On December 4, 1969 21 year-old, Black Panther Party Leader, Fred Hampton was assassinated by the FBI and Chicago police.

William O’Neal was hired to infiltrate the Black Panther Party because the FBI was desperate to dismantle the organization.  After being probed to find dirt on Hampton and coming up empty handed because according to O’Neal he was genuinely a good guy, they began to ask about Hampton’s whereabouts. To which O’Neal gave the FBI a layout of Hampton’s home so they knew exactly where everything was in Hampton’s home including furniture and where Hampton slept.

Hampton’s murder was so brutal. The cops literally riddled his house with bullets and lied as though Hampton fired first. They fired 99 shots into Hampton’s home as he and his family slept. His bed was soaked in blood. His fiancé, Debra Johnson, spoke about how she and another panther where told to leave the room as the cops executed Hampton.

The FBI had a program “to prevent the rise of a messiah” because they feared the uprising of any Black Panther leader and Hampton was so influential. Following Fred Hampton’s murder O’Neal was given a $300 check for “uniquely valuable services which he rendered over the past several months.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSjYd35nF5s]

William O’Neal is a liar and a fraud. In the interview he pretended to be remorseful for the role he played in Hampton’s assassination but it was all an act. He posed as a person who cared about the well being of Hampton. He was the head of Hampton’s security.

Hampton’s fiancé was interviewed after his murder and she said Hampton never moved anything but his head. Shots were flying in their home from the front and back entrance and all Hampton did was lifted his head to look her way and laid back down. Why didn’t he duck for cover? Why didn’t he try to shield his fiancé who was 8 months pregnant at the time? Why, because O’Neal was at Hampton’s home earlier that night and drugged him. Investigators found evidence that Hampton was drugged and “some of the evidence suggested that O’Neal was the one that drugged him the night of the raid” although he never admitted it.

Every great black leader was taken down by someone who looked just like him, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Martin Luther King Jr. When will we actually become our brother’s keeper?

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