Kendrick Lamar Buys Modest House Instead of Mansion

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Instead of a multi-million dollar mansion that his peers opt to buy when they are a mainstream success, the Compton native chose to purchase a 4 bedroom house in Eastvale, CA. for $523,500. No Vanity Slaves here. At the same time he has donated hundreds of thousands to after school and music programs!

Kendrick Lamar House

In the age of living above your means, and musicians and athletes crying broke after their fame and success are up, this is a big deal. Kendrick’s home sits on a 7,800 square foot lot, and is about an hour drive to downtown Los Angeles. This pales in comparison to his mentor Dr. Dre, whose home is priced at $15.4 Million.

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Rappers are known to live a lavish lifestyle: money, cars, clothes, jewelry, parties, and all of the above for their family and friends. That lifestyle, if handled irresponsibly, can have you crying broke sooner than later. IRS, child support, and the Repo Man quickly become your new enemies as your bank account goes in the other direction.

Artists who know the pain of not being able to afford their bills include MC Hammer, Uncle Luke, Jermaine Dupri and more. All lived in MTV Cribs worthy houses, with double digit bedrooms and bathrooms, indoor pools and outdoor pools, basketball courts, movie theaters, and God knows what else. But when you’re mortgaging that house instead of paying for it in full, you set yourself up for a house note that will come back to haunt you when the checks slow.

I think Kendrick is making a great statement, that you don’t have to live in a state of excess just because you’re successful. Live within your means, and you’ll be good to go. I don’t anticipate Kendrick’s finances to not be able to keep up with the payments, if he didn’t pay the home off. Hopefully this will be a new trend for entertainers, so we won’t have to report that their home is in foreclosure and they’re getting evicted.

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