Kendrick Lamar Buys Modest House Instead of Mansion

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One of the hottest rappers, poets, artists out there, Kendrick Lamar has plenty of bragging rights, he could hand gold off his neck and represent materialism at it’s most pure, however, time and time again, this young man, shows us what it is to be a man.

His sophomore 2012 album good kid, m.A.A.d city sold over 1 million copies, his subsequent releases killed it too and he pushed on to become one of the most popular amongst his peers. However, something was always different about Kendrick.

Over the years, performing at festivals, shows and more he showed that he was conscious, a thoughtful and insghful man that clearly wants to leave the world a better place than when he came into it.

Going into 2015-2016 phase, his Grammy winning album To Pimp A Butterfly brought him into the world as a game changer. Mixing musical styles and making sure that serious messages and his personal inner monologues were represented he showed that popular hip hop can have a real life-changing voice.

Kendrick’s performance at the 2016 Grammy awards has become legendary. At a politically charged time he stood up and seemingly did not give a f**k what the establishment thought of him. He talked about the inner dialog concerning being black, the target of police violence and the violence towards others. It was a standout moment in the mainstream and one that will define his career for years to come.

See his Grammy performance here:

It’s given him voice, it’s backed up by a thoughtful and modest man. One who favors substance and action over bling and b*tches. His idols include Tupac and Eminem and he has done far more than just copy them, he has taken their best parts and built his own legacy, stepped away from the crowd.

So, back to the house! In 2014…

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