Go to the Real Wakanda, 5 Must-Visit African Countries


Do you like traveling and discovering the best things nature offers? If the answer is yes, then you need to visit Africa, one of the most stunning and bio-diverse continents globally. While there, you can enjoy crystal blue water on pristine beaches, wildlife, rich cultures, and intriguing histories and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Kenya

Visit Kenya either in October or March to enjoy beach holidays, safaris and family holidays.

Do you need a wellness retreat? Lamu is the place to be. While here, you get to reflect while lying on the stunning beaches. Take a dhow ferry to get to the island where you can enjoy its relaxed and unique atmosphere. Tourists usually book travel to Lamu from Manda Island.

The huge diversity of marine life at beach towns Watamu and Malindi will make your day! Part of the appeal is that the towns beaches are nestled in coral reefs and tourists flock here every year in large numbers to have a great time and explore.

The other must go- to place is Lake Nakuru where you will enjoy watching Flamingos and other birds. For the wildlife lovers, Amboseli is the place to be to watch wild animals and catch a glance of Mount Kilimanjaro.

2.) Zambia

How much do you know about Victoria Falls? The most obvious fact is that it is the largest waterfall on the planet. You can take pictures here and bond with lovers and friends.

Asides from this waterfall, Zambia also offers you the opportunity to enjoy its abundant wildlife. Zambia has giraffes, hippos and a significant number of beautiful birds.

3.) Madagascar

This island happens to be the fourth largest globally. The rich and diverse landscapes here will take your breath away! Tourists visit the island every year to enjoy the rainforests, beaches and deserts.


Madagascar is also home to trees older than 800 years. Take a trip to the Avenue of the Baobabs to make some great memories and to learn about the interesting and rich culture of the island nation. Most tourists say that while in Madagascar, they reconnect with nature in a much better way than they can in the daily lives.

4.) South Africa

This is one of the most developed countries in the continent and Durban is one of the best places to visit. Tourists visit this incredible South African city to enjoy the best African, Indian, and other international cuisines.

Those that love surfing can travel to Garden Route, a 300-kilometre stretch off the south-western coast of South Africa.

South Africa also has a huge diversity of wild life found in Kruger National Park. You can visit the location to get away, enjoy nature and unwind.

South African also boasts a long and interesting history. You can learn about the importance of the anti-apartheid movement and the progress the country has made is making to eradicate racial and socio-economic bias. While there is still a long way to go towards equality the progress has been impressive.

5.) Rwanda

Rwanda, also commonly referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”, has one of the best landscapes you will ever see and experience in the world. Tourists come here to enjoy the mountainous landscape and rich cultural heritage.

Interesting fact: The country is known for having six active volcanoes.

In Rwanda, you can also visit Lake Kivu, the sixth largest lake globally, to enjoy the most amazing and unique water activities. Immerse yourself in a lifetime experience by taking boat tours or engaging in fishing activities in the massive lake.

There is so much to see in Africa, one of the largest, most culturally diverse, and biodiversity rich continents in the world. Wherever you go, take a deep dive into the culture and find yourself!


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