Looking back and forward 400 years for Black History Month

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Good morning,

Today is the beginning of Black History Month, of course, we shouldn’t need it, but we have it so let’s make the best of it.

Not just this month, but this year, 2019, is important because it marks 400 years from the start of the Western “Slave Trade”. This important last 400 years, and our entire past, shouldn’t be so shoved in the basement just so that it can be dusted and dragged out for only 28 days every year!

If you have been rocking with us, then you know we believe Black history are the missing pages of American and World history, we believe it should be celebrated 365, 24/7!

That’s why we want to do something special this month. We want to honor our great and storied history, our amazing ancestors BUT we also want to use this opportunity to look forward. What are the next 400 years of our future going to look like, where are we going, what great things will we accomplish?

400 years ago many of us had ancestors that were dragged to this place against their will, had their lands taken and treated worse than any animal. We as a people survived an abominable journey and it was not like we landed on shores and life perked up. Subjected to ongoing torture, completely stripped of rights we didn’t live, we survived.

Battered and bruised we still came out fighting. The 100s of successful escape stories during “slavery”, the immediate jump into politics and business on being freed by people that had been born as so-called property after “slavery” ended. There has been ingenious ancestor after ingenious ancestor, to think what they achieved with the life they had led makes me feel like I can do more with my life! BUT it is because of them we are here, because of them we live and breath.

The state of the world today is in many ways still a sorry one. Our motherland is still being raped and pillaged, governments torn to shreds for greed and here at home, we have to have hard conversations with our children about how to try and avoid the police, how to stay out of harms way and keep their head down.

Yet STILL, we thrive against all the odds. Still, some of the most successful people on the entire planet in every single field from science, to technology, to business to art are born of the ancestors who were forced from their homes against their will.

That is powerful, that is special and that gives me so much pride and so much excitement for the next 400 years.

Our potential is boundless and our future is bright, so long as we keep ourselves lifting each other up as we climb.

So where will we go from here?



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