The King of Crunk Recently Rebuilt a School in Ghana

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Lil Jon has given back in a major way. We mostly know him getting us “crunk” in the club. It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music from Lil Jon but he’s definitely made his mark in the hip hop world.

What some us may not know about the King of Crunk is he’s a philanthropist. He once helped raise $80,000 to rebuild a school in Atlanta. Now he’s at it again. Jonathan Smith (Lil Jon) played a major role in rebuilding another school in Ghana! Jon collaborated with Pencils of Promises to rebuild Abomayaw D.A. Kindergarten which was inhabitable when it rained.

“If you can provide appropriate environment for education it can make learning very easy for them,” Jon said. “I’m glad I can help facilitate that for these kids looking at where they came from. You can imagine the heat and the obstruction. Now they have a well building if it rains.”

The school was created in honor of Carrie Smith, Jon’s late mother. He is extremely honored and humbled by the experience. “I’m lost for words of how amazing it feels to give the community something like this school.”


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