real world, Black America is playing Checkers with them, not a strategical game of Chess.

Even Eddie Murphy showed that out by having the aged and decrepit ‘Brothers Grimm’ show up again in the movie “Coming To America”. There they were, sitting homeless by a park bench and trash can that was meant for his BLACK character on the “Trading Places” movie, but in a ruse on creative license, he gave them a big bag of what could only be THOUSANDS -or even MILLIONS- in American dollars -spending change for the Royal Prince of Zamunda- to put them back in business and back to their antics of sabotaging Black people just for fun, NO LESSON LEARNED because they got a second chance to do it again.

We were too busy laughing at the irony to get the real message behind that superb Hollywoodian CHESS move.

There was a reason that Murphy’s kingly Character on CTA could not have given the bag of cash to a homeless Black man such as he was in Trading Places, and there was more to that awkwardly funny story than a “meaningful well-placed joke” from another movie role also starring Eddie Murphy.

It’s the same reason why white-skin had to have a follow-up movie to destroy Wakanda . In the end, in order for this to work as it always has, white supremacy MUST prevail. We must be easily manipulated and twisted to continue on as eternal slaves while pretending that that’s not the case, and we can use Steve Harvey and Omarosa and Beyonce and Kanye West and even Serena Williams to prove it, obligatory LOL. #BeadsSugarCaneCocoaMentality

To Serve Man(kind)

In this instance, back in the real world and not the trumpy-esque ‘reality show’ one, our only goal for existing in the USA is to serve and enrich white skin. Such has always been the case with “dreaming” of better days — and even our churches and schools are in debt to them and must abide by their code of enslavement rules.

Recently, there was a scheduled “groundbreaking celebration” for the “opening” of the Historic Claflin school in Columbus. However, it wasn’t a celebration for keeping the trust of the Black school’s educators and builders and its history intact as the founder’s “Deed Restriction” had enabled it to do, but it was a groundbreaking celebration in honor of yet another white profit-making venture at our expense. Even worse, the celebration of white-profiteering off of Black history was heralded as an accomplishment by a Black man whose only care of the selling of the building was to put a one-time influx of cash in his own personal pocket. As usual.

The same Black people who won’t put a dime into the Black History Museum, but will show up at a Gala to help raise funds for the White History Museum just to be “seen”, is telling. Though the White History Museum is filled with luscious crude and histrionic fairytales about Black & Indian/Native American history, it is fully en vogue in Black communities both in Columbus, Georgia, and truly – nationwide. Muscogee County has the highest number of $Billionaires$ in the State of Georgia, and it shows.

Black/Afrocentric Social Media

Let’s make a social media website for that, and while we’re at it, we can put on “whiteface” paint like some of our other prolific “Black leaders” who have figured out ‘The Generic Genetic Formula’ for turning their own Black/Afrocentric people into liquid money, too.

Come on.

It’ll be FUN. (But wait until the other shoe drops and “Jackson Cunningham” finds out that ‘’ is probably owned by the same folks who own ‘AirBnB’, LOL!)



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