Michelle Obama’s Oprahesque Relationship with the Black Community

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Let’s be clear: Michelle Obama does what she does because it’s necessary to her own survival. It’s more of a case of Oprahism than it is racism.

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, all respect due to the ancestor, kind of threw himself under a ‘bus’ -to coin a phrase.

He was unable to hold his ego in check during the 2008 campaign. At first, Sen. Obama would not disavow his relationship with Wright in order to kowtow to white skin, but then Dr. Wright opened his mouth one time to many and on the third try, Obama’s handlers had to remove that relationship in order to keep him from losing the election while under racist pressure from Kkklanspeople. I doubt they’ve spoken since then, though they had been members of Wright’s church for more than 20 years prior to that time.

The end of this road is that you can’t let the “black stuff” mess up your life, even if it makes you look disloyal.

Black folks have a tendency to screw people up, throw them under a bus themselves, and then walk away with words like “Nobody told you to do that. You did it because you wanted to.”

Some folks ain’t loyal and she is well aware of it. We can’t pay her what they do because we do broke business all day, and we aren’t loyal enough to one another to even make that kind of money.

On the other hand, Kkklanspeople think it’s okay for them to BE racist, but not for anyone to speak out about it – and they gaslight people into thinking THEY are racist for speaking against racism.

Becoming Bush 3.0

Mrs. Obama developed a different kind of relationship with George Bush that is not related to skin color, but to the congeniality of a developed kindness between them.

There are SOME Black folks I can’t get along with because they’re stupid and asinine and slovenly and unkempt, and there are SOME white people who are just very friendly and kind. I don’t trust them however, because a non-racist can turn into one on a flip given the right circumstances, but I can at least maintain a level of respect between us as long as it is mutual and not one-sided.

“Becoming” was personal not political, and the truth is the truth.

Farrakhan 1.1

Mrs. Obama likely disrespects Farrakhan in public, but knows he knows his stuff when no one is looking directly at her.

You may end up having to shift your focus for an audience to the least damage that can happen before you can’t sell a book any more.

I personally don’t agree with everything Farrakhan says, but 98-percent of him is the absolute truth. In the meantime, WE are not in a position to lose our shit because of what white people do or don’t like.

We don’t have to take that kind of a hit. She does, and so does Oprah.

Without white skin, they lose everything they worked and fought for. Without white skin, we have everything to gain.

They have to do what they do to survive. We don’t have those obligations.

Now, you know how to handle Black people who can’t survive in this world without a fresh infusion of racist people in their activities of daily living. #NachoFamily

We have to learn to separate truth from feelings.

The Truth

We made some gains with the Obamas public profile, mainly they showed us that racists no longer have an EXCUSE for their behaviors…they do izsht just because they can, and because we allow it.

Ferguson activists and Black protesters are being killed drip by drip because they took that anti-Semite money from rich European Khazars/Ashkenazi … what else is there to say?

She’s (Obama’s) got the same rich racists eating fresh poop from her behind and looking for straws in order to swallow her morning urine.

I’m sure she can, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS LATER, live with that.

End Game.

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