Most of us couldn’t imagine seeing our loved shot and killed in front of us. Which is why Diamond Reynolds, Philando Castile’s fiance, was awarded $800,000 after watching Castile die in front of her and then being falsely arrested. Hopefully after losing her child’s father she can use this money to start anew for and with her their daughter.

Unfortunately Sgt. Tom McBroom who is also Elysian City Councilor thought Reynolds would blow the money on drugs:

“She needs to come off County and State Aid now that she has some cash,” wrote Rice County Police Sgt. Tom McBroom on Twitter about Reynolds. “It’ll be gone in six months on crack cocaine.”

When he was confronted he originally denied making the post. When proof was garnered he back tracked and said his comment had nothing to do with her race but with what he’s seen in court.

“I’ve seen them come to court,” he said. “They’ve lost their children, but they come to court dressed to the nines with Michael Kors purses. To be frank with you, they don’t have a pot to piss in. I see it time and time again and I just shake my head and say why wasn’t there anyone to help that person?”

The Rice County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

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