Back-to-School To Do List For Parents


The school year kickoff season is rapidly approaching, and there’s so much to prepare! There’s a lot of “readiness” required to make the change consistent for children, yet they aren’t the only ones who need a little assistance at this time of year. Every month, there are a few things that guardians can do to enable themselves to remain on top and guarantee that they are a part of the learning process, both at school and at home. As a parent, you need to help your children master the necessary learning accomplishments along the path to becoming educated. That said, we should pause for a moment to discuss a couple of things parents can do to feel prepared for the start of the school year.

Make a clothes-shopping list.

You probably need to double check if your child’s clothes still fit decently. Understandably, the pants and sweaters from the previous year are most likely becoming too short and/or too tight. Whatever the case, you need to set aside some time for your kids to do a little fashion show, to see what fits and what needs to be tossed. The process will make your work easier, as you’ll know what you need to buy.

Organize the closet to avoid the last minute rush.

This period is probably the best time to sort out your laundry and ironing before school begins. Also, consider purchasing a wrinkle-release spray for the kids’ clothes, which may not really need ironing on a regular basis.


Shop for school supplies early

To avoid the last minute rush, buy your back to school shopping in advance. Before you leave the door, remember a shopping list as you might forget some things you need. You can get a list of the particular school supplies your kid will require from the school secretary or teacher. Things you’ll have to get may include backpacks, binders, and organizers/planners, in addition the ordinary collection of pencils, glue, crayons, and scissors

Adjust sleep schedule.

Many kids stay up later and sleep late during the summer. Be sure to prepare your family for early mornings by adjusting bedtimes a week or two in advance of school starting. Try using a bedtime routine chart to create clarity and consistency — both particularly helpful when your child would rather be doing anything but sleeping.

Start practicing for early mornings.

Arise bright and early it’s a new day! Getting out the door on time is rarely easy but by “practicing” a week in advance of school, you lower the stakes while whipping your team into shape. For younger kids, a routine chart can help encourage responsibility and independence.

Reach out to other parents and arrange potential carpools.

You can’t do it all! Setting up a carpool not only saves time and creates social opportunities for kids; it’s also good for the environment. Get in touch with other parents in the neighborhood who will be taking their kids to the same places, as you will. You’ll be glad you did!

Invest in an alarm clock for the kids.

If your kids are extremely reluctant to get up in the morning, consider using an alarm clock with gradually increasing sound, or utilize a clock to make their bedside light turn on just before you need them to wake up.


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