Affirmations are stupid, right?

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That nagging voice in my head is always up to some trickery, telling me it isn’t worth it, it won’t work anyway, they don’t like you. But to stand up in the mirror and beat those inner voices back into their cave feels kind of silly, what if someone sees me doing it? I’ll look like an idiot (the inner voice again!).

Positive affirmations are some new-age hippy dippy shiz that have become extremely popular within our community.

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Videos can be found all over social media of parents standing up with their kids and helping them repeat morning mantras “I AM BEAUTIFUL”, “I WILL BE THE BEST I CAN BE”, and you know what, with the kiddos it seems like a lot of fun and it cannot be denied they love it.

PLUS, if they love it, it means they feel good. If they feel good…. well, it is clearly working.

But for us, it often just seems silly, some of the things that are irking us feel trivial. “I WILL TELL JEFF IN THE OFFICE THAT HE CAN’T COME BY MY DESK AND TAKE MY STAPLER WITHOUT ASKING”, “I AM GOING TO GO TO THE SUPERMARKET BEFORE I TURN ON NETFLIX”….. But none of this is trivial and affirmations can be used at any point in the day.

I’m a bit more subtle with my affirmations.

I take a little time each day to sit back and ask myself what negativity is clouding my vision. I ask myself in my head and sometimes I reply out loud with a plan to combat that “Forest, you HAVE to run 3 miles today” and basic stuff like that. The daily repetition affirmations don’t work so well for me BUT they may do for you and that’s just the thing.

Affirmations are stupid if you let them be stupid, however if you put aside your doubts and give yourself a stern talking too they can be extremely positive and help set your brain up for the right direction each morning.

I say, experiment between set mantra repetition or out-loud planning. Hearing the words DOES make a difference!

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