Second Black Female Mayor Elected in Atlanta but Her Opponent is Demanding a Recount

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Politics News | 0 comments

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Keisha Lance Bottoms and all of her fabulousness is the new mayor of Atlanta. Her victory has made her the second black female mayor in Atlanta’s history. A title she is happy to hold.

“For all the little girls out there, who need somebody to believe that you’re better than your circumstances, I want you all to remember that Black Girl Magic is real,” Bottoms said. “And across this city, we got Black Girl Magic, we got Black Boy Magic, we got White Girl Magic, we got White Boy Magic, we have Brown Girl Magic, Brown boy Magic and everything in between. This is a city for all of us and I’m so honored to be your 60th mayor.”

There has been a bit of controversy throughout the campaign but nothing abnormal in American politics. Her opponent 65 year-old Mary Norwood was looking forward to becoming the first white female mayor of Atlanta, which may be part of the reason she has yet to concede to Bottoms.

Bottoms won by approximately 700 votes which is less than a 1 percent margin. Norwood has called for a recount because all of the absentee ballots from members of the military have yet to be counted. All of the ballots will be counted by Thursday, in which case Norwood will have all of the information she needs.

Despite her opponent’s immediate request for a recount, Bottoms gave an incredible speech to her supporters.


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