The National Archives Edited A Photo to Remove Critique Of Trump, This Is What Fascism Looks Like!

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We have a problem, a real real problem. When the National Archives are actively editing out imagery critical of the standing President we have to ask what kind of system we are living in. This isn’t Russia, Cuba, Venezuela or any other supposed authoritarian regime, this is allegedly the land of the free, the USA.

Yet, the national archives still doctored the photo to obscure a sign being help pup that was critical of Donald Trump.

The image and text below was posted by @PeteSouza on Instagram and the original can be seen here.

Two headlines from The Washington Post: The top one is from their online story. The bottom is from this morning’s print edition.⁣

I urge everyone to read the Post story by Joe Heim and to be outraged by the fact that the National Archives has blurred out signs in a photograph that is critical of IMpotus.⁣

One nuanced detail, which is mentioned in the article but might get lost in the overall story: this was a news photo by photojournalist Mario Tama that the Archives licensed from Getty Images. So they altered the content of a news photograph from a journalist.⁣

This is an administration who calls the press “the enemy of the people” and labels stories and photographs they don’t like as “fake news.” So what do we call it when the National Archives is subliminally pressured by the administration to do this? (

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