If ANYONE tries to tell you that racism isn’t a problem anymore, look no further than the tirade Baltimore City’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby received via voicemail.

This came just days after she rallied around a fellow prosecutor speaking out against these kinds of attacks they have to endure whilst in office.

As ABC reported:

The anonymous voice started by chastising Mosby for traveling to St. Louis, Missouri, to support St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner for filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city and their police union for allegedly coordinating racist conspiracies meant to force her out of office.

Mixed with half-recited, profanity-laced proverbs and racially biased opinions, the caller ended the message with a shocking suggestion. “If we’d known you all were going to be this much f—–g trouble, we would have picked our own f—–g cotton,” the caller said.

Mosby received the rambling “hateful rhetoric” on Wednesday and posted it on her Twitter page on Thursday to further reiterate why she supported Gardner earlier in the week. She told ABC News on Saturday that she was “not surprised” by the message, but found it “outrageous.”

And below is her tweet with the audio.

“This is why #IStandWithKimGardner and this hateful rhetoric only strengthens my resolve to continue fighting for justice and working to undo the blight of mass incarceration and its impact on communities of color.” #KeepersOfTheStatusQuo”