Everywhere, there are countless stories of prominent Black people owing and crediting
their success to their mothers. For example, look at the great neurosurgeon, Ben
Carson… who does he owe his success to? His entire book “Think Big” centers around
his mother. There he is, well-spoken, successful in his career, social life, and other
untold stories. What about Maya Angelou and Stevie Wonder? Same story in terms of
the credit they give their mothers for the success and rightly so. We all know that Black
mothers rule because their natural selflessness, positive attitude, and foresight reign in
them. This Mother’s Day, we must give credit where credit is due. Below are 10 reasons
why black mothers rule!

1.) Caretakers

Mothers raise their children in the best way they can to secure the best future possible
for their children. Several children are in the hands of their mothers; some are adopted
by other female relatives whom they regard as their mothers. For example, in the United
States, the African-American community has many women who raise other children
(foster care and supporting other relatives), their biological ones notwithstanding. All
these children recognize and salute these women during Mother’s Day proving their
singular value in the children’s lives. In indigenous African communities, no child was
left parentless, whether an orphan or not; most of them were adopted into other families
where black women raised them without discriminating between her own and her
adopted children.

2.) Family Pillars

Various efforts have been made to ensure that black incarcerated women are freed
during Mother’s Day in the US. Many civil society and criminal justice organizations
initiated this process to reunite mothers with their families because it is no secret that
Black mothers are pivotal in a family’s well-being. The National Bail Out Collective and
Southerners on New Ground are some of the groups that have launched this campaign
to free black women by paying their bonds as they await trial, for low-level, non-criminal


3.) Hardworking

Some single mothers strive to raise their children despite extreme financial hardship. In
cases with absentee fathers, women must singularly bear the financial burden of raising
the child including but not limited to educating, guiding, feeding, clothing, and more.
Somehow mothers in the direst of straits can find ways to cut financial costs down, they
learn to make a dollar out of 15 cents by working many jobs and always finding a hustle
(side job) to make ends meet. Black mothers are famous for how hardworking they are,
and none more than the single black mother.

4. Role Models

Despite significant barriers to entry, many black women went to university to better their
lives, and to provide more options and greater expectations for their children. Black
women have set the pace for the black community in pursuing education and are adding
many more accomplishments in their chosen careers. Presently, there are countless
numbers of black women in great positions and in careers.

5. Mentors

Black women made sacrifices for their survival and their children. They encourage,
guide, mentor, protect, and ensure their children are socialized in the best way possible.
They also have high expectations for their children, and they nurture them towards
fulfilling their aspirations and dreams.

6. Strict Disciplinarians

Black mothers don’t play. Period. Black mothers will play the role of strict disciplinarian
to ensure they raise well behaved and cultured children. No matter their actions,
mothers discipline with love and most children credit their strict mothers for their

7. Guidance

In this world, after horrific tragedies like Trayvon Martin’s murder, black mothers are
forced to offer guidance as means to protect their children from unfair prejudice and
racism. Before the End Racial Profiling Act was introduced in Congress in 2017, black
mothers have been helping their children and especially their sons learn survival skills
and essential rules to live by to enable them to survive and navigate environments
where the tendency is to shoot first and ask questions later.


Happy Mother’s Day to all black mothers! Black mothers are great, resourceful, resilient,
hardworking, focused, mentors, and most importantly they are loving. In a society where
there is a myriad of challenges just to live every day, black mothers still come out strong
and raise their children for a better future. For these reasons and so many more Black
mothers truly rule!t!


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