We Bet You Can’t Wait For Nas’ ‘I Know I Can” Kids Books To Come Either?

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Nas “Nasir” Jones is so many things, self-educated, streetwise, a master businessman who may well be on his way to being a billionaire. He is definitely a show of how far you can come with your mind in the right space and a bit of determination.

And THIS is exactly why he should be writing kids books…. Luckily he obviously feels the same as he is dropping his “I Know I Can” kids book series soon! WE CANNOT WAIT!

I Know I Can is being published via Mass Appeal through their new MAJR (Mass Appeal Junior) children’s line. The line says it aims to “inspire future generations through the creation of unique toys, apparel, and innovative learning tools.”

Nas said in a statement,

“I’ve always understood the limitless power of young people, and being a father has brought it even closer to home,”

“We’re introducing MAJR to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world. Our goal is to help children of all backgrounds fully realize their potential by tapping into their creativity in new and innovative ways.”

GO NAS! And the artwork is FIRE.

Take a look below

And if the name sounds familiar… well here is a blast from ’08, Nas’s “I CAN”

We know we’ll be grabbing a few, will you?


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